Plan your Paris elopement (or in your own country with Paris vibes!) check out our styled shoot for Paris elopement inspiration!

Ahh the city of love, Paris!

There is no better vision for our styled shoot than creating luxury Paris elopement inspiration. There are a few reasons to have a styled shoot, for our photographer friends it is to create content to inspire and delight potential couples. Psst check out our blog on how to plan a styled shoot to book elopements if that’s you! For our couples, it is to inspire and delight YOU! We hope this helps your elopement brainstorming session. If you feel like our vibe vibes with your vibe, call us and we can vibe together. If you want to skim some more information before picking up the phone, WikiHow has the basics on how to plan a romantic elopement.

leh sign… the best Paris elopement inspiration

Coming from an American perspective, we have our culture and our history dating back a few centuries. But then there is Paris. She’s been around, she doesn’t need all of the American hustle and bustle. She’s a powerful queen (not to be confused with Nick Cannon’s child) and she knows it. Paris is absolutely stunning, just gorgeous. The architecture and the whitewashed old buildings, ahhh, perfection. The people there are fluttering about with their fantastic style. We are convinced the ladies of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic were French.

Back to the story. On a beautiful Paris day, we met up with some AMAZING people and created some legit MAGIC. First up on our list of can’t miss babes, our planner and designer Lynn at LuxWeddings. We met her at La Maison Des Centraliens and it was an experience from the moment we toed our tennis shoes in the door. 

Plan your Paris elopement (or in your own country with Paris vibes!) check out our styled shoot for Paris elopement inspiration!

Everything was gold plated and you could feel the luxury pre wedding.

Our eyes immediately went to the incredible florist Les Herbes Folles.There were mantle piece decor on the fireplace, setting the ambiance for what came to be an amazing styled shoot. On the table, there were flowers that I had never even seen before! As a flower nerd, I was hooked. There were these deep burgundy nucleus flowers, ahh just look at the photos, take in that rich beauty! I came as the photographer, I left as an amateour flower artist. Every moment not behind the lens was nose to pistil. 

we dream of a paris elopement…

For the small details that gave it that extra elevation – Lichen & Pines Letterpress delivered on the custom invitations. They ship worldwide so whether you are looking for luxury Paris elopement inspiration or your every day wedding needs (is that a genre??), holler at them. We do! 

At the shoot, the table set for two was straight out of modern day beauty and the beast. Tale as old as time! Our couple, Alannah and Victor, saunter in and they are a handsome pair as well as a long time real life couple. This pair loves to travel. We were fortunate to catch them in Paris after their trip to London and before they jetted off to Amsterdam. Check out their Instagram, they are a blast to follow and soooo kind. 

One of the coolest parts of this day is that our bride had THREE, yes three, stunning wedding dresses.

Throughout the day she kept changing, it was like 27 dresses but there were only three of them and she’s the one getting married the whole time.  Ayyyeee Dahlia Lahav we bow down to your phenomenal dresses. For all our couples looking to recreate our luxury Paris elopement inspiration IRL, you have to call the genius at Dahlia Lahav. Gorg. A dress without an accessory is like a cupcake without frosting. In comes LEA for having the perfect jewelry pairings with each of the dresses! If French fashion speaks to you, French Wedding Style has a blog on fashion-forward luxury Paris elopement. Some of the content is outdated, but there are also some good gems in there!

eloping in Paris

If you’re looking for a Paris wedding venue, we highly recommend the opulent, gorgeous luxury ballroom we were in. If you also happen to need an officiant to go with your luxury ballroom, the LGBTQ+ friendly Paris Officiant, Laura Montorio, is our pick. In the ballroom I got allll in my artsy feels going on. When in Paris, we do art! I used a prism as an artistic tool and daaaamnnn, it is stunning! It is incredible to do these styled shoots where the creativity is flowing out like light beams all over the room!

Lynn of LuxWedding, our gem of a planner and designer, created something so elevated and beautiful. The dress and the flowers definitely stood out. Lynn has the luxury Paris elopement inspiration on lock! If you’re in the EU and on the hunt for a planner extraordinaire, call Lynn. Or if you’re a photographer wanting to collab on a styled shoot, call Lynn. Tell her Honeybee Weddings is buzzing about her. 

After the magical dinner set, Alannah does a dress switch and we are off to the bridge Pont Andre III – right off of Cr la Reine (a gorgeous avenue that runs parallel with Seine River). This was the first time I’d seen the Eiffel Tower and it was magical and amazing. 10/10 for our lady Paris. I am romping around like a school child, taking these beautiful photos of this STUNNING couple. We get great shots around the Eiffel Tower and this really iconic bridge, many of which are used for our luxury Paris elopement inspiration. If the Eiffel Tower look is your dream, you’ll want to take notes from this Pinterest board

The day is filled with adventure and the French culture is dancing (metaphorically) all around us, it feels like we are being swept into a fairy tale!

Unforgettable. Alannah and Victor make it feel like play more than work. You can feel the love they have for each other and what they do. It’s really fun to be a part of.

After the magical bridge moments, we walk over to the Louvre. Talk about the definition of Paris! The Louvre was so beautiful, worth all the hype. The museum has this really golden, just stunning, hallway that just seems to go on and on and on. The floor design, WHEW. I would love to know what the name of that floor design is and where that comes from culturally, because it was absolutely stunning. Truly like nothing I had ever seen before.

Another dress change later, and our bride shows that she’s our kind of woman, when she walks over, she’s busting out her tennis. ‘Cause who wants to wear heels all the time? Not us, baby. That’s really who our couple is, we can get really dressed up to the 9s and feel beautiful and do all the glitz and glamor. But, we can also pull out our tennys and romp around the world! I don’t care if you are in Paris or Montana or Mexico, we are ready to romp.

Next up is our favorite time of the day – the foodie time. We headed to dinner at Le Petit Pontoise and this gourmet bistro had the BEST wine and appetizers. All the main course options were good, but after a full day shoot we needed to get our snack on to make up for a full day of adventure. It reminded us of our costa brava 2 day elopement, filled with tons of fun and lots (and lots) of little bites! After the food pit stop it was back to high gear!

Plan your Paris elopement (or in your own country with Paris vibes!) check out our styled shoot for Paris elopement inspiration!

Night time adventures are a whole different game and we are DOWN.

Just because the light is gone doesn’t mean the fun is gone! Some of our couples’ favorite photos are these romantic, moody, twilight epic photos. In our new fave city of Paris, we knew we had to catch the Eiffel Tower glittering. We hustled back to our bridge and caught the Eiffel Tower while the beautiful light show was happening. Mhmhm, taking it in was pure romance. All the cars zipping about and the lights started to poke out. Alannah changed into the third dress and it has to be my favorite. It’s a sparkly little number that is full of fun! We captured amazing photos of Alannah and Victor loving on each other in the Paris night. Truly, a dream to end our day.

elope in Paris

That’s a wrap for a day/afternoon/evening of magic and romance and wonder in Paris! Where do you want to see us next? We mapped out 7 luxury resort wedding venues and we are ready to expand our luxury elopement list with couples like you! Let us know what you’re looking for and we are here to create all the inspiration for your dreams! 


photographer: yours truly! 🙂

planner/designer: LuxWedding 

couple : Alannah & Victor

florist: Les Herbes Folles 

dresses: Dahlia Lav // Couture wedding dresses 

jewelry: LEA

invitations: Lichen & Pines Letterpress //

calligraphy: Joyful Juniper Creative //

dinner: Le Petit Pontoise //

location for the table/reception: La Maison Des Centraliens //

hair and makeup: Alannah Jay //

cake: Oh Cakes Winnie //

  1. Alyssa says:

    Gorgeous!!! Nothing beats Paris at night ♥️

  2. Céline says:

    Stunning ! It’s a great pleasure to discover your pictures !
    Celine, les herbesfolles

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      Celine, your flowers were absolutely STUNNING!! They were romantic, unique, and I really loved the color palette!

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