Your experience with us will be like planning an adventure of a lifetime with your best friends. We thrive on fresh experiences and adventuring to new heights (literally). We empower you to celebrate your commitment to each other in the most intimate, personally unique, and adventurous way that means the most to you. We will create a wedding day that is intentional so that you can be your truest self. We fuckin love that side of you!

we create wildly different wedding experiences for couples that are completely about them

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We want you to know that what you see is what you get. Your elopement photographer is so much more than just there to take pictures, and we're here to show you all that we can do for you. We're waaay too invested in your once in a lifetime adventure to make it anything less than perfect! Here's how we make that magic happen: 


Daydream about your elopement

Think about where you've been or what you've experienced that sets your soul on fire. Did standing at the top of the mountain take your breath away? Did the smell of the ocean make you forget the world? 

We're here to tell you, whisper in your ear, that the day you commit the rest of your life to your favorite human is the day that gets to be all about you. You don't have to have wedding guests. You can hike up a mountain. You can run through the surf. You can kayak. You can fly in a helicopter. This day is one where you can let go of expectations, of what everyone else wants you to do. You are free to be yourself. Shake, shake, shake it off. 


Book your free elopement consult

We'll talk about what you've been dreaming of and how to make your elopement day 100% about YOU! We can talk about your dream elopement location, how you would like to spend the best days of your life, and we'll help with all those pesky logistical questions. We'll talk through what coverage you need for your elopement and decide what is best for you.

We're more than your photographers/videographers. We're your spirit animal guides throughout the entire process. So, come with your questions. Your reservations. Your worries. We GOTTCHU! 


Mark Photographer  & videographer off your list

If you're in love and ready to do the damn thing, you'll receive an online proposal where you can pay the $500 deposit and sign the contract. Once you've done this, you can finally relax. We can do the fun stuff of planning your elopement!


We help you plan

We are basically besties at this point and want to make your day totally perfect. We spend literally hours pouring over your questionnaire to get you custom location ideas, permit info, local vendor recommendations, and activities that are fun for you. We'll send you all the resources, guides, and checklists so you can dream while we work on the details. We will work with you to create your custom elopement day timeline. 


you elope and we capture every minute

Your wedding day shouldn't feel like a rushed photoshoot, it should be the best damn adventure of your life. You are 100% yourselves, all while we make sure you have laid-back, FUN & candid photos & video to cry over forever.


You get your photos & video and you're so damn happy you chose us

You can relive every adventure, every sweet vow coming out of your spouse's mouth, and every feeling. You'll be on cloud nine (or literally in the clouds on top of the mountain) every time you see your photos or watch your video.

Where are you located?

We are located in Montana, but we have passports and we're not afraid to use them.

How Many Images Are Included?

The more hours of coverage, the more images you'll get. Images range from about 500-1500.

Do You Include Albums in Your Packages?

YES! Every elopement collection comes with a keepsake wedding album that you can cry over forever.

How Does Payment Work?

$500 deposit is due to book your date. Then you are set up with a monthly payment plan, due 2 weeks before your date.

How Do I Book You?

Pay deposit. Check. Sign Contract. Check.
Elopement photo/video team. Check.

What Happens If You Can’t Be At Our Wedding?

Not a thing. We'll be there. Weather can sometimes make us change the location of your elopement and it's always fun to adventure.

What If We Cancel/Resched Our Date?

All payments made will transfer over to your new date as available. Cancellations are not accepted within 90 days of your date.

How Long Have You Been A Photographer?

Kelsey's first wedding was in 2008. For those mathematically challenged (us) that's 12 years.

Will You Photoshop Us?

We usually like to leave you as the naturally beautiful humans you are. We will edit upon request.

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

It's very rare that we have to move locations, but we always come prepared with backups.

What Do We Wear To Our Photoshoot?

When in doubt, go for something that makes you feel We want you to be comfortable, and we'll help you with your outfits.

Do You Offer Discounts?

We offer (1) free adventure session to active members of the military when booked with an elopement session.

What Is Your Turnaround?

Photos will be done in 4-6 weeks. 
Videos will be done in 8-10 weeks

How Does Travel Expenses Work?

Based on your wedding location, we will factor in travel cost into your proposal.

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

YES. Our custom "build your own elopement" kit helps with permits, marriage license, locations, and even vendor recs.

Do You Photograph Families, Seniors, Etc.?

We sure do! We love photographing all of the humans!

you've got questions, we've got answers

Are you ready to go on an adventure together? Head on over to our contact form, hop in our inbox, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!! Let’s do the damn thing!!

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