Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding couple hikes to Grinnel Glacier on the east side of the park. The rain is coming down and Grinnel Lake is in the background.

It’s getting hot in here! And simultaneously raining. Expect the unexpected at Madison and Josh’s Many Glacier Hotel micro wedding! We’ve photographed a loooot of Glacier National Park elopements through the years, but to tell you that this one got steamier than average is an understatement! These two are so madly in love! They crave adventure too, so when they could’ve given up and had a warm, cozy, slow day inside, they decide on the mountains of Glacier. It is definitely worth it! We’re laughing all damn day with these two!

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bride's hiking boot that she wears on her wedding day with her wedding ring on top. cute hiking boot wedding photo

A Romcom Turned Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding

First things first, we are backing it up to their romcom worthy love story. Madison met Josh when she was working for his mom and sister. He was Mister Fix It, always around to help Madison with home projects and anything else she came up with. She found him sweet, he was ready to make her his! After a few years, they took the next step as she turned around and realized her happily ever after was there all along. Swwwoooon.

When it comes to planning their wedding, they both know they want their parents there but are not onboard with a big event. Weddings can be about everyone else and thousands of dollars are spent for one day that is about everyone else – not the couple. Madison and Josh know there micro wedding would be a more intimate celebration. A good budget for a micro wedding can range depending on the activities and how much lodging cost. Hikes are free and using a local photographer can get you a deal with a local company for any adventures you have like boat rides!

Planning Activities for a Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding

As their location matchmakers, Honeybee Weddings set out to find the perfect spots in Glacier National Park that would fit their dreams. Madison and Josh are adventurers, so they laced up their Columbia boots and we spent an incredible 12 hours together, ending their day with a Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding. Having an extended session allowed us to get alllll of their musts accomplished.

On Madison and Josh’s checklist for their Many Glacier Hotel micro wedding – two different hiking trails, a beautiful boat ride, a steamy session, and a one of a kind ceremony. Not on their checklist – 12 hours of rain! But alas, when you commit to GNP, you commit to whatever she has to throw at you. This couple EMBRACES the beauty.

We begin the day at an air BnB in Babb, Montana. Madison is a mountain connoisseur and Babb on the east side of Glacier boasts EPIC mountains. This backdrop really encompasses Madison and her badass bride self. We have an ADORABLE first look out on the balcony and then our couple is ready to start their adventure.

Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding laughing couple beautiful trees and mountains
Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding couple hikes to Grinnel Glacier on the east side of the park. The rain is coming down and Grinnel Lake is in the background.

Glacier National Park Natural Beauty

Glacier National Park during the transition from Summer to Autumn is one of a kind. The lush green trees have a hint of color change and the day’s rain makes everything glisten. We start at the falls in Many Glacier and Madison and Josh are giving The Notebook vibes. Yes, THAT scene. They are sexy AF and dripping wet in the rain. If you haven’t considered bedroom photos before, we HIGHLY recommend.

A Dress to Impress and then some!

We have to take a quick moment to pay homage to Madison’s DRESS! The sleeves alone – chef’s kiss. They gave the illusion of bare shoulders, but then cuff at her bicep and now we are feeling Xena warrior princess vibes. They billow in the wind. It is just a whole vibe. I am now recommending these sleeves to EVERY bride. Especially on a rainy day, the wind picked it up and it looks straight up magical like wings. So much to work with!

Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding couple takes the Many Glacier boat ride to Lake Josephine. Rainy wedding photos in Glacier National Park.
Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding couple hikes to Grinnel Glacier on the east side of the park. The rain is coming down and Grinnel Lake is in the background.

Mothertrucking Boat Rides

We then walk over to catch our boat rental from Many Glacier. The boat’s path takes us across the current lake and then pops off. We walk ¼ mile and head to the next boat at Lake Josephine. After reaching the end of Lake Josephine, we connect to the Grinnell Glacier Trail.

You know we HAVE to get insane photos on the boat. Madison and Josh venture to the bow of the ship in the wind and the rain and it was the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen! Of course those sleeves are stealing the show again.

Josh and Madison are laughing and having such a good time all day, even though they’re DRENCHED. Other visitors at Glacier are clapping and hollering for our couple and it is so special. After the boat ride, our couple hauls their sexy asses up the mountain to get a little bitty glimpse of Grinnell Lake.

Many Glacier Hotel Micro Wedding Ceremony and First Dance

We head back down to catch the last boat of the day back to the Many Glacier Hotel, which is one of our FAVORITE Glacier Park wedding venues. To be clear we RAN not walked to make this boat. Madison, a gladiator of a bride, charges down. Reaching the lodge we warm our couple up with some coffee, they bring the sugar already if you know what I mean. Well, timing could NOT have been better. We make it back in time for the Many Glacier Lodge hootenanny!

What is exactly is a hootenanny? It is an incredible performance at the lodge where guests and staff get to perform in front of the entire hotel! So many people gather in this huge lobby of the lodge and all I can think is Josh and Madison are getting the TRUE Montana experience.

At this point, our dear couple has not yet had their ceremony for their Many Glacier Hotel micro wedding. Our original plans to have it on the grass were ixnayed because, well, soaking rain. We decide to have it there in the lodge with their ten guests. As far as we are considered, ten guests is a GREAT number if you are wondering how many guests is considered a micro wedding. As the hootenanny transitions into a beautiful love song, our bride and groom step onto the floor to have their very first dance. ROMCOM ENERGY! I SAID IT FROM THE START!

Micro Wedding Photos

We capture a lot of really great family and friends photos then head back to the air BnB where cake is cut and drinks are drank. Honestly, I will never think of Louisiana without thinking of this amazing couple and both of their truly wonderful families.

Soap Box Moment!

This day was amazing and just so heartwarming. Yet another reminder that this is why we do. THESE COUPLES who want to have an epic start of their marriage! What more epic way could an elopement happen than spending an ENTIRE day adventuring and laughing and making the most out of every moment?  To GIVE that entire experience to a couple and choose the locations for them. To plan from start to finish. To scout out the incredible boat tours and see it come together in such a way even through the unpredictable weather, it was magic. Top to bottom. Congratulations to Madison and Josh on your Many Glacier Hotel micro wedding and your many adventurous and beautiful years of marriage ahead!!

If you are ready for your own magical day, contact us. We can’t guarantee clear skies, but we can guarantee a day you’ll want to relive again and again. And the epic photos to help you do so!

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