Malibu Beach Engagement

When Naomi and Adam are looking for engagement photos, we know that El Matedor State Beach was the perfect place. The epic coastal rocks, gorgeous beaches, and hidden coves is exactly what we’re looking for. Honestly, it’s one of our favorite places in the greater Los Angeles area! If you’re looking for a place that looks like the Amalfi Coast, but you don’t have to fly an entire day to get there … this is the place for you! You can simply get your California engagement photos in Malibu! Pro tip: the state park closes at 8pm, so make sure you are all done by then.

We scramble over some rocks to get to this hidden cove that is absolutely taken from the best travel magazines. Ahem, Travel & Leisure’s Malibu Travel Guide! When we were there, part of the beach is off limits because a tv show that Julia Roberts is filming is happening that same day. I’ll say it again. Julia Roberts. I would’ve lost my s**t if I saw her there! It’s one of our favorite beaches on the west coast, and Naomi & Adam’s California engagement session photos in Malibu are the proof!

The sun sets below the waves and these two soak in the fact that they’re getting married! Insert socially acceptable freakout here! One thing that couples ask us all the time is, “Kelsey, Jake, we’re such weirdos in front of the camera, how do your photos look so natural?!” Well, lovelies. It has everything to do with our posing style. We like to keep our couples moving, so you’ll always have something to do with your hands. We also want you two interacting with each other the entire time, so I’ll throw some prompts at you. Something like, “hold her tight and tell her three things you love about her.” We capture connection. It’s our jam. By using motion and prompts, it lets our couples look more natural, but also have more fun!

We laugh and play in the surf. We even see a seal in the surf who is just dying for some time in front of the camera. Naomi & Adam have the BEST sense of humor and our cheeks hurt from smiling so much! From the time we roll up in our adventure camper van, to the minute we’re dusting the sand off after the session, it feels like we’ve known these two cats for so long!

If you’re wondering whether you should elope in California, do yourselves a favor and say “yeesss queen” to the beaches, the great food, and the possibility of seeing Julia Roberts!!

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