oh hey, what's up! i'm Landon!

I picked up my mom's iphone camera when I was 12 and the rest is history. I always have a camera in my hands and I thrive creating art. I 10/10 recommends running through the woods on your wedding day and throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care. Photography gives me a sense of purpose and capturing connection between my couples is my favorite part of the wedding day.

Your experience with me will be like being an adventure of a lifetime with your best friend. I thrive on fresh experiences and adventuring to new heights (literally). I empower you to celebrate your commitment to each other in the most intimate, personally unique, and adventurous way that means the most to you. 

I can't wait to capture the whole thing!

your elopement photographer and over extroverted hype man

With my camera, I strive to take photos of raw emotion to display the love two people have for one another. When I’m given the opportunity to capture special moments in your life, I don’t take it lightly. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I’m here to photograph life’s best moments while you live them. 

When you gaze into your partner's eyes while you put a ring on their finger, that's when you know it's really happening. That anticipation and excitement as you pop the bubbly and have your first sip of champagne. Your first dance under the starlit sky. Reliving the day in all it's epic gloriousness as you cuddle up under a blanket by the fire, not wanting the day to end.

more than just your photographer

more than just your photographer

nope not even close. it's an adventure of a lifetime.

Listen. Ie get it, the idea of having a camera in your face for 8+ hours on your elopement day sounds kinda terrible. As a person who doesn't really like being in front of the camera myself, that's not what I want for you either. So that's not what working with me is like. You'll get an adventure instead.

a whole day of photos? you serious? 

here's what your day could look like:

I photograph everything from start to finish...

You waking up, eating breakfast, hopping in the Jeep with the top down, driving to the trailhead blasting your favorite tunes. Getting your pack on with your wedding clothes and flowers. Lacing up those hiking boots. 

The journey to the top - every single step of the way.

Saying your vows, putting a ring on it (cue Beyonce dance) - it's really here! It's actually happening! Your first champagne toast, your first dance under the starlit sky. 

Then reliving the day sitting by the campfire as you cuddle up under a blanket, not wanting the moment to end. 

Does that sound like a photoshoot to you? yeah, me either.

I get to spend the best day of your life with you

We get to help you plan it

i'll never (ever) stop obsessing with it or take it for granted

I feel like the luckiest Human alive to do this work

to do the damn thing?

are you ready

We are so ready to create an incredibly fun, stress-free, once in a lifetime experience while we photograph and film the entire story of your day!