When Kendra reached out saying she wanted an engagement session in Missoula, I knew right away that Blue Mountain would be the perfect place! Every December couple hopes for a winter engagement session, but we got a gorgeous day instead and it was magical. The pink sunset was so worth our frozen buns.

I have been looking forward to this session for FOREVER because it was clear from the beginning that these two were fun, sweet and wildly in love. Basically, they are everything I’ve ever wanted in a couple. Kendra and I were being so obnoxious with all the “yeah girls” we could fit in while Matthew was trying hard to tame his fire mane.

There’s something about photographing in the mountains that makes me come alive. I step out of the car to meet these two, I smell the pine trees, see the golden hour light, and get so excited that this is my job. Being out in nature makes me feel small. In a good way. It makes me really appreciate what I have. It’s such a rush to do something that truly sets my heart on fire in the most gorgeous state in the US. I’m biased, of course, but Montana is my home and I’ll always brag it up. I spend a lot of time on Blue Mountain hiking, so to hang out with these two adorable humans was such a treat.

The best part about this engagement session is how chill it was. It was like hanging out with friends. We had some really cool poses, drank a little Whiteclaw, and pretty much became best friends. I mean, what better way than to spend an engagement session in Missoula?? They got all wrapped up in a Pendleton blanket to stay warm. We laughed, gossiped, and bonded over Stranger Things. It was such a chill engagement session.

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