Worldwide adventure elopements with photo & video

Worldwide adventure elopements with photo & video

  • the idea of sharing your intimate vows in front of people makes you sweat
  • you shrink when you're the center of attention
  • other people's expectations are literally your worst nightmare
  • wedding planning stresses you out

  • the idea of sharing your intimate vows in front of people makes you sweat
  • you shrink when you're the center of attention
  • other people's expectations are literally your worst nightmare
  • wedding planning stresses you out

a traditional wedding just isn't for you

what are you here for?

  • 14 years of experience to give you personalized location list & permit information
  • Your cultural elopement experts, making you feel seen
  • 100+ page client guide - tips & tricks to planning your dream elopement straight to your inbox
  • Professional guidance on timeline planning
  • Full team of elopement photographers

we're your photo & video team, elopement guides, and location matchmakers

honeybee is an all inclusive business. all love, bodies, abilities, races, genders, and sexualities are accepted and welcomed here.

“As soon as I met Kelsey & Jake, I felt like I had just met my best friends. They are so easy to communicate with and they made my dreams come true with everything for my elopement. Most photographers are a little stiff and only offer very rigid ideas but not with Honeybee. They love the adventure and the new ideas. They gave me more options than I had ever thought of. Trust me, you will want to follow them anywhere!

"one of the best decisions we could have ever made"

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you need more than a photographer & videographer. you need elopement experts.

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here's how we help every step of the way

The reason you wake up in the morning is to pursue personal growth and adventure. You're so worthy of a self-loving life full of exploration. The best way to fulfill that goal is through a wedding day that is 100% YOU.

You're intentionally choosing to elope. This isn't an afterthought. It's the most meaningful, most intentional way to get married and you are FUCKIN DOING IT. 



We eloped ourselves, so we know what it's like facing the unknown. You receive our helpful tips & tricks of elopement planning because you should feel damn good about your choice. 

Visit our FREE RESOURCES page to learn How to Elope and the Best Places to Elope. 

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Whether it's just the two of you or your closest family and friends, we've seen it all. If you're dreaming about mountains or beaches, desert or jungle, in the USA or abroad we're your elopement experts through it all.

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We're not in it for the "likes" or social media clout. You deserve to experience the culture and the adventure of your dream location, not just click a pic and run. 

Let's be honest. The wedding industry remains racist, sizeist, heteronormative, and culturally vanilla. 

We want to change that.

Through multiple phone calls and email guides, we get to know your dreams and vision for your elopement day. Every couple is different, special, accepted and a unicorn. 

we become besties and accept the real you


Did you know we're elopement planners too? Yup. That means sending you links to vendors specific to your area (think, lodging, officiants, caterers, hair & makeup artists, florists, and more). Do you want us to plan the whole thing so you can just show up?! We gottchu there too! 

We're mother earth lovers and we help you obtain the permits for every location. We believe in a full day or 2 day experiences, so we send activity ideas too so you get the full experience!

we find your location, permits, vendors, and send info you didn't know you needed


Your wedding day shouldn't feel like a rushed photoshoot, it should be the best damn adventure of your life. You are 100% yourselves while you commit yourselves to your person whole heartedly and without reservation. 

Our main job is to create art and capture those teary-eyed moments so years from today you can look through your wedding album's pages and still hear your spouse's promises to you when you watch your video. But let's be honest. We're more than your photographers and videographers. We're friends who'll always have your back.

You set yourself free to experience it all & we capture every
heart-warming moment with gorgeous photos & video


Elopements are more than "just" slowing down and getting married. You thrive on experience and what better way to remember your epic trip than to really experience the local culture?!

You've flown all this way to your dream vacation and you're in honeymoon mode! You take that long hike from your bucket list in the North Cascades, take a cooking class in France, sail off the coast of Greece, ride a vespa in Italy, soak in the natural hot springs of Iceland, kayak an alpine lake in Montana! The possibilities are endless and we're there capturing every single laughter-filled moment! 

day 2 of your adventure


... so fuckin stoked that you're here. We are Kelsey and Jake, an acclaimed husband and wife team capturing adventure photo and video for hundreds of freehearted couples around the world.  We can't wait to sip spicy blood orange margaritas, adventure together, make memories, and pop that champagne at the top of the mountain. We're not just here to capture elopements, screw that. We're here to give you the adventure of a lifetime! 

a sought after husband & wife elopement photographer and videographer team livin’ in Montana and beyond.

we're Kelsey & Jake


hike the machu piccu trail

shoot adventure sesh in ireland

climb the swiss alps

drink margaritas in mexico

bucket list

Barcelona, spain

moab & Greece




glacier national park

spain // france






malibu - elopement

scotland - elopement

positano - wedding

florence - elopement


joshua tree np - elopement

lake como - engagement








travel schedule

in case you haven't heard, we love to travel the world, capturing epic elopements. If you are considering traveling to any of these locations, you'll get a fat discount!

huuuuge discounts await....


*italian dolomites

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