Get ready for a Glacier Proposal at McDonald Creek! This a great alternative to Avalanche Lake with a mild hike and secluded areas.

Our new fave New Jersey couple got engaged!! Connor and Becky came all the way out for an epic Glacier Park proposal at McDonald Creek but things didn’t go quite as planned. Cue our recent blog about why flexibility needs to be a core value of an elopement photographer.

So here’s the sitch, Connor and Becky flew from New York to Denver to Bozeman, then drove 5+ hours to the Whitefish / Kalispell area of Montana. Not a quick journey. Connor and Becky had planned on going on a hike to Avalanche Lake. An excellent choice, we know. Maggie and James just got married at Avalanche Lake! But the universe had other magical plans for Connor and Becky.

That area floods DAYS before Connor and Becky come out. Ohmygosh, could be a disaster, but we pivot! The stakes are high, Connor is here, and he’s so invested in making it a once in a lifetime moment. Being an expert in the area, we present Connor the option of a Glacier proposal at McDonald Creek. It’s 5.5 miles with a gorgeous boulder outcropping at the end. SO COOL. You can also catch a beautiful view of Mount Stanton in the back. It’s the perfect location. But, there are a couple more hoops.

First is the Going-to-the-Sun Road Corridor ticket system. Connor has to secure those tickets and our man made it happen. Next was to assure Becky this hike was going to be epic. See, our girl, bomb-dot-com Becky, usually plans everything out as she had with her unbeknownst Glacier Park proposal. So she had to trust Connor without doing her typical amount of research. Which means she was unknowingly trusting us.  When they got to hike early in the morning, people were pouring in, but NOT where we were. At the trailhead it’s only one other car (erhm…. mine). GREAT for photos. Terrible for assuring Becky that this was a legit hike.

Becky goes with it, (we silently cheer!), and they start their adventure. Connor wants it to be so special, and I want to guide them to this epic proposal where she has this amazing experience and get fianced! 

The hike was very lush – total fern gully vibes. That classic PNW feels. They reach the end of the hike and have a couple snacks, enjoying their break. The pounding water of McDonald Creek is ROARING. The water is high and lightly turquoise and bubbling. Beaautifullll!

Then, Connor asks to take a picture with Becky, but really he’s getting ready to propose!! AHH our hearts are bursting. We look like the meme of Kim Kardashian peeking out between trees. Connor sneaks the ring in his back pocket and gets down on one knee. It’s this amazing moment where he asks her to be his wife. It’s so cool!! 

They pop champagne and celebrate! We are dancing like boom, clap, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on and on and on and on. Connor wanted this once in a lifetime, secluded, quiet moment, that he can share with his future wife to really kick off this chapter of their lives and he did it!! Connor is grinning like a cheshire cat, and Becky, the woman he calls his BEST friend, is elated! 

We get the most chummy photos of them laying in the grass together, him with her over his shoulder, and the two of them in their hiking element. You can FEEL the love and I am beyond thrilled for them!! Next, we get to explore with the newly engaged couple! We check out the ferns, wetland area, creek crossings, just soak in that engaged feeling. Afterwards, they continue their adventure and go to West Yellowstone to celebrate this with their friends.

If you are ready for your own Glacier Park proposal, McDonald Creek proposal, or any of the other magical-Montana-hike-proposal, give us a call! We can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your love story!

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