adventure with us:
3 part coaching program

Are you ready to dive into the ultimate adventure of being a top elopement photographer? Stick with us kid, we’ll show you the ropes.

  • You feel stuck with mediocre weddings
  • Your photos are killer, but the business side is killing you
  • The workload and long hours make you want to rip your hair out
  • Your couples care more about your price than your art

How to know if it's right for you

(to defeat the huns)

You have the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a six figure business. We design a personalized experience tailored specifically to your needs. We guide you to boost your portfolio and your business.

What this looks like

Part 1: 1 hour portfolio review & coaching

  • We start with a deep dive into YOUR goals, and evaluate where your photography business is now and strategize ways to maximize potential. 

3 part COACHING program

part 2: Wedding day

  • Join us in real time with a real couple to get that hands on experience and portfolio. 
  • What you won’t do: schlep cameras, gather guests, schmooze the wedding party. We’ll do the heavy lifting (literally), and you’re able to enjoy the ride!

Part 3: 2 hours of review & coaching

  • We curate your perfect portfolio images for maximum impact and create a pricing structure to attract your ideal couple. 
  • We generate a custom inquiry script and workflow map that communicates your magic sauce. 

"this experience changed my photography game"

Every single wedding I photographed was nickel and diming me to lower my pricing or it just wasn't the portfolio I knew would book me more high end weddings. I was desperate to up my wedding portfolio to book my dream couple. That's when I found the Adventure with Us, 3 Part Coaching. Not only did I get to photograph a FULL WEDDING that was gorgeous and made my portfolio pop, Kelsey helped me know what I could do in my business to up my game! THANK YOU KELSEY for the single thing this year that moved my photography business forward! 

Where are the weddings

We are located in Montana and we have wedding & elopement experiences all over the state.

How many images do i get

You will probably photograph over 1,000 images throughout the day. All of which you can edit and use for your portfolio.

Do you have wedding & elopement experiences?

YES! Whether you're interested in expanding your wedding or elopement portfolio (OR BOTH), we gottchu covered!

How Does Payment Work?

50% of the fee is paid up front to secure your spot. The next 50% is due 1 week before your experience date.

do you help me with pricing my photography?

Yes! Your coaching sessions - 3 hours total - can include a pricing strategy for your ideal client.

How do i prepare for my experience

To get the most out of your experience, have a lightroom catalogue ready to share so we can talk about your images.

How will i get my investment back?

I give you all the tips and tricks on how to up your photography game and book higher level clients!

How Long Have You Been A Photographer?

My first wedding was in 2008. For those mathematically challenged (us) that's 14 years. 

how did you reach a 6 figure business?

It all starts with knowing what you bring to the world that's different from anyone else! Once I found my purpose, I found my dream clients who were willing to pay my worth.

What is the wedding day like?

We are high energy humans who believe that humor is the gateway to the soul. You'll be laughing, I promise!

What Do We Wear On Wedding Day?

Wear black business attire to traditional wedding days. Hiking elopements, you can wear your hiking clothes!

What Are The Wedding Day Rules?

We ask that you not speak directly to the couple, not get in front of any of our photos, and soak it all in!

 Will I Get Time With The Couple?

You will be with us when we are photographing the couple and you're welcome to take pictures also.

How Does Travel Expenses Work?

Travel expenses are not included. 

Are the virtual classes recorded?

YES. You will be able to go back, rewatch, and learn at your own pace.

How Do I Sign Up?

We only take on 10 Where in the World Experience photographers a year, so email us now to set up your time!

you've got questions, we've got answers

All sound good? Join the Adventure With Us: 3 Part Coaching Experience! We can’t wait to level up your business!

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