So there we are, about ten of us, headlamps on, trekking the way up to where Lindsey and Vance would be getting married! The dawn slowly morphs into sunrise. The sky opening up to present them the most perfect fun and stress free wedding day. A day almost seven years in the making! To understand why this Holland Lake Falls hiking elopement at Holland Lake is so special, we have to rewind it back so you get to know Lindsey and Vance and their incredible love story!

An adventure wedding Holland Lake Falls hiking elopement is the perfect Montana elopement! A great alternative to busy Glacier National Park!

December 20th, 2015, Lindsey and Vance swipe right. Just as all modern day romances begin. Though they ultimately choose friendship over anything official for two years, on a fateful night in January they go allll in for each other! Vance calls this, “by far the best decision we ever made!”. They spend the next year going on family trips, fitting perfectly into each other’s lives. Then our hero, Vance, learns he will be deploying with the army and he and Lindsey prepare for what that next chapter looks like. 

On deployment, Vance suffers a heart attack. Three stents later, and Lindsey brings her man home, officially ending his deployment. Lindsey also has a personal tragedy with the passing of her mom just two months later. Through these unfathomable events, Vance realizes that there is no one else he wants by his side but Lindsey.

In January 2021, Vance takes Lindsey’s dad to lunch with the intention to ask his permission to marry Lindsey. Vance by his own account chickened out! On his way home, Vance stopped at the cemetery to share what had happened with Lindsey’s mom. As he was rambling on, FATE COMES IN, Lindsey’s dad shows up! This time, Vance asked for her hand in marriage. But, there was a second question Vance needed to ask that he felt was even more important. “I also asked if I could give Lindsey her mom’s ring as there wouldn’t be a ring that money could buy that would mean as much as that ring did”. SWOOON!

A few months later, with a ring in his pocket, Lindsey and Vance are in Vegas for a trip along with their two best friends and Lindsey’s dad to see the Grand Canyon. Lindsey doesn’t know that “Grand Canyon” also means magical engagement moment. While Vance had planned to propose at Sky Bridge, the line was insane. (Psst – check out our Hiking Surprise Proposal Guide for tips to avoid a situation like this!). Vance settled for Guano Point which basically translates to bat shit point, he laughs about this. Our gal Lindsey says YES and they are engaged!!

Long story short, Vance calls the love story “non traditional”. They do what they want and enjoy having each other. This made the decision to elope pretty easy. While they had their sights set learning how to have a Holland Lake Falls hiking elopement, Vance explains they had never been to Glacier before and wanted to see all the lesser known but equally gorgeous areas. Cue us, your location matchmakers! We love all things Glacier and knew just the spot Vance was envisioning!!

Bringing us back to the headlamps and a one hell of a fun hike! We were up at 1:45 AM, chugging our coffee, and getting geared up. Literally. Headlamps are a must if you’re hiking in the dark before sunrise or after sunset (gotta get those epic shots and enjoy the views!!). If you are ready for an adventurous hike elopement, you have to check out our ultimate adventure elopement gear guide. We met at the getting ready spot at 3AM. Lindsey looked fabulous. Her hair down, slightly pinned back, with the biggest grin on her face. Her #1, Vance, had on a cozy flannel, a trimmed beard, and a grin matching hers. Both look so in love and ready for their Holland Lake Falls hiking elopement. The rest of the intimate group was a little sleepier, but so excited to watch Lindsey and Vance say “I Do”!

These sunrise warriors were not disappointed. As the group hiked with flashlights and headlamps to where the trail overlooked the lake, the sun started to creep up. The group laughed the whole way on the 3.5 mile round trip hike. We approached Holland Falls, overlooking Holland Lake, with Mission Mountains in the background. Alpenglow was happening so the mountains were getting really pink. A cotton candy paradise. We reached the top right before the sun crested the hill. MAGIC! Their ceremony spot was nestled at the top with a mountain lookout. Lindsay changed into this gorgeous wedding dress. The top was feminene with the rest of the gown flowing around her. Vance jumped into a suspender groom outfit, paired with a maroon bow tie. The raddest looking pair ever!

The ceremony was short and soooo sweet. Vance’s friend officiated just as Vance had officiated for his friend prior. Their family and friends watched as the pair united with a passionate kiss. Proving that you can have an intimate celebration overlooking your dream travel location, checking off your bucket list, AND marrying your honey! Then POP! Goes the champagne! We got some of the most fun bubbly photos and Vance and Lindsey soaked in every moment. They laughed about how awkward they felt, but they were totally adorable!!

If you are ready to plan your own Holland Lake Falls hiking elopement, McDonald Creek, Avalanche Lake, or any of the amazing places we have scouted, drop us a line! We created a whole guide focused on how to elope in glacier national park. Don’t know where you want to go, but are ready for an adventure elopement? We are still your adventure elopement experts and ready to plan with you!!

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