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Photo & video for your adventurous wedding experience

... so fuckin stoked that you're here. We are Kelsey and Jake, a husband and wife team capturing adventure photo and video for the wildly in love.  We can't wait to sip margaritas, adventure together, make memories, and pop that champagne at the top of the mountain. We're not just here to capture elopements, Screw that. We're here to give you the adventure of a lifetime! 

an adventurous hubby & wife elopement photographer and videographer team livin’ in Montana.

we're Kelsey & Jake


“As soon as I met Kelsey & Jake, I felt like I had just met my best friends. They are so easy to communicate with and they made my dreams come true with everything for my elopement. Most photographers are a little stiff and only offer very rigid ideas but not with Honeybee. They love the adventure and the new ideas. They gave me more options than I had ever thought of. Trust me, you will want to follow them anywhere!

"one of the best decisions we could have ever made"

what are you here for?

in case you haven't heard, we love to travel the world, capturing epic elopements. If you are considering traveling to any of these locations, you'll get a fat discount!

huuuuge discounts await....


*italian dolomites

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we'll be in touch soon with all the cool stuff and helpful guides to make your wedding day an adventure! 

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