Can we get a “WOOT WOOT!” that 2020 is almost over?? There are really no words to fully capture the feelings that 2020 brought to the nation and the world. We are so thankful that our families and friends are healthy and safe. We can’t wait to step into a fresh, new year to see what 2021 has to offer and we’re looking forward to the little things – hugging our loved ones, going out for beers, and even day dreaming about traveling again one day.

This is our HomeList 2020. It’s a mix of our favorite songs that we’ve collected throughout the year and the little stories that go with each one. Merry Christmas and Happy freakin New Year!


“She’s a match. She’s kerosene. She burns down everything.”

Yup. That basically explains Yzma (eeeez-muh), our new miniature schnauzer puppy. She likes to chew things, but also cuddle. She tricks you that way. She makes you think she’s all sweet and then the next minute, she’s escaping under the fence to your neighbor’s yard. It’s a thrill.

We were on our way to Moab, Utah, winding through the canyons when this jam came on. Needless to say, some car dancing commenced. Jake has the best car dance. You really should ask him about it sometime. Don’t tell him I sent you.

Our Moab trip was so much fun! This is dino country right here. We found dinosaur bones on a hike and even went to an old swamp where there were dino tracks! Yes. Tracks of dinosaurs. Nerd alert. Hard.

We crossed Arches National Park off our bucket list and even survived a snake sighting. Barely. We barely made it out with our lives. Snakes are creepy, man. How do they move?!

We were really fortunate that despite COVID, we still had a really busy summer of weddings to work. We got to work in Glacier National Park, see little pieces of Yellowstone, travel down to Moab, summit mountains, and make loads of new friends.

I can’t believe this is our 3rd season working together photographing weddings and elopements together. I look back and I don’t even know how I did it without him. There’s something about working with your best friend that just makes the tough workload worth it.

We were heading home from an engagement session in Townsend. The sun was hitting the mountains as we were cruising through Missoula and it was basically magical. It made us really appreciate where we live. Jake was singing about pizza (we also ordered one for when we got home). Yzma and Doc were in the back seat.

COVID-19 left a lot of loneliness and chaos in its wake. 2020 just plain sucked. There’s no way around it. The biggest impact for us was that we missed precious time with family. Missing them is lonely business, but it has brought us closer. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that we take a LOT for granted. Seeing family for holidays, spending time with friends, or even just going to a movie.

This song makes Kelsey emotional every time because it reminds her of the things she’s missed this year, but also that she has everything she will ever need. A husband she loves more than anything, Momma Lane, Trevor, the Gochis Family, a core group of supportive friends, and two pups who drive her up the wall crazy sometimes.

We love to hike. If it were up to Kelsey, she’d be out there hiking every weekend! One of our very favorite hikes of the year was Mt. Aeneas in Whitefish. We were lucky enough to summit the mountain twice AND photograph two lovely couples.

Hey… We should make a playlist just for hiking. It’ll have music from peanuts, the cranberries, and eminem. We call it the Trail Mix. We crack ourselves up.

We hopped on a bus at 7am when we were in Mexico to go on a boozie boat tour. This song was BUMPIN on the speakers and we were so stoked be on the boat, see whales, and snorkel around the island. Not to mention the alcohol just kept flowing and it was glorious. Every time we hear that song, we think back to that boat tour, getting re-married on the bow of the ship, and snorkeling in the ocean!

One of our favorite parts of summer is camping in our little trailer! We take it along as our accommodation for weddings sometimes. It has a little shower, don’t look at us like that!

We spent time in our little Sayulita, Mexico apartment one day, just playing cards, drinking, eating homemade banana bread and listening to this song. It was basically the best, even though my record at Gin was so bad I almost cried. Until we played 13 and then it was all better.

Not gonna lie, we miss breweries!
Whitefish Mountain Ski Day

The Gochis family has this game they play every time we’re up there and I’ve named it “Guess the Artist” (I know, SO original, right?). Anyway. This is the one song that comes on and I will always win the round! Maybe Jake pays them to play it so I can have a win. Sweet man that he is.

Big News! We bought a house! There’s nothing quite like freedom until you have two bathrooms… But really though, we are so lucky to have our cute little house. Now if COVID would just hurry up and be over with, we could have a raging house party and call it a day!

Fall is our favorite time of year because weddings are winding down and we actually have weekends again! This usually means more pumpkin baking, football games (and this year a Fantasy team, insert Kelsey’s socially acceptable freakout), board games, and covid responsible date nights!



Kelsey & Jake

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