Our Top 5 Favorite Spots to Elope in Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for a truly meaningful place to have an intimate wedding ceremony in the mountains, Glacier National Park is the perfect place to come. We’re biased, obviously. Not only are the mountain peeks and blue glacial lakes some of the most stunning in the world, but there is so much to do in the surrounding areas too. If you’re wondering where to elope in Glacier National Park, the answer is… it could be anywhere in the park. BUT we’re here to narrow down the areas and show you the inside scoop.

We’re here to help you navigate this big world of eloping. Sure, it’s a TON easier than a normal wedding, but it’s still Montana. It’s wild up in here and some great spots are still hard to find! Finally, we have another article on HOW TO ELOPE IN GLACIER because (obviously) that’s the only reasonable choice left.

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Where to Elope In Glacier National Park

logan pass

We love Logan Pass for the HUGE mountains and the wildflower action. The light as it hits the mountains during both sunrise and sunset is pure MAGIC! Mountain goats are sure to cross your path (or even join in your ceremony)!
Be sure to call the ranger station before your sunrise or sunset session. Rangers sometimes close down trails due to bear activity. It’s a great idea to get there really early or late in the day, as the parking lot at the visitor center can be tough to nab a spot.

Full Logan Pass Elopement

mcdonald falls

If you’re into rivers and waterfalls, McDonald Falls is TOTALLY the place to be! The waters are a gorgeous blue that photos won’t even do justice. Sunset photos are so stunning here because of how even more blue the water gets. Can you tell we love the water color?! The access to them is fairly easy too, which can be a plus with a group. It is very busy in peak season, so plan to carpool or go early or late in the day.

two medicine

Two Medicine has some of the most diverse scenery in Glacier. If you want those Big Kahoona (yes, I just said “Big Kahoona”) mountains, lake, and waterfalls, this is the place for you. Just a short hike can get you some gorgeous scenery. If seeing a bear or moose is on your bucket list, look no further. Our couple knicked a moose with their car on the way up! No moose was harmed in the making of this elopement.
Here’s a full elopement in Two Medicine.

west glacier

The best thing about West Glacier is that you get the stunning lake views and some really gorgeous hikes too! This is one of our favorite places to go for couples who want to hike on their wedding day and you can see why. This area offers one of the more mild hikes in the park which also makes it the best for wedding days if you want to enjoy more areas of the park too.

Here’s a full hiking elopement in West Glacier – they also drove the Going to the Sun Road all the way to Logan Pass for their ceremony!

lake mcdonald

We all know that one of Glacier’s magical places is McDonald Lake with the mountains surrounding the basin. It’s one of the only places open past peak season so if you’re planning a fall, winter, or spring elopement keep this little jewel in mind. The surrounding area of Lake McDonald is very “redwood forest” with its ferns and huge trees.

Here’s a full Lake McDonald Micro Wedding

many glacier

Not only is Many Glacier known for her HUGE mountains and epic views, but the glacial lakes are also the main reason to consider your elopement here. Just a short hike in and you’ll find gorgeous lakes that make a perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Don’t worry, even with all this frickin beauty, you’ll still be the star of the show! Here’s a full blog post from Many Glacier Elopement.

So there you have it. If you feel even more overwhelmed with choosing a spot in Glacier National Park… you’re welcome? So much beauty, so little time! If you have any questions or want some real funny stories about Glacier elopements, you know where to find us! We would love to be the photographers, videographers and planners for your perfect elopement!

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