Ah, the grand spectacle of weddings, where budgets swell faster than a runaway bouquet. It’s a $13 billion industry in the US alone, a realm where navigating choices feels like trying to catch that elusive bouquet – tricky, to say the least. As wedding dresses get pricier and pre-wedding parties rival Hollywood productions, many couples are eyeing the exit sign – hello, elopements! We’ve seen the rise in elopements, but why couples are running away from big weddings is the question! According to the wedding trend oracle, Pinterest, searches for elopement photography ideas have skyrocketed by 128%.

Couples are ditching extravagant weddings and opting for elopements instead. The top reasons why couples are running away from big weddings

Natalie Salmon, Harper’s Bazaar’s social media guru and soon-to-be bride, quips,

“Eloping lifts the weight of planning the ‘perfect wedding.’

With social media, weddings are like public spectacles now. It’s not just your squad watching; it’s the entire digital universe!”

Forget traditional weddings; the new cool is destination elopements. Pinterest is buzzing with a 32% increase in searches for mountaintop vows, city hall escapades, and forest frolics. Some couples are even upping the ante, aiming for ultimate intimacy with dreamy elopements in places like Maui, Italy, Paris, or Spain.

Our couples are adventurous human beings, often popping the question while they’re on vacation or an adventure! If you’re not ones for tradition or the limelight, script your vows on the go, and pick your wedding spot as your adventure unfolds.

For our couples, marriage isn’t just about paperwork; it’s a heart-to-heart commitment. One of our lovely couple shares. “A traditional wedding felt like a show for some family members, and that wasn’t our vibe. We wanted ease and authenticity.”

“I never dreamt of a big white wedding, and neither did Bryan,” muses Sarah, one of our eloping couples.

“Choosing bridesmaids felt like playing favorites among friends. The thought of a conventional wedding gave me hives; it’s not my scene.”

Couples are ditching extravagant weddings and opting for elopements instead. The top reasons why couples are running away from big weddings

This urge to dodge wedding pressures is the heart of the elopement boom. Modern elopements are less about secrets and more about dodging outdated, uncomfortable, and wallet-emptying traditions. In 2018, the average American wedding cost a staggering $30,355.

“Elopements used to be for couples dodging disapproving gazes,” notes Hamish Shephard, founder of Bridebook.co.uk. “Today, it’s about the romantic notion of sneaking away for vows.”

I’d argue it’s all about the adventure, the cultural experiences of travel, and experiences over things.

While elopements might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they’re part of a broader trend towards intimate, personalized ceremonies. Couples are thumbing their noses at Insta-worthy extravaganzas, opting for everything from unconventional processions to ditching bridesmaids.

Couples are ditching extravagant weddings and opting for elopements instead. The top reasons why couples are running away from big weddings

The entire event is custom-made. Couples are rewriting the rulebook, crafting their day from scratch. The modern couple is boundary-less; if they want a hiking elopement with binding ceremony with their dog as witness followed by a sunset boat ride, that’s the agenda.

As weddings evolve, elopements are morphing too. While the essence remains – sneaking off for a quiet “I do” – eloping in style is the new norm. In the US, ‘elopement packages’ have seen a 120% surge, offering tailor-made services from California beaches to Italy countryside hideaways. Honeybee Weddings is riding this wave, witnessing a surge in Americans seeking our services. But the fear of disappointing Aunt Sue often holds couples back.

In the midst of planning my own little wedding, I admit to feeling the family pressure.

I worried about my family’s hearts if they weren’t part of our sweet little bash. Cultural norms play a part too. Weddings are supposed to be these big affairs where everyone you know is invited. Jake and I managed it by communicating to our loved ones why we decided on an intimate wedding. I completely understand why couples are running away from big weddings. My husband and I did too!

Elopements followed by grand celebrations are all the rage, letting couples keep the vows sacred and the party wild.

-source: Harper’s Bazaar

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