Hotel Antiqua. This Costa Brava 2 day Elopement couple spent two days exploring the area and saying vows in the cove of Cala d' Aigua Xelida, Spain.

Another point for Bumble in our business of happily ever after! Sparks flew in July when Lexy and Nate had their first date over sushi. One thing turned into another which turned into a global pandemic. This shook up their relationship and they moved in together and eventually moved to Montana where they could have more space for their pets- Nugget and Charlie. Nate is serving our country and will be deploying in 2023, so our couple decided there is no time like the present to elope! This non-traditional couple said “si acepto”! and had a Costa Brava 2 day adventure elopement! For those who struggle geographically, Costa Brava is 90 miles away from Barcelona Spain! We have already mapped out a potential 2 day adventure hopping back and forth between Costa Brava and Barcelona if that’s your style. 

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day 1 : wedding day

Our favorite lovebirds checked into the gorgeous Hotel Aigua Blava. Their room included a balcony overlooking the water. It’s hard to determine if the views outside or inside were more romantic. The morning of, Nate and Lexy got done up at the hotel. Lexy did her hair toss, checked her nails, baby, how was she feeling? FEELING GOOD AS HELL!

They chose a gorgeous, sandy location for their ceremony nearby, which was BREATHTAKING! Let’s talk about the dress- floor length, beaded, intricate, it gave serious mermaid vibes. Perfect for their Costa Brava 2 day adventure elopement. Nate is SO TALL, towing over his beautiful bride in his navy suit. The pair was positively giddy. Taking it all in. The perfect couple. The perfect place! We were in the most beautiful area of Costa Brava, Spain with crystal blue waters, orange tinted rocks, and alllll the white house Mediterranean vibes. We cruise all around to find the coolest hidden areas to photograph in. The water sloshing up, so fun! Platija de l’Antasasia is this beautiful stretch of  fine sand and beach. The Mediterranean  sea just hits differently, you know?

pro tip: every Spain elopement deserves all the feels of a first look

Lexy and Nate popped champagne and then popped off with more fun photos. Their playful energy had us cracking up all day. We captured some FIRE photos of Lexy and Nate at Cala Malaret. The duo up by the rocks, DAMN they were working it.

 This Costa Brava 2 day Elopement couple spent two days exploring the area and saying vows in the cove of Cala d' Aigua Xelida, Spain.

After, they say their vows at the small cove of Cala d’ Aigua Xelida as the sun is setting. It’s getting dark, moody, and beautiful. The moon peeks out and then there’s light creeping up behind them. Grab your wands, because this moment was straight up magical. Elopement photographers – pro tip: use Mason jars filled with water instead of lanterns. Super portable! We say goodnight to our newlyweds and have some beauty rest before diving into day two!

If you haven’t considered a two day elopement, let us describe it to you. We are committed to creating a meaningful, once in a lifetime experience for you on your wedding day and there’s no better way to celebrate your day than to make it a two day elopement! The first day day one is filled with love and ceremony, day two is all about being you! There is only so much time on the wedding day, so getting those photos in the epic place you wanted might not be able to happen. Insert the day after session. You traveled to an amazing location but there’s still so much left to explore! 

Photography/Videography/Planning : Honeybee Weddings | Hotel: Hotel Aigua Blava | Makeup: Karina Cuadros Makeup

Day Two : Adventure!

For Nate and Lexy’s second day, we are ready to explore even more of Costa Brava! We wake up, stretch our arms, sip our coffee, and then we are off for day two of the Costa Brava 2 day adventure elopement! Starting at 8:30, we go into the little historical Spain town of Gerona which was used in season 6 of Game of Thrones. Many streets and buildings served as places in Braavos and King’s Landing, and the interior of the monastery was used as the Citadel in Oldtown. Badasssss! 

The game plan initially involved biking around the area, but alas the old gods and the new had other plans. By foot we were able to see some really cute shops and some impressive architecture. The Jewish Quarter had narrow walls, steep stone steps and big stone windows. Exploring in the early morning before the hustle and bustle was a calm, crisp start to the adventure. While we stayed on land, we made a note to check out Flashpacker’s guide on kayaking in the Mediterranean next time!

Nate and Lexy brought it for day two. We were able to experience the area with them and take in such an incredibly cool place. Cute little bakeries dotted the street. Multi colored, bright, beautiful buildings stand across from river Onyar which runs through the town. Nate and Lexy ran, jumped, and skipped around the town. Two newlyweds truly in love!! We said our goodbyes, another incredible elopement in our passport book! Congratulations Nate and Lexy!

I think the most important thing that I like about elopements is this chance for you to travel to another place and that leads you to this opportunity for conscious tourism. We’re not just landing in a place and tromping around. We are soaking in the culture, the sites, the smells, the sounds, all these things. When you’re able to travel to another country, you are learning about more than just yourself through this adventure. You also learn more about others and other cultures. You’re able to take it all back to your home and kind of have that stay within you.

Honestly, I just think that we need more of that in the world. #LoveAdventurously. Okay, off my soap box. Hey, I may not have met you, and this is crazy. But here’s our number, so call us, maybe. Then you can schedule your own Costa Brava 2 day adventure elopement! On the fence about eloping? We have you covered with our list of things to consider before eloping.

Much love, Kelsey & Jake

check out our free guide on how to elope in Spain

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