5 Myths About Elopements!

Ahh elopements, the ultimate adventure to kick start your marriage. There are endless reasons to choose an elopement, and we support 100% of them! Maybe being the center of attention gives you the shivers, maybe the stress of planning feels the same as an asteroid coming, or maybe you just don’t care about anyone else but you and your boo on this day. Or, maybe you have one of the other 97 reasons. Whatever your reason is, we gotchu. However, there are a lot of myths on what an elopement is and we are breaking those down!

Myth 1

An elopement is for couples that do not want their friends and family to be part of their day

This is the crazy reaction couples’ hear when they throw out the elopement idea and it is not true!! (Unless you want it to be, then of course we have your back). An elopement is not downsizing your wedding and cutting off all your friends and family from the day. There are so many ways to still involve family and friends even if they are not there during the day. You can live stream your vows, you can hold a reception at a later date, guests can write letters that you read during your ceremony, there is so much opportunity! In fact, we have gone ahead and listed out a few options for you about downsizing to an intimate wedding and how to keep it special. You’re welcome.

questions eloping couples ask

Myth 2

An elopement is selling yourself short of a grand event

Ohhhh your elopement can be as GRAND as you can dream! Grand is not measured by the quantity of people, but the quality of your experience. What are your bucket list activities? Think: kayaking in the clear waters of Fiji, rock climbing in Boulder, getting up close and personal with the volcanoes of Iceland! Have you ever seen a basic bride with Icelandic horses? Cause we saw a pretty awesome first look on those grand beasts. You could even have an elopement in a National Park!

Best US Mountain elopement locations, Yosemite national park elopement

Myth 3

There is only one kind of elopement

The idea that comes to mind of an elopement for many is waking up and going to the courthouse, signing papers, and carrying on business as usual. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS FOR AN ELOPEMENT. An elopement can be a one day over the top adventure. It could be a multi day elopement in a different country. It could be a micro wedding with a few key peeps. Let’s add in the roooomance! The fun! The pizzazz! Still not sure? Find out the top 10 questions eloping couples ask us! 

top elopement location trends of 2022, Sayulita Mexico elopement

Myth 4

An elopement is rushed

FALSE! (Insert Dwight Schrute voice here). Did you know the average elopement we see is 8-12 hours? You and your honey waking up, eating breakfast, hopping in the Jeep with the top down, driving to the trailhead blasting your favorite tunes. Getting your pack on and carrying your wedding clothes and flowers. Lacing up those hiking boots. The journey to the top! Saying your vows, putting a ring on it (cue Beyonce dance) – it’s really here! It’s actually happening!

cue beyonce dance

We are not rushing through the good stuff, we are SAVORING. Your first champagne toast, your first dance under the starlit sky. Then reliving the day sitting by the campfire as you cuddle up under a blanket, not wanting the moment to end. We create space for you to make memories you’ll look back on throughout your lives together. Your full-day elopement is an experience – not a photoshoot! You should have the adventure of your dreams, the opportunity to be fully present with your soon-to-be-spouse, and a team to help make it happen. If you’re ready to plan your adventure, check out the top 10 things couples forget when planning their adventure elopement so you can be ready for the ultimate love story. 

Myth 5

Elopements are ill planned

The idea that elopements don’t require planning is laughable. The planning may look different, but the thoughts and decisions that go into the day are just as important. Elopements being ill planned? Au contraire our friends! Many elopements can use the same timeline as a traditional wedding, the time it takes to find your spot to exchange vows, wedding dress shopping, booking your photographer, even those nitty gritty details like getting your wedding license and obtaining permits. Even more planning is required if you dive into a multi day elopement? An elopement doesn’t have to be short and sweet, it can be grand and filled with please-pinch-me! moments.

an elopement doesn’t have to be short and sweet

We have been part of a two day elopement in Ireland – Day 1 with an Aran Islands adventure (biking, picnicking, glamping) and Day 2 featuring the ceremony, live music, and lots of champagne popping! Another fave is a two day elopement in Moab. Another gorgeous glamping experience, this time with biking, a tumbleweed reception table, and gorgeous gorgeous wedding dress. Stick with us, we can help you plan the magic!

Montana hiking adventure session. Montana is the perfect place for an epic hike and gorgeous photos of you and your love. This secluded hike in Montana included an alpine lake!

Truth be told, we enjoy busting these myths. Ever since we captured our first elopement, we knew why we cared so much. Our lives are filled with expectations about what is “right” and “what people do.” You don’t have to fall into that trap of having a big wedding. We are elopement photographers and filmmakers because we feel that people deserve to be themselves on their wedding day. Call us, let’s talk about making your elopement dreams come true. MUAH! 


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