We loooooove wedding photos! That’s why we are in the business of capturing epic photos for you to use however you please. Sooo… what can you do with wedding photos after the big day? A fuck ton. We have rounded up our FAVORITE ways to use wedding photos.

1. Wedding day sign-in book from engagement session.

There are so many options to use your engagement photos at your wedding. A great choice is curating a full engagement album. Especially if you booked an adventure session with us! These are photos your guests will enjoy flipping through during the cocktail hour. A full album provides a good amount of space for guests to write notes, memories, well wishes. New twist on HAGS is Have A Great Marriage.

You can also choose a few photos with a large border so many guests can sign it during the wedding and you can hang it up at your home to enjoy for years to come. A rustic play on this is one photo in a wooden frame and paint pens to sign names around it. Trust us, if Jim and Pam think it’s cool to display engagement photos at their wedding,it’s cool for you too.

2. Galley prints

The tried and true method for how to use wedding photos. Have photos printed to decorate your house, your spouse’s office, and a year of gift giving to the in-laws! There are so many ways to tastefully display wedding photos in your home. We enjoy a good cluster, especially when it is offset with some non photo elements – a letter of the last name, a chipped wood clock, a wall plant. For gift giving there are many options, Luxury Weddings highlights creating a puzzle with your wedding photo or playing cards. 

We recommend taking some sweet, intimate shots and hanging a couple in the bedroom. Using a photographer with range in their shots ensures you can print multiple photos for different uses. Our Carlsbad Cliffs adventure session is an example of how you can have both photos for your grandma and the boom boom room. 

3. Wedding albums 

The wedding album is basically like a magical time capsule that captures all the love, laughter, and special moments of your big day. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love flipping through a beautifully crafted album and reliving those super sweet memories? But also, who has the time to make one? There’s the whirlwind of the epic wedding, the adventurous honeymoon, the thank you notes, and by the time you’re ready it’s been two years.

That’s why Honeybee Weddings believes in the full treatment from start to finish, if that’s what you’re into. We offer a live design for all of our couples. Customization options include custom cases to hold your album, cover design, cover material, and debossing with a custom logo that we will create for you. Yes, we do it ALL! Check out our wedding album design.

4. Print box

Junebug Weddings has the BEST reason to create a print box. They advocate, “On a psychological level, touch has an incredible power of us as humans. We become more deeply connected to tangible things (and people, of course!), once we’ve been able to touch or hold them in our hands. Seeing your wedding photos is nice, but the emotional response your body undergoes when touching them as an album or print is amplified. To get the most value out of your wedding photos – out of what you paid for – get them printed and let your sense of touch be part of the experience.” Can you feeeeeel the love toniiiiight?

Expert mode for how to use wedding photos – create a wedding box! You can add photos, place cards, flower petals, veil, all of the things you loved about your wedding in one special place.

5. Wedding video

Video is the BEST companion to photos IMO. While photos are great because you can look at them all the time, a video provides something just as special – an ability to remember the environment of your day. You can hear the sounds of waves crashing, the slight nerves of reading vows, that first dance flair! We offer video as a staple in many of our packages for this reason! On the fence? Check out our amazing Costa Brava elopement on video. 

Thank you cards

We love the practical aspect of Thank You cards to use wedding photos. You need to say thank you, you have great photos, let’s make it happen! If you know ahead of time what photo you are looking for to use on the thank you cards, let your photographer know. We always try to slip one of these in with the sneak peaks so you can get started.

Expert level – use a different photo to make address labels! Double the fun, double the you. Literally.

Social media

You know what they say about social media – it’s a highlight reel. That’s why we love it when couples share their stunning engagement rings, epic wedding destinations, and alllll the personalized details from their best day ever! Social media is the way you see how to use wedding photos the most. While we pride ourselves on being the ultimate hype people, we encourage you to give others a chance to give us a run for our money. We love seeing all the comments from your friends and family who are fucking STOKED for you. #TagUsInYourPhotos!

Interested in the social network but not necessarily the social media? Create holiday cards with your favorite wedding photos. We get jazzed about the ones with a little extra pizzazz, like smoke bombs, falling flowers, bubbles and sparklers. These types of photos can really make your holiday cards stand out and add some excitement to your greetings.

Sharing your gallery

Here’s a little secret: even the most talented photographer can’t be in two places at once during a wedding. That’s why we believe in the power of the second shooter method. By having two photographers capturing every moment, we’re able to snap a TON of photos that you’ve never seen before!

And let us tell you, these photos are not your typical posed shots. We’re talking about the behind-the-scenes magic, like the flower man tearing up the dance floor, the bridesmaids wiping a tear of joy, and all of the laughter that fills the air!

When you share your gallery with your friends and family, it’s like giving them a VIP pass to the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of your wedding. You get to see every single moment that happened, even the ones that YOU missed! And trust us, there’s nothing more heartwarming than reliving those candid and authentic moments that make your big day so special. So let’s capture all the magic and create some memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime! Like your childhood friends getting your father in law to shotgun that beer.

Last but most importantly – BACK. THEM UP.

Don’t just leave them in your photographer’s link. BACK. THEM. UP. Put them on your own computer, on a flash drive, on a separate hardware if that’s your style. But please, for the love of Phoebe, don’t let them exist only in someone else’s cloud. Think of backing up your wedding photos like having a security blanket. It’s there to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have a backup plan if anything goes wrong. Plus, it allows you to revisit those precious moments whenever you want, and share them with future generations. The best way use wedding photos is by not LOSING them!

Just remember, look at this photograph. Every time I do, it makes me laugh. Print, hang, share, post, store in a fireproof vault, nothing is off limits. If you are ready to make your own wedding magic and have pictures you look back on for years to come, contact us. We’ll be the ones with the camera and corny jokes.

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