2 amazing days in Greece for a Crete hiking elopement! Off-the-beaten-path, secluded ceremony and hike! Perfect adventure elopement!

Let’s just start with saying we’ve been impatiently planning this epic af 2 day Greece hiking elopement in Crete for what felt like FOREVER! Alyssa & Tyler, our lovely couple, want an “off-the-beaten-path” spot for their wedding day and we find them just the perfect spot. On the southern coast of Crete, Greece is the small, isolated village of Loutro. Loutro is only accessible by a boat or a hike across the hill. It screams Mamma Mia vibes and adventure all wrapped into one! Not only do A&T seek a meaningful, adventurous wedding day, but hiking is so important to them, that they decide on booking a 2nd day hike at Imbros Gorge.

Let’s just say how amazing it is that these two wanted such an adventurous wedding day?! I mean DREAMS, GOALS, and IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Hiking is a big part of their life so they wanted it incorporated into their small but EPIC wedding day! Well enough of the intros, let’s get into their story!


Day 1: Greece hiking elopement in Crete

It all starts at Nikkos Small Paradise, a quaint hotel and restaurant right on the coast. After the crazy switch-back road to get there, it’s easy to see why people like to stay a long time there. We find Alyssa getting her hair and makeup done by Michalis Tsotras with the patio doors open. We hear the waves on the beach as the sun comes in.

It’s a laid back, easy morning. Tyler helps Alyssa into her dress that they both picked out together. It’s a really sweet moment! The dress is rockin the Greek goddess vibes with what we call the “saucy slit!” You’ll see why we called it that, scroll down! 🙂

They wanted something off-the-beaten-path

After exploring the rugged coast for a bit, we hike to Loutro. There’s really something so magical about traveling and exploring a new place. We talk and laugh the entire time! Thanks to Alyssa’s Spotify playlist of Disney songs, musicals, and Nickleback, I’m basically in heaven. No elopement is complete without Disney, amiright?! On the way there, we come across a pier with a great view and we dance our little Mamma Mia hearts out! Literally. Yes. Dancing!

After stopping at a cafe for cappuccinos, we see Loutro! We explore as the waves crash in, literally forming a wall of waves! I mean, WHOA. We climb up the mountain past Loutro and we come across standing ruins that will be the frame of their ceremony backdrop. The ceremony is absolutely stunning, we all happy cry. Sarah with Grecian Ceremonies really crushed it! After the ceremony, they toast to Baba using her champagne glasses to celebrate the family who couldn’t be there.

Greece hiking elopement in Crete

the ultimate Greece wedding

Dinner takes place at Nikkos Small Paradise where they cooked the group an entire lamb throughout the day and had it ready. The dinner is stunning, set up on the patio as the sun sets and waves crash. After dinner, the two guests give teary-eyed toasts and the couple shares their first dance.

We adventure outside to soak in the stars. The moon comes out and closes out the first adventure-filled day of Alyssa & Tyler’s Crete hiking elopement.

Day 2: a hike to Imbros Gorge

Greece hiking elopement in Crete, part 2! The next day, we arrive at Imbros Gorge (don’t forget the $2.50 to enter), through the windy roads. The hike starts with stone steps leading down into the gorge. Not only were we laughing the entire time, but the hike is the best way to start the day! We wind around through speckled rocks and smell the pine trees.

A&T are truly suuuuch amazing human beings! A medical pro and a scientist, these two are clearly best friends! They share everything together (even wear the same hiking boot brand)!

Greece, you stole our hearts

If you’re as obsessed with this wedding as we are, reach out today for a free phone consultation! I’ll tell you ALLL about Greece and we can brainstorm together what your epic wedding day could look like! If you’re flexible with your dates, we offer travel discount dates where we give discounts so be sure to ask on your call!

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