A 2 day glacier national park wedding and adventure session gives you the full experience! Glacier Outdoor Center is the perfect wedding venue if you want to explore Glacier!

Think a glacier park elopement (our usual jam), but make it a full blown wedding and add an adventure session. That was the magic we created with Tori and Mitchell. Their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding was a full celebration, we’re talking no keg left untapped. Their 2 days in Glacier included a killer bridal party, delicious cake, and a day after adventure session.The amount of special moments we can capture with our two day elopement photography is second to none! 

bonus: how to get married in glacier national park

We’ve heard a couple times, what can you do in Glacier for 2 days? Honestly, what CAN’T you do?? Give us a tent and a week and we STIll would have things on our bucket list! So, let’s dive into our weekend warrior couple, Tori and Mitchell, to show what their magical 2 day micro wedding and adventure session looked like!

First though, you HAVE to learn about Tori and Mitchell’s story. 

You make me

Feel like I’m livin’ a teenage dream

The way you turn me on, I can’t sleep

Let’s run away and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back

These two love birds straight up pulled off the teenage dream. They started dating during Senior year of high school and powered through long distance all of college. The duo went on to graduate school together in Philly (hello smarty pantses) and then proceeded to take a month long cross country trip.

Are we in a movie??

Apparently, going from long distance to living together to living in a car together for a month only showed them that they can do anything, together. The couple clearly enjoys a good adventure so when they called about a 2 day Glacier National Park wedding, we had 2 words – fuck yes.

Wild Montana Wedding planning and design orchestrated the entire wedding day! Look familiar? It’s me, hi, I’m the planner, it’s me! Our mission was to break out of the cookie cutter wedding and do something fun, adventurous, and that SCREAMED Tori and Mitchell. But maybe more Tori because she’s loud and a ton of fun. Our favorite kind of bride!

Tori and Mitchell’s vision was a black and white affair, so you know they have great taste right off the bat. Their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding took place outside at the Park View Pavilion which overlooks the beautiful Livingston Range in Glacier National Park. There were incredible views and this BIG open atmosphere. Surrounded by nature and love and just endlesssss possibilities. It was magic on the mountains. 

We highly recommend Park View Pavillion if you’re searching where you can get married at Glacier National Park! It’s especially great for a micro wedding. Also, be sure to check out the Glacier National Park Service for details on how to get married in the park. Or use us and we can do all the leg work for you. We never skip leg day when it comes to keeping up to date on the ever changing national park regulations. 

The design star of the show has to be the unmatchable work of Agile Goat Flower Farm. There were beautiful wildflowers everywhere! From the expected bouquets to the unexpected pieces behind the bride and groom, aligning the fence. There were violet and cream florals lining the aisle, popping out at every step. 

We move from poppin flowers to POPPING BOTTLES!! Tori and Mitchell say “I do” and their bride tribe and matri-homies have been WAITING to celebrate! There is dancing, laughter, and shotgunning of bud lights. I can’t EVEN with how much fun it is! All of the details really shine here from the black linens to their tables named as hikes and national parks. We make sure to include all the cool stuff that embraces it being Tori and Mitchell’s big day. This is our FAVORITE part of the planning process!

After months of planning, coordination, vendor selection, and so much fun designing and styling their wedding, we are more sad than usual to say goodbye. GOOD THING WE DON’T HAVE TO BECAUSE WE STILL HAVE DAY TWO!

If you’re looking for how much does it cost to get married in Glacier National Park, our Wild Montana Wedding planning service provides a comprehensive breakdown of all of the services you can include. From your wedding venue, to a comparison of a micro wedding vs Montana elopement packages, we can help show you what each would look like and what the difference price ranges are. This isn’t our first rodeo, learn from our experience! 

Pssst – we could NOT have done it without the amazing vendors below! Thank you all bunches! Especially to the one that gave us that beer to shotgun. You the real MVP.

Photography: Honeybee Weddings  | Planning: Wild Montana Wedding |  Venue: Glacier Outdoor Center  |  Flowers: Agile Goat Flower Farm  |  Catering: Kopper Kitchen  |  Rentals: Empress Tents Events  |  Beauty: Rare Beauty  |  Dessert: Miss Patticakes  |  DJ: Destination DJ. |  Seating Chart:  Knapp Design Co  

Day Two

Welcome to the morning after! Our adventure champions won’t let a couple bottles keep them down! For the second half of their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding we trek to the best stops for Tori and Mitchell’s adventure session. We cruise up to Sacred Dancing Cascade waterfall with our couple in their wedding attire.Tori is looking incredible in her intricate wedding dress, I thought she couldn’t wear it any better than she did during the wedding but BAM, out in nature where you can tell Tori feels really comfortable, it feels so right.

adventuring in glacier just hits different

We explore and soak in the adventure of the day, during which, we find this super cool red rock surrounded by pools of deep blue water. The pools have kind of accumulated and then you’re able to rock hop from place to place. It’s a very different view than what you’re used to getting in Glacier National Park. We love that they’ll be able to look back on this day and know they got to experience something special!

Our last stop on their adventure session was Lake McDonald on the shore. Tori and Mitchell look like the happiest pair. We are able to capture some sweet moments, a few steamy moments of her pulling him in for a kiss, and some beautiful moments on the shore where they literally are the only ones in the world. It was the most perfect day! 

While their adventure session took place in the Fall, a Glacier National Park adventure session at Lake McDonald in Winter is also beautiful. Just bring your windbreaker between shots!

Are you ready to get the hell out there and have an EPIC wedding and two day adventure?! We are your PEOPLE to take you from 0 to 3,200 feet elevation. If you have trouble breathing, it’s just the love absorbing all of your regular oxygen. And drink some water. If you’re not ready to commit (to us) yet, start with our wedding ceremony locations in Glacier National Park. It is a great resource for couples who want to learn about all of the options in the park.

Consult with us about Honeybee Wedding Photography AND our alter ego Wild Montana. We are good at a few things, sue us. Or hire us. Your call.

  1. Nicole Merchant says:

    Hello I had reached out to you last year when I got engaged. We are now ready to get the planning process going!

    • Kelsey says:

      Nicole we are STOKED to get planning with you! Glacier is a gorgeous place to get married and we can help you every step of the way! We got married there too!

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      Nicole we are STOKED to get planning with you! Glacier is a gorgeous place to get married and we can help you every step of the way! We got married there too!

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