Ok. So. These two have such a sweet story and we are SO excited for their wedding next summer, it’s just not even funny. They had known each other for a long time because Tyler coached baseball with Kelsi’s brother. Tyler would come around their house for holiday parties and Kelsi liked the vibe. Tyler, however, (in typical adorable man fashion) was completely oblivious. Even when they had a dog playdate with their two dogs, Asoka and Charlie. Kelsi one day came out and said that she was interested in him. That’s where things get good.

Tyler knew that Kelsi had an adorable daughter, Kambrynn (who turns out to be quite the ham and I love it). He respected the fact that she had a daughter and didn’t want to step in until he knew for sure this was something he could really commit to. After a fateful Christmas party in 2019, after talking to her for an hour, he just knew that he just HAD to ask Kelsi out (cue all the happy tears). The rest is history. Kelsi, Tyler and Kambrynn make up the CUTEST little family. Tyler (in his own words), “loves his girls.”

On my way to Kelsi and Tyler’s engagement session, it was raining literally everywhere but this beautiful little pocket of Lolo National Forest. I even saw wild turkeys and it basically made my day. Only in Montana, ya know?!

Kelsi and Tyler met me at the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge in Stevensville and it was one of those things where I didn’t even feel like I needed to say, “nice to meet you.” We had already had so many chats and zoom calls that I felt like I already knew these two. They are both so invested in their soon to be marriage and their daughter, Kambrynn, who was able to make it for some adorable family photos. I mean, this girl is interested in math AND ballet. You GO girl!

The fall colors were poppin’! I love this time of year so much because of the yellows and oranges everywhere you look. Oh, and the salted caramel mochas. Don’t forget, I’m basic like that. Kelsi’s favorite fall drink is the pumpkin spice latte, so we’re basically besties. It’s fine. Tyler is even having apple pie moonshine as his signature drink on the wedding day. I mean, are these two TOO PERFECT?!

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