columbia river gorge elopement at latourell falls

Ok. So. Let’s just say that this day is absolutely fuckin magical right off the bat. Ok? OK! Bri and Ben rocked this Columbia River Gorge Elopement waterfall style. Latourell Falls is hands down the coolest waterfall we’ve ever seen with a towering cliff and 249 feet of falling water. It’s one of the best places to elope in Oregon.

We arrive at the Latourell Falls trailhead on a sunny day with great weather. Next, we hike the lower falls, Bri & Ben rockin their wedding clothes and getting so many congratulations from hikers on the trail. We joke and laugh the entire way up to the falls. The sun peeks out, and hits the waterfall at just the perfect angle.

Latourell Falls is the best place to elope in the Columbia River Gorge

There is no permit required to elope in the Columbia River Gorge if your group size is less than 75 people. As the US’ largest National Scenic Area and one of Oregon’s seven wonders (it’s a thing!), this region is perfect for mountainous vibes, hiking to countless waterfalls (see many listed below!), trying fantastic food, and you and your favorite person getting MARRIED! Check out our Oregon Elopement Guide for more info!

We get a little (read: a LOT) soaked from the mist coming off the waterfall, but it’s so worth it. We look like drowned rats, but it’s totally cute. In all seriousness, Bri’s hair is perfect the whole time. How the hell does she get such perfect hair all the time?! Sorcery, we’re telling you. She’s rockin a Gigi Pip hat in style and a custom made denim jacket from Joyful Juniper Creative. Bri’s dress from Velvet Bride is totally perfect because it’s blowing in the wind. Pro tip: love the wind. It makes your pictures look amazing. There’s no better way than to have a Columbia River Gorge elopement: waterfall style!

Whoooop, There It Is!

By the end of the day, we’re drenched, a little muddy, but can’t stop smiling. These are my people. This couple is the sweetest, most hilarious and smart duo! They make the day super easy, and fun. All I say is, “get cute” and Whoooop There It Is (insert 90’s kids losing their fuckin minds here). I really wish they lived closer so we could adventure more!

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