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your destination wedding debut is here... 

  • Destination Domination Tactics: Ever fantasized about snapping your lens in dreamy locations? Guess what? It's not just a daydream anymore; it's a strategy.
  • Content Mastery: Prepare for your future clients to go weak in the knees. We're not just talking about turning heads; we're talking about making them spin like a cheesy horror film.
  • Client-Hooking Marketing Secrets: No more generic nonsense. We're handing you the keys to a vault of strategies that'll hook those dream clients you've been stalking on Instagram.
  • Price for Profit: Forget the pricing guessing game. It's time to confidently set your rates and make that bank. Yes, we said bank.
  • Blogging Brilliance: Because your work deserves more than crickets. We're spilling the tea on blogging strategies that'll have clients knocking on your virtual door.
  • REAL Portfolio Power Pack: These aren't just pretty pictures; they're a turbo boost for your business. Get ready for your portfolio to go from zero to hero in record time.

fuck yeah

Buckle up, babes, we’re about to inject some serious FIRE into your destination wedding portfolio! We're talking real, unfiltered magic that's about to turn your work into a freakin' life-changing, road map to your dream career (& life)! 

Now, let's get down to business – the kind that makes your photography goals a reality:

hiiiii, I'm Kelsey

I came into this world kickin' and climbing (just ask my mom). When I wasn't climbing rocks and making mud pies, I was making sandcastles of my empire. 

In my first full-time year as a photographer, I made just over $30,000. Fast forward and I've made it into a multiple six-figure business. It's crazy to think that just a few years back, I was living a life that couldn't be more different from the wild ride I'm on now.

From climbing rocks to climbing the business ladder, my heart is 100% committed to guiding, empowering, and showing you the steps to conquer the ADVENTURE to success. Because let's be real, life's too short for boring stories. Let's make yours legendary!



Catapult your portfolio into dreamy destinations, all while mastering savvy business strategies that not only get you booked but leave your competition wondering, “How did they do that?”

Hold onto your camera straps, because we're about to spill the tea on the most epic photography experience in the heart of Amsterdam! This ain't your grandma's workshop; this is where we're turning up the volume on adventure and capturing moments that scream, "F**k yes, I owned it!"

Picture this: a disco-love LBGTQ-themed elopement that's bursting with more color than your favorite eyeshadow palette – we're talking blooms, flower towers, and a canal ride that's hotter than Amsterdam in July.



I’m in there like swimwear! 

But this ain't just about pretty pictures. You're leaving with a portfolio so damn fierce, your future clients will wonder if you hired a unicorn as your assistant. And our small group workshop? It's not your standard snoozefest; we're dishing out business strategies that are sexier than a forbidden love affair.

Get ready to make Amsterdam your b*tch, 'cause you're not just a photographer; you're a goddamn artist with a camera. Grab that lens, buckle up, and let's make memories that'll have you saying, "Hell yeah, I was there!"




January 30th, 2024


Limited to 12



Limited to 9


These photos were not taken by me. They are used as inspiration only.




Noon: Chow down! Because no one works well when they’re hangry. 

Afternoon : Dive into Destination Wedding Wizardry with Kelsey

  • Master the art of portfolio perfection
  • Unleash marketing magic to make your name the talk of the town
  • Nail every darn photo like you're shooting for the stars
  • Sell yourself like a VIP ticket to ideal destination wedding bliss
  • Tailor the client experience like a bespoke suit 

Late Afternoon : Disco Pride Lovin' Content Shoot

  • Golden hour? Pfft, we prefer Yummy Light!
  • Canal-side boat ride, because who doesn't love a good float?
  • Ceremony flower pillars that could make a cactus emotional
  • Real LGBTQ couple, real love, real magic
  • Disco vibes that'll make your camera groove
  • ***Countless surprises – get ready to be shook

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After Dark : The Party Don't Stop When The Sun Goes Down

  • The Party Don't Stop When the Sun Goes Down
  • Nighttime photos that'll make the dark jealous
  • Unleash the flash photography secrets – it's like magic, but with more sass
  • Capture the city lights of Amsterdam like you own the place
This schedule is tentative and may be updated over the planning process and if sunlight and weather changes. We will send out a final itinerary at a later date.

The Rundown:



Limited Spots: Grab Yours Now!

Ready to slay in Amsterdam? Hold onto your lens, because we're curating an unforgettable experience, and we're keeping it exclusive. Why? Because quality over quantity is our mantra.

Only 12 Spots:

We believe in personalized experiences that go beyond the ordinary. To ensure every photographer gets the attention they deserve, we're limiting this adventure to a lucky dozen. It's not about filling seats; it's about creating magic.

How it Works:

By signing up, you're throwing your hat into the ring for a spot in the chosen 12. This isn't a guarantee, but it's your golden ticket to the possibility of a lifetime. We're handpicking photographers who not only capture stunning moments but also bring a contagious passion for the craft. We welcome all applicants and prioritize creating a safe and inclusive environment. Comfort with photographing LGBTQ couples is essential to ensure everyone feels respected and celebrated in this creative space.

Be Part of the Exclusive Crew:

Imagine the camaraderie of a tight-knit group, where every photographer has a chance to shine. Your name on the list means you're in the running for this incredible opportunity.

Stay Tuned:

We'll be reviewing applications and selecting the final 12 adventurers who will join us in Amsterdam. The anticipation is part of the thrill, right?

Secure Your Chance:

Don't miss out on this exclusive experience. Secure your spot by signing up now, and let's make memories that will last a lifetime!

this is 


It's your roadmap to photography stardom. Sure you could continue photographing local weddings on the weekends, making a wonderful living and thriving on word of mouth. But why limit yourself? What if your clients wanted you to capture their extraordinary moments all around the globe? What if instead of planning your weekend at a similar venue you’ve been to a handful of times, you were jet setting to a country on your bucket list and you were getting paid (a LOT of money) to do it? Think of this workshop as your ticket to a clear path of success in your destination wedding photography journey.

Are you ready for the
Ultimate Amsterdam Experience?


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Your investment includes: two hour group business coaching session, an afternoon photographing a real LGBTQ couple with ceremony site, boat ride, table setting, and flatlay. 

Your investment does not include: your flight to Amsterdam or your hotel stay or ubers/taxis/metro around Amsterdam during the shoot. We have an amazing local hotel we recommend and you can share a room or reserve your own space there. We are here to help you plan the best trip to Amsterdam you possibly can. 

We reserve the right to vary or alter the program at any time and cancel the workshop if needed. See below for the refund policy.


Due to the expensive amount of upfront costs and planning, there will be no refunds or transfers. If you can sell your spot, you can transfer to another attendee. If for any reason the event is cancelled or cannot take place, refunds will be granted. 

We recommend travel insurance in case of unforeseeable events.

Join me for a content shoot and coaching workshop right in the heart of Amsterdam. This disco-love LBGTQ themed elopement will thrill those color seekers out there with bright blooms, a ceremony site with flower towers, and a boat ride through the canals. And best of all - you'll head home with portfolio worthy photos of the destination wedding your future clients will freak out about! Not to mention the tangible business strategies you'll have after the small group workshop. 

The Amsterdam Adventure Workshop





January 30, 2024


limited to 12



This LGBTQ styled shoot, with all the incredible authentic moments is destined to transform your portfolio!

These photos are not taken by me. They are used as inspiration only.

  • Learn strategies to get you booked in your dream destination market
  • Swoon-worthy content that'll WOW your future clients
  • Marketing strategies to hook your dream client
  • Price for profit
  • Blogging strategies to get you booked
  • REAL portfolio images to boost your biz




Noon: Lunch! No one works well hangry! 

Afternoon : Destination wedding workshop with Kelsey

  • How to get portfolio work
  • Marketing strategies
  • Getting the word out
  • How to nail every photo! 
  • Market yourself for ideal destination wedding clients
  • Tailor the client experience

Late Afternoon: Disco Pride Lovin' Content Shoot

  • Late afternoon aka Yummy Light!
  • Boat Ride
  • Ceremony flower pillars
  • A real LGBTQ couple
  • Disco inspired
  • ***many more fun surprises in the works

After Dark: the party don't stop when the sun goes down

  • Night time photos
  • Learn my flash photography techniques
  • City lights in Amsterdam


This schedule is tentative and may be updated over the planning process and if sunlight and weather changes. We will send out a final itinerary at a later date.