Glacier national Park hiking elopement

why they elope

Ashley & Steven choose a Glacier National Park hiking elopement for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they’ve never really been the people to picture their wedding or obsess about decor, or the flowers, or the food, or all the somewhat meaningless details that large wedding days have. Neither of them want that large wedding. Ashley & Steven want an entire day that focuses on them.

they value experience over things

These two amazing human beings like to hike, explore, and spend the day together. The money they would spend at a large wedding will be much better spent on adventuring!

Ashley & Steven rode the bus together in the 3rd grade, over ten years ago and through some sort of sorcery, they reconnect again after all this time. They date in high school, but they separate after graduation. They live their lives, comparing every relationship to what they had with each other. The stars align in 2020 when Steven moves jobs and is back in Texas. Ashley asks if he wants to move back to Austin, and he jumps at the opportunity. They reconnect and the rest is history.

It was September 10th, 2010 (Steven remembers the exact date) when they started dating. On October 22nd, 2021, they get married with a hiking elopement in Glacier National Park. Glacier is one of the best mountain elopement locations hands down! We meet them in this cute little cabin in Columbia Falls. Steven brings in donuts and coffee. Ashely is in the other room curling her hair. There is laughter in every single corner of the house. As Steven is waiting outside for their first look, Kelsey is buttoning Ashley into her dress, and lacing her hiking boots. When Steven sees Ashley in her wedding dress in the first time, it’s the first time he’s cried in almost 10 years. OMG we’re trying so hard not to cry too!

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We drive through the chilly fall weather to Lake McDonald. The tamarack trees create spots of yellow on the mountainside as we drive in. We arrive at their ceremony site, soaking in the blue mountains reflecting on the lake. They choose their magical place and exchange vows. It’s quiet, the lake is still, and they commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. The moment they’ve been waiting for is here and they share their vows.

They follow up their ceremony with a sweet wedding tradition – a champagne toast. We soak in the scenery, toast to the sweet newlyweds, and drive to the trailhead. We promise that this Glacier National Park hiking elopement will make you want to hike in the mountains ASAP.

Glacier national Park hiking elopement, Lake McDonald ceremony
Glacier national Park hiking elopement, Lake McDonald ceremony
Glacier national Park hiking elopement, Lake McDonald

They arrive at the trailhead, lace up our hiking boots, and Ashley puts her hair up in a ponytail. We. Mean. Business. The trail weaves next to a glacial blue river. You have to see the color of the water to believe it. As we hike up, we take our time soaking in the views and taking beautiful photos of these two MARRIED people. Yes. They’re married. We’re so fuckin stoked.

Pro tip: buy white hiking boots for your hiking elopement

We laugh the entire way up the trail talking about anything and everything. We feel like these two are basically our besties! The trail gets steeper, and we know we must be getting close. These two didn’t forget to adventure on their elopement day! Finally, we reach the lake and you have to see the look on their faces to really appreciate how epic this view is!

Glacier national Park hiking elopement, trail of the cedars and avalanche lake
Glacier national Park hiking elopement

After soaking in the gorgeous views for a while, we eat some snacks to avoid the full on hanger that’s been brewing on the trail. Ashely and Kelsey are our hangry humans, so they need to be fed!

We explore, take photos, and laugh uncontrollably. Dancing is also a pretty common theme. Because. Dancing. The tamaracks spot the hillside and snow is sprinkled on the mountain. It’s the dream place for a Glacier National Park hiking elopement. It is really the most AH-MAZING day.

Glacier national Park hiking elopement
Glacier national Park hiking elopement
Glacier national Park hiking elopement
Glacier national Park hiking elopement, mountain elopement

When it was time to go back down the trail at the end of the day, Ashely turned to us and says, “I can’t believe how fast this day went!” Yes girl. We hear this from our couples all. the. time. It’s why we believe that your day deserves the full documentation from start to finish!

Photography & Videography: Honeybee Weddings
Officiant: Best Day Officiants
Flowers: Rose Mountain Floral

Glacier national Park hiking elopement, mountain elopement

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