We're the nerdy little humans who love to laugh. When we're not behind the lens, we love spending time with our pups. On a normal day, you can find us with a cup of coffee, hair in a messy bun (or hat), snuggled on the couch with our little fam, making dinner together, binging on grey's anatomy on Netflix aaaand let's be real... eating all the chocolate we can get our hands on.

we're your partners in crime

we aren't just
your photogs

Most days you can find us trying new recipes and dancing in the kitchen. We're photographers and videographers serving the world with happy tears and adventures. 

We're obsessed with hiking, dreaming about adventure vans, and traveling. We'd rather be traveling the world than stuck in an office. Our best friends would tell you we're a funny couple who can finish each other's sentences and bad dad jokes. 

We believe couples deserve to have a wedding day that truly reflects them. They shouldn’t feel forced in the traditional trap of big weddings. That they should feel free to throw off those expectations and have a wildly different wedding experience that is completely about them. 

we freakin love tacos, cute dogs, and watching people cry in limos

We will rock your world with our knowledge of the perfect, secret little spots that will make your elopement fuckin magical. We help chose locations, once in a lifetime activities you only do on vacation (and your wedding day), all the way to that epic sunrise hike up the mountain where you get to say your vows and cry some more. 

We found that we absolutely love making couples laugh. We're goofy and awkward as all hell and we've learned to harness that to create an experience for couples that makes them comfortable. Our past clients (aka friends) tell us we were more like guests to them on their wedding day. We will actually hike right beside you. Let’s just say we got you because we're adventure nerds just like you!

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why we're different

we're not your
average kinda

hike the machu piccu trail

shoot adventure sesh in ireland

climb the swiss alps

drink margaritas in mexico

bucket list


Lake tahoe - elopement




glacier national park







malibu - elopement

scotland - elopement

positano - wedding

florence - elopement


joshua tree np - elopement

lake como - engagement








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