Elope in Barcelona and Costa Brava Spain for all the Love Island vibes, warm mornings, and cystal blue waters. We help our couples know where to stay in Barcelona, the best elopement spots in Costa Brava, and so much more! 

morning in Cala Cap Roig in Platja d'Aro, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

AAAAYYYYEEEEE vamos a casarnos! Let’s get married! In Spanish! Barcelona is hot for elopements and we want to explore what that could look like for you. If you’re hoping to elope in Barcelona and Costa Brava, Spain, we TOTALLY have the goods for ya! Also, you know what our jam is – lesser known (but equally gorgeous) elopement destinations. Enter Costa Brava to the blog. Have you heard of it? We’re going to do a deep dive on why this Spain elopement is a hidden gem that you have to see to believe. 

Elope in Barcelona and Costa Brava Spain for all the Love Island vibes, warm mornings, and cystal blue waters. We help our couples know where to stay in Barcelona, the best elopement spots in Costa Brava, and so much more!

First stop, BARCELONA! 

To kick off the cultural integration, we are big fans of lacing up our shoes and taking a walking tour. There are several options to fit your interests – you can tour the historical sites, go on a food and beer tour, or have a full wine and walking experience.

Are you a thrill seeking couple? An out of the box option is the Tibidabo Barcelona amusement park. A great way to commemorate if your first date was at an amusement park, maybe you got engaged at Disney, or maybe you just want to see what the experience is like in Spain! This amusement park started construction in 1900 and is called “Park of Happiness”. Can’t go wrong.

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, a true game of fútbol is a must see. It’s like needing to see a baseball game in the USA. It’s not just about the game, it’s about the crackerjacks and songs! Come for the fútbol, stay for the bocadillo. Matt Hemerlle walks through all the excitement that can be found at a fútbol game if you want the first hand play by play before you decide!

After a few days in Barcelona, we will join you for your Costa Brava elopement

After a few days in Barcelona, we will join you for your Costa Brava elopement

The distance from Barcelona to Costa Brava is 90 miles. Easy peasy. This makes it easy if you want to elope in Barcelona or if you are looking for how to elope in Costa Brava. The distance can be traveled by train, bus, car, flying scooter. There are possibilities.  For this adventure we recommend going in May/June or September/October. This time frame gets you out of the overly touristy summer months, but it’s still a perfect warm and comfortable temperature.

where to stay in costa brava

Staying the night in Costa Brava allows for a full wedding day. Looking at the options for accommodations, consider staying in a villa. Think Love Island- the glamor, the fun, the adventure, but just you and your love! Like week 8 of Love Island.

A few of our faves:

Villa in the heart of the Costa Brava

Townhouse by the beach

Villa fit for a couple PLUS guests

When you wake up in the morning, Espresso Mafia is a contender for best coffee around. The owner, Christian Meier, is a professional cyclist and loves outdoor adventuring as much as we do! The menu includes smoothies, iced lattes, cold brew, coconut water and treats. A perfect way to start the morning of the best day of your life. 

After getting some morning joe, it’s time to glam up. For hair and makeup, we recommend an artist that comes to you to allow you the most flexibility on your wedding day. Hair and Makeup Mika Barcelona does just that! The brides are gorgeous and the reviews are glowing!
Next up, we typically do a first look. With the amazing villas, we can capture this look poolside, in front of the ocean views, or against the Spanish architecture. Can’t wait to see what you choose! If you’re looking for a breakdown by the hours, check out our Full Day Elopement Guide.

Now, we are ready to scout out your perfect ceremony space!

If you are looking for ocean meets rock formations, with tons of opportunities for different photos in one location – Esculls de Canyet is MAGIC! The rock wall out into the ocean allows water on both sides, creating the most beautiful, moody, views. You can walk out and say your vows at the end with waves crashing around you. We are already tearing up at the thought of how you elope in Barcelona / Costa Brava!
Another option if you’re loving the water idea, but not the option – marshlands! We can’t be the only ones swooning over the beauty of Where the Crawdads Sing! Marshlands of the River Muga in Costa Brava is not only beautiful, but can also be turned into an adventure in its own right. Aquatic trekking dresses you in wetsuits with helmets on where you will be hiking, walking, jumping and swimming into the water, discovering different shapes the water has sculpted in rocks. You will also learn about the typical vegetation and wildlife in the area. Can we get a “Hell yes!”, check out that adventure for full deets.

After you say your I Do’s by the ocean, in the Marshland, maybe in town if that’s your thing, then we will stop off at a few other locations to make the most of your day. Let’s stop into Girona and its large medieval old quarter with colorful buildings. Restaurant Probocador is our choice to grab a meal between making memories. According to their website,  “The name comes from the word game in catalan “provocar” (to tempt) and “boca” (mouth). We would like to tempt you with our meat or fish fishes, as well as with our salads, rice and other specialties”. MMMMM yes please! 

As the day draws to a close, it’s time to make our way back to Barcelona.

Barcelona’s extensive nightlife offers you a first dance, last dance, and all night long dance if you so choose! For something more private, enjoy open-air concerts on the Dragon Roof Terrace of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló. If you’re looking for something in the middle, check out The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc which is described as, “a spectacular display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics”. 

No matter what your Spain elopement vision is, we are here to make it happen! If you’re asking that daunting question, “How to elope in Costa Brava or how to elope in Barcelona?” Message us and let’s set up a time to chat over croissants. We are here for YOU! ¡Adiós muchachos!

Let’s make your marriage legit!

Soooo bad news, according to the U.S. Embassy and consulate in Spain and Andorra (so the most legit of sources) marrying in Spain is more complicated than in the United States.  Approval of a marriage application often takes as long as 45 days and policies and procedures vary from region to region.  For this reason, the Embassy/Consulate General suggests that American citizens consult with regional authorities early in the process if they are wondering how to elope in Barcelona. 

Additionally, and this is the kicker, the minimum requirement for two foreigners to marry in Spain is that at least one of them must have a fixed address in the country.

Not deterred and happen to have a fixed address in the country? You wilding, you. Let’s get you that Spanish marriage!

Elope in Barcelona and Costa Brava Spain for all the Love Island vibes, warm mornings, and cystal blue waters. We help our couples know where to stay in Barcelona, the best elopement spots in Costa Brava, and so much more!

Most civil registries in Spain require some or all of the following documents:

  1. Application Form: Can be obtained from the Civil Registry/District Court that has jurisdiction.
  2. Birth Certificate: The original document is mandatory. Obtain a birth certificate from your state.
    Apostille:  Foreign birth certificates must be legalized to be valid in Spain.  Translation:  Foreign birth certificates must be translated into Spanish by an official translator after you have received it with the Apostille.  Visit the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for information on Sworn Translators throughout Spain.
  3. Proof Both Parties Are Free to Marry (Certificado de Soltería): The Certificado de Fe de Vida y de Soltería is required by some civil registries. 
  4. Divorce/Annulment/Death Certificates:  If you have been married before, you must submit evidence that the relationship has ended.Once again. certified documents from outside of Spain must be accompanied by an Apostille and Spanish sworn translation. 
  5. Certificate of Residence: U.S. citizens legally residing in Spain for the prior two years can obtain a certificate of residence at no charge from the Ayuntamiento in their district of residence (Empadronamiento).  U.S. citizens who are temporary residents of Spain or have lived here less than two years may execute an affidavit regarding their place of residence before a Consular Officer. The consular fee is $50 per seal. 
  6. Once you execute the affidavit(s) before a Consular Officer, you are required to legalize the Officer’s signature through the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Madrid:
    Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación (MAEC) – Sección de Legalizaciones
  7. Posting of Banns:  Banns are the public announcement that a couple plans to marry, giving any knowledgeable citizen an opportunity to object.

Phew, that’s a lot. Lucky for you, there are a couple other options on how to elope in Barcelona.

Option 2 – get married locally, IE cut through the red tape! Get all the paperwork done in the states and then you can enjoy a stress free symbolic ceremony during your Spain elopement.

Option 3 – HYBRID MODE, Get married locally, have the ceremony in Spain, tell everyone you got married in Spain. Shhh they’ll never know. 

Now that we have the paperwork out of the way, let’s have a fiesta!

Our ultimate elopement planning guide for Spain is to home base in Barcelona for a few days and pop over to elope in Costa Brava. We have all the big logistics worked out for you so you can come in knowing how to elope in Barcelona and personalize it to you and your lover!

do you want some Spain elopement inspiration??

check out this Costa Brava 2 Day Elopement! Aaaaand since you’ve made it this far, you must be really diggin’ Spain! We can offer 10% discount for Spain elopements! Contact us today for our available travel dates!

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