The first thing you’re probably asking is, “Kels, what is a day after session and why do I need one?”

Well, chickadee, it’s basically one of my favorite things! It’s a session where we get you all dolled up again, get that dress back on (as IF we need an excuse) and go take some more pictures the day or two after your wedding day. They can be photographed any time after the wedding day, really.

There is only so much time on the wedding day, so getting those photos in the epic place you wanted might not be able to happen. Insert the day after session. It’s the perfect time to take another minute to celebrate, pop some bubbly, and take some beautiful bride and groom photos.

We can guarantee you that your wedding day won’t go as planned. Nothing major, but you might not get as much time for photos as you’d originally planned. We are trying so hard to get you to slow down and focus on the romance, but you’re too distracted with the timeline that you aren’t fully present. With a day after session, you can calm down and not worry about it! You’ll have plenty of time for the absolute best bride and groom photos during your session.

When we shoot destination weddings, we insist that couples schedule a day after session (or in some cases, the day after the day after. We will all need time to recover, amirght?!) just so we can capture that amazing setting and not get caught up in the wedding day drama. There’s sooo many rad locations and we don’t want you to miss a single one of them.

Rachel & Danny’s day after session in Glacier National Park was so romantic, even with the rain falling down. We were in the park before the sun and it was totally worth it!

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