Eloping in a foreign country is overwhelming! Americans guide to eloping in Italy to share our REAL plans for our Summer 2023 elopement!

The fourth stop on our American’s Guide to Eloping in Europe is Italy! Not gonna lie, Italy gets us all kinds of excited because it has the sea and mountains! So far we have taken you to France, Spain, and Iceland. Now off to the world of true espresso, gelato on every corner, and the OG pizza! Go for the food, stay for an epic elopement. 

Italy is pretty fricken huge. We are going to zero in on some of the BEST places for you to say I ABSOLUTELY DO!

when in Europe….

Up on our bucket list, and by bucket list we mean this is actually planned, booked, and sealed with a kiss for Summer 2023. Be sure to keep an eye out for that blog in early Fall. ORRRR come with? We can add a couple extra days for you, babes. 

Let’s make it legal

After France and Spain made it nearly impossible to legally elope, we are happy to share in our Americans guide to eloping in Italy that you can elope in Italy as an American! For the full outline, see the embassy’s web page. The legal requirements to get married from the U.S. Embassy. A great resource for forms and marriage offices contact information is Lux Elope. It’s a reputable site that can show you how Americans can marry in Italy.

You also always have the option to get married locally and have a symbolic ceremony. If Travis and Kourtney can get married at the courthouse AND in Italy, why not you? 

Eloping in a foreign country is overwhelming! Americans guide to eloping in Italy to share our REAL plans for our Summer 2023 elopement!

Let’s get you converted with all (the small) things European

Three things you need to remember for how can an American elope in Europe is conversion, conversion conversion. You convert your money, your adapters, and the weather! Right this very second it is 8 degrees in Rome! Which sounds excruciating unless you know that in fahrenheit that is actually 46 degrees. To us, that is GREAT hiking weather!

Italy accepts the Euro, as of February 5, 2023 the exchange rate is 1 Euro per 1.08 US dollar. You can also swipe away. Let your credit card company know you’re going out of the country so they don’t flag you for fraud. Pro tip – also ask them what the fees are for using your credit card. That will help make the decision on if you want to bring some Euros with you or rely on your plastic. Things like fees are the LAST thing you think about when determining how much does it cost to elope in Italy, but these buggers will get you if you’re not careful.

we’re your elopement photographer for Italy!

You don’t have to worry about your phone IE lifeline while in Italy. Virtually all modern smartphones (iPhone 7 and newer) are compatible with Europe’s mobile infrastructure. What you will have to worry about is your charger. Sneaky sneaky. Be sure to pick up an EU plug adapter for $20.00 before you go.

So, where exactly are we going? Our top picks in our Americans guide to eloping in Italy are Ortisei, Rome, Aosta, and the Amalfi Coast. As your adventure elopement guides we are here to share where to stay and top hikes to take you to the most INCREDIBLE places. You’re welcome. 

Happy stylish couple in summer alpine meadows in Italy. Kissing bride and groom. Eloping in a foreign country is overwhelming! Americans guide to eloping in Italy to share our REAL plans for our Summer 2023 elopement!


Ortisei is a great base to access a lot of the western Dolomites, including Seisler Alm, Val Di Funes, Seceda, St. Valentin Church/Siusi, and Gardena Pass. Note that the town is called Urtijëi in German, which can confuse some visitors.

Our place to stay is Adler Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort. This upmarket resort includes country-chic rooms and suites, plus free breakfast, a spa and a restaurant. Their tagline is “let your soul fly” and those are the vibes we want!

If you’re looking to explore the house rental route, Ortisei  has a lot of options for apartments and condos, but not very many free standing house rentals. We did find a cute rental apartment with a terrace in the center of Ortisei. We may be partial to it including a jacuzzi. You can never go wrong with any type of bubbles.

Psst – there is no better way to enjoy a spa or a jacuzzi than dipping in after an incredible hike! Our adventure session pick is the Punta Larici hike.

punta larici hike quick facts:

Distance/Difficulty: 3.2 miles, easy but steep drop offs

Trailhead Accessibility: 2 hours from Ortisei

Leave No Trace Information: Keep on trail & durable surfaces, avoid fragile sedimentary rock, don’t cross restoration barriers

Privacy/Seclusion (estimate): Popular trail. Start early to complete with seclusion.

Riva del Garda is a wonderful town with ancient walls, gates, and fortress remains from medieval times. Rocca is a medieval fortress with a moat, fuck yes. Parking for Punta Larici is located in Pregasina (tiny town located on the northwest end of Lake Garda). You’ll need to get there early to secure a spot, don’t worry, we will pack the bubbly for a little pregame in the parking lot with you. Park at the church. If full, drive a bit more to find a smaller lot. The hike starts off easy, but it enters the woods and there are difficult skyrockets. The trail is steep and you’re hiking along dropoffs. IE it will be a LIGHT pregame, no injuries on our watch!

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is one of our FAVORITE elopement locations in Italy because you get the gorgeous views without the cost of Lake Como. If you like the look of Lake Como but want something a little less crowded, Lake Garda is the place for you!

The little town of Torbole on the north side of the lake is the best place to stay! The colorful buildings and sweet little shops will have you wanting to stroll the streets all day. It’s also a great place to be on the water with windsurfing and boating! You can get your windsurf on at Duotone Pro Center Torbole. They’ll even give you windsurfing lessons.

You can rent vespas at Motorgazzi Vespa Scooter in Malcesine! Be sure you practice a little before renting if it’s your first time.

Check out a recent Lake Garda elopement!


We couldn’t put together an Americans guide to eloping in Italy without mentioning Rome! Our classic couples will love Rome. Famous for its ancient architecture, we’re seeing the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. Our wish is that we join you on your adventure elopement!

For a one of a kind experience in Rome, Castello della Castelluccia is the place to stay. The Castello della Castelluccia offers a dreamy location to treat yourselves to a quiet, romantic stay in nature. The castle offers a high-level restaurant service, with a bar AND pool bar. It’s your elopement, you should not be limited! 

If you are interested in being the heart of the action – Air Bnbs in Rome are the way to go. Convenient locations facilitate easy access to public transportation and local markets. This seafront apartment of Fiumicino is just steps from the beach and countless restaurants. It also has a bus stop just down the road that takes you to the airport. 

There are a TON of walking and trekking trails (makes it sound more adventurous) near Rome. 

Necropolis and Waterfalls of Cerveteri. 

The ruins of a city that the Romans called Caere, and which was a wealthy Etruscan town, can be discovered through the Necropolis of Banditaccia.  According to Wanted in Rome, You can explore different types of Etruscan tombs, and it is one of the UNESCO wonders of Lazio. Here, local associations have collaborated to restore a part of the ancient remains. After the visit to the Necropolis, continue towards the Via degli Inferi and the Necropolis of Laghetto.  Among the most majestic points of this trek are the natural waterfalls located at the end of the route.  There is a bookshop, bar and picnic tables at the site of the Necropolis.  Ceveteri has restaurants. BOOKS AND BEER AND A TREK. Chef’s kiss. As your elopement photographer this is the trifecta for getting both dramatic scenery shots and natural every day couple photos.

Walking time: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Route length: 3.1 miles

Level of difficulty:  Medium.  Suitable shoes are advisable due to watery ground.

A waterfall in Cerveteri, Italy falling from a cliff into a lagoon with trees and rocks around

On the via Francigena: from Formello to Isola Farnese

Another option, the Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrim route. It connects the English cathedral of Canterbury to St. Peter’s Basilica through France, Switzerland and five Italian regions. Umm hello, world, see us here! Then it approaches Rome, right through the countryside protected by the Park of Veio. 

Journey time: 3 hours

Route length: 7.5 miles

Level of Difficulty:  Easy


Next up in our Americans guide to eloping in Italy is Acosta, also known as the “The Rome of the Alps”. If you LIKE the idea of Rome, but are looking for something less touristy, sorry, Lizzie, this is for you. 

Valle d’Aosta is a region of northwest Italy bordered by France and Switzerland. Lying in the Western Alps, it’s known for the iconic, snow-capped peaks the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. Off the beaten path, it’s a much more secluded part of Italy. It’s a great place for food with cheese and wine as the specialty. I, for one, am DYING to see what a charcuterie board looks like in Italy. 

Our friends at Moon & Honey highlight some of the best options of where to stay based on what your elopement budget is:

Budget | Maison Du-Noyer is a clean and comfortable guesthouse located above Aosta (10-15 drive). It’s ideal for exploring the surrounding countryside.

Midrange | Relais Bondaz is a stylish family-run hotel in Aosta. The location is superb. And, the breakfast is excellent!

Luxury | Hotel Milleluci is a beautiful hotel in Aosta with panoramic views and spa facilities, including an outdoor pool, sauna, and Turkish bath. Breakfast is superb.

For our must trek hike, it’s hands down Rifugio Giorgio Bertone. The Rifugio Giorgio Bertone is located in Courmayeur in the Aosta valley. Courmayeur is an alpine town at the foot of the towering Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) massif. It’s also one of the most sensational hiking destinations in Europe. 

Rifugio Giorgio Bertone trail No. 31

Distance/Difficulty: 1.5 hours walk

Starting/finishing point: Rifugio Biorgio Bertone Trail No. 31

Trailhead Accessibility: 40 minutes from Aosta

Leave No Trace Information: Keep on trail & durable surfaces, avoid fragile sedimentary rock, don’t cross restoration barriers

Privacy/Seclusion (estimate): Secluded part of Italy, much less touristy.

Amalfi Coast

Does the Amalfi coast need an introduction? IDK, would you give Beyonce an introduction? Highlights about Amalfi include their seafood cuisine and water activities such as row boats and sailboats. If you haven’t considered a boat for your elopement, get some inspiration from our Lake Tahoe hiking elopement. Also…. It’s the Amalfi Coast, eloping in Italy, it’s basically mandatory to get yourself in that majestic water. The long and short of it is, Amalfi is great for our couples that want some adventure, but appreciate relaxation as well. Let’s just pencil this into your elopement package now. 

For a one of a kind stay at the Amalfi Coast, Ca’P’a Casa Privata Hotel is an intimate option. With only seven rooms Casa Privata offers an exclusive opportunity to savor the good things in life. Some offer complete privacy and seclusion. They say in Italy “tutto è possibile” (everything is possible). So it is at Ca’ P’a! They offer private boat trips, fishing under the stars (if you don’t fish, I can teach you, when in Amalfi as they say), an in-house massage, or a special candlelit dinner. There are also private cultural programmes and excursions to Ravello, Pompei, Herculaneum, Naples and Capri. Hiking tours in the mountains, private parties and cooking classes should also be on your list. Looking for more ideas? Check out our 100 things to do on your elopement day!

Our Air BnB pick for the Amalfi Coast is Suite Principessina. The infinity pool and DIRECT ACCESS to the sea are unforgettable. If you want to elope in Amalfi, Italy, dipping your toes in the water is the top of the priority list.

path of the gods

Our hiking pick is the Path of The Gods, known to locals as the Sentiero Degli Dei. According to 10 Adventures, it is the most famous hiking trail in all of the Amalfi Coast. You’ll walk along the side of the Lattari Mountains with stunning views of the small village of Praiano and the vast Tyrrhenian Sea. From there you can go left or right, a true “choose your own adventure” experience. When eloping in Italy, One option will take you to the jaw-dropping view of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Li Galli Archipelago and the island of Capri in the distance. The other choice goes through the woods for a while until, eventually, the two paths reconnect. Are you a forestry girly or a watery girly? OR, are you a little bit Alexis? Just take both. Up one way, down the other, snacks included. 

Have we convinced you to trek with us yet after our Americans guide to eloping in Italy? Shoot us a message and let’s set up a time to chat over some vino. Ciao bella, see you in Italy THIS SUMMER!! 

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