A Glacier National Park Winter Elopement is a one of a kind wedding featuring frozen docks, epic sunsets, and steaming lakes. See the best of Glacier Park!

Tyler and Abby got the winter wedding of their DREAMS and maybe an extra foot or two of snow for good measure. In the distance you could hear “Thumpity-thump-thump, Thumpity-thump-thump, Look at Frosty go!” Tyler and Abby are a Hinge success story. After three years of dating they were ready to tie the knot and they called us! This Minnesota couple was not scared of snow and set out to make their winter wonderland dreams come true with a Glacier National Park winter elopement.

Our Hive Photographer, Erin, photographed this EPIC AF DAY in her usual way!

She loves capturing the emotion on the wedding day, humor is her love language, and those landscape photos?! Yes. Please. Abby & Tyler got the whole Honeybee treatment with our photography team AND our elopement planning services! We planned the whole thing from start to finish and then The Hive photographed it! Damn that’s a day we’re happy to share with you!

It is worth it going to Glacier National Park in the winter, but be prepared! This was an occasion where we used our Honeybee flexibility and expertise to make a last minute change to the elopement plans. The Montana ceremony spot wasn’t plowed, always a concern with our epic National Park elopements, and it would have taken about a quarter mile and three feet of snow to reach it. Not quite the vision. So we rerouted and went to Belton Stage Park in West Glacier! There was still some leg work through the snow but much more manageable. We break down how to elope in glacier national park, including different seasons, in our full guide.

If you’re envisioning a white wedding here are our Honeybee recs. 

First, check the weather often.

It can show snow all the next week, then suddenly rain, then sometimes there’s sleet, other times it’s partially sunny! 

Second, encourage your guests to bring hats/mittens/hand warmers/feet warmers. You can also stick warmers onto your base layer (not directly onto your skin) for additional warmth. These can be found at Sportsman & Ski Haus, Walgreens, and Ace Hardware. 

Third, have a backup plan! We actually prepare for this in all of our elopements, but being able to be flexible if you need to allows you to enjoy your wedding more. What won’t change is how stunning you look and how much love you have that day. We will make everything else around you work out. Promise.

What to bring to your winter elopement

If you’re a check the box babe, here’s our easy to follow list of how to prepare for a winter wedding with some of our fave links:

  • Your wild love for each other (obviously)
  • Hand/feet warmers
  • Body warmers
  • Mittens & hats
  • White earmuffs if you want something to go over your hair and look cute!
  • Blankets to wrap up with 
  • A warm mug of hot cocoa
  • Winter boots under your dress
  • Merino wool socks
  • Warm base layers – Smartwool is our fav brand. 
  • **Your wedding permit** must have!

Now back to our bride and groom! Tyler had enjoyed his wedding morning getting a mane and beard touch up and Abby was rocking her glam. We love a queen with red lips and eyelashes for daaaays. Can we also point out that her white blond was giving us serious Daenerys Targaryen vibes? Simply gorg. This couple was made for a Glacier National Park winter elopement!

The first look was absolutely stunning.

Tyler looked like he had his breath taken away by Abby. The mountains were glowing in the background. You could not tell that there had been a last minute location change up. There was no happier couple within miles!

The ceremony featured big coacts, mittens, and smiles that were sure to melt the snow surrounding them. Abby laughed as they shared vows and Tyler’s grin stretched wide across his face. This couple was ready to be MARRRRIEEEED!!

After a quick trip to warm up in the car, did we mention it was -9 air temp and -33 with the wind chill??, the couple enjoyed family photos at Lake McDonald. This little dock looked like an iceberg floating out in the middle of the lake! Lake McDoanld is actually a HoneyBee favorite. It’s gorgeous in the winter, in the summer, in all the seasons in between IE Autumn and Spring. It works for a glacier national park adventure session, as well as family photos that we shot with Abby and Tyler. If you are wondering “where can I elope in Glacier National Park?’, we are your service as your location matchmakers. There are soooo many great places in Glacier National Park that you can find the absolutely perfect spot for you and your honey there. 

there are so many epic places to elope in glacier

Tyler and Abby experienced an alpenglow for the sunset, like a wedding present from nature. The pair also witnessed the magic when water temp is warmer than the air temp which led to steam rising from the lake. Miss Frizzle taught us about that one. The ice was crashing on shore and it was so peaceful and so serene. The dock was even covered in snow! It looked as if the scene was dreamed up by a certain Frozen Disney princess! We could have stayed out there forever but frostbite kicks within 10 minutes. Brrr. Talk about one hell of an adventure elopement!

Next, we headed to downtown Whitefish, Montana and took advantage of the beautiful Christmas decor. Tyler spun Abby around in her classic wedding dress paired with ready to rock boots and the town felt like theirs alone. Ready to warm up again, they headed into The Lodge at Whitefish Lake and they cuddled up in front of the fire to share some sweet MARRIED couple kisses. They ended the evening having dinner with family and friends to celebrate together.

Photography & Planning: Honeybee Weddings | Catering & Reception Venue: Lodge at Whitefish Lake | Flowers: Rose Mountain Floral | Hair & Makeup: Majestic Mountain Beauty | Cake: Fleur Bake Shop |

Are you ready to create your own Glacier National Park winter elopement?

Connect with us, the cold never bothered me anyway. As long as I have my hand warmers and hot cocoa. 

A Glacier National Park Winter Elopement is a one of a kind wedding featuring frozen docks, epic sunsets, and steaming lakes. See the best of Glacier Park!

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