Glacier National Park elopement in Two Medicine at Running Eagle Falls


Jireh and Joe came all the way from Texas to elope in Glacier National Park. They found the BEST place in the world, buuuut we’re biased. The mountains in Two Medicine are nicknamed “the American Swiss Alps” and now you see why! If you want the biggest mountains you’ve ever seen, a Glacier elopement in Two Medicine is exactly what you need!

We started at the Belton Chalet where they were able to get ready for their special day. We passed an older lady who eventually gave them the honeymoon suite that they just happened to have. How sweet are Montana people, right?!

Our lovely bride had the BEST advice for future brides. She said to trust the process. By the day of, all that can be done has been done! Regardless of how things go, you’ll look back and think the day was perfect.

We took these lovelies up to Two Medicine in Glacier National Park for some gorgeous photos and it wouldn’t be an adventure without seeing some wildlife. You. Guys. Jireh & Joe HIT a MOOSE with their rental car!! Thankfully it was just a small knick and no one (or animal) was harmed in the making of their elopement day. But WHAT A STORY!

The mountains in the background of Two Medicine Lake was stunning and make for the perfect photo backdrop. We had them dancing on the dock for their first dance and even popped some champagne! It made for such an amazing day and these two made it even better! This Glacier elopement in Two Medicine couldn’t have been more magical even if it tried!

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