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So you’re ready to tie the knot with your honey, and you want to make it official in the PNW (pacific northwest)? The big question is: where to elope in Oregon?? We got you. Oregon has SO many epic options for your adventure elopement!! Mountain peaks, gorgeous coastline sunsets, WATERFALLS, lakes, incredible hikes, forests, and beaches, the list goes on and on. We have a slew of locations for you to check out, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t give Cannon Beach a special shout-out. I mean, just look for yourself!

how to elope in oregon – make it legit

Good news: it’s pretty easy to get married in Oregon. Specific areas need special permits, so start with a marriage license and read below for exact location needs. If you’re thinking about a beach/coastline elopement, you’re in luck – no permits are needed if you keep your guest count to under 50 and avoid using structures (like tents, chairs, banners, tables, etc.). Apply for a marriage license in Multnomah County if you’re eloping near Portland, Deschutes County for a Bend elopement, or Jackson County to be married in Medford. Make sure you apply within 60 days of your elopement day, and keep in mind there’s a three-day waiting period. A marriage license in Oregon costs $60, and you can pay a small $5 fee to waive the waiting period if you’d like. 

You’ll also want to make sure your officiant meets these requirements from the State of Oregon and that you have two witnesses at least 18 years old. Many couples choose to have their elopement photographers/videographers/guides (like us!) act as witnesses so they can have an intimate experience. 

cannon beach elopement photographer

best places to elope near portland

If you’re thinking you’ll basecamp in Portland when you elope in Oregon, we highly recommend it. Below are soooo many unique places to elope near Portland. You can even stay in Portland and spend a few days exploring and adventuring various beaches, hiking trails, and oh – did we mention the food?? Portland. Brings. The. Fire. Enjoy so much great food, farmers markets, beer, wine, and restaurants famous for their farm-to-table menus. Not sure where to start? Check out this guide to dining in Portland

coastal elopement locations

arch cape

The perfect location if you’re looking for incredible scenery but don’t want to deal with crowds! Located between Manzanita and Cannon Beach, Arch Cape is in a great location as it’s surrounded by state parks, hiking, and sweet secluded beaches. You can hike along the Oregon Coast Trail, elope at a cave or a waterfall at Hug Point, explore Oswald State Park, or plan a peaceful post-elopement-getaway here.

oswald west state park

Just two hours outside of Portland, Oswald West State Park offers both miles of beach coastline and forest hikes – perfect for an elopement adventure. This location is specifically cool because it provides a little of everything Oregon has to boast about. Do you have a furry friend? They can be part of your elopement! Dogs are allowed at Oswald West State Park – just make sure you keep them on a leash and pick up after them. If you’re planning to include more than 50 people, you’ll need to request a permit. (Reason number 534,290 we love elopements, less red tape!) 

Oswald West State park, where to elope in Oregon, coastal elopement
Where to elope in Oregon, Oswald West State park, coastal wedding locations in Oregon

hug point state recreation site

Just five miles south of Cannon Beach, Hug Point offers easy access to a gorgeous beach. It’s dog friendly, has a forested picnic area and restrooms. Pro tip: if you’re not careful, the tide can strand you while exploring the point! Check out tide information before you go – and enjoy the seasonal waterfall and tidepools on your adventure! Think: tidepool photos in your wedding attire! 

cannon beach adventure session, where to elope in Oregon

manzanita beach

It’s a whole vibe. Tucked in the Oregon Coast just south of Cannon Beach, Manzanita Beach provides a charming beach town, views of the Neahkahnie Mountain to the north, and food, food, food. You read that right! There are so many delicious opportunities to enjoy yourselves during or after your adventure elopement. Imagine – a beach elopement, an adventure hike, and finishing out the day with a culinary tour. Ooh, we just can’t wait to capture all your sweet moments!

cannon beach

Alright, we let the cat out of the bag from the very start – Cannon Beach is one of our absolute favorite elopement locations. Home of Haystack Rock, one of Oregon’s most recognizable landmarks, Cannon Beach offers a truly unique space to marry your honey. We’re specifically partial to sunsets at this location, not to mention “The Needles” just south of Haystack Rock. The best way to access Haystack Rock is through Cannon Beach’s Midtown area, just a block west of the public parking lot at Gower Street. Because this area is so famous, try to plan for a weekday elopement or come ready to walk on the gorgeous beach until you find a spot of your own.

Check out our Cannon Beach Adventure Session here!

cannon beach elopement with adventure session, where to elope in Oregon

lincoln city

Built for busy bees, Lincoln City is great if you love hiking (so many hiking opportunities!), kayaking, standup paddleboarding, fat tire biking, or even flying a kite! You can even rent all of your adventure gear at Safari Town Surf, so all you need to do is bring your wedding attire, photographer/videographer (us!), an officiant, and your epic elopement adventure plan we help you create. 

oregon north coast airbnb recommendations

Oceanside A-Frame, near Manzanita Beach.

The Dude’s Abode, near Lincoln City.

The Honu House, a solid ‘central location’ for Oregon’s coast. Serene Retreat on the Nehalem River, in between Portland and the coast, on a river.

Oregon elopement guide

waterfall locations 

We could dedicate an entire blog to the Columbia River Gorge, and we cannot wait to plan an incredible elopement adventure here. As the US’ largest National Scenic Area and one of Oregon’s seven wonders (it’s a thing!), this region is perfect for mountainous vibes, hiking to countless waterfalls (see many listed below!), trying fantastic food, and you and your favorite person getting MARRIED! If the infamous Multnomah, Bridal Veil, or Latourell falls are on your elopement dream list, look no further than this area!

latourell waterfall

No permit needed to get hitched here (as long as you fall within these guidelines, of course). Latourell Waterfall can be accessed by hiking a moderately difficult 2.4-mile loop hike. Pro-tip: this trail can get very crowded. Try to plan a sunrise or sunset hike to see this beautiful waterfall with your honey! Did someone say sunset elopement adventure hike? 

ambiqua falls

While the Ambiqua Falls Trail is currently closed (as of June 2021 – check here for current updates), we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it on our list. The beautiful, adventurous falls have us dreaming of the Icelandic-looking scenery! You can even add off-roading to your itinerary – there are over 6 miles of trails in this area’s Crooked Finger OHV Trails

bridal ceil falls

Ready to wear your bridal veil with these falls behind you? (we couldn’t resist). Bridal Veil Falls’ Overlook Trail provides half a mile of magnificent views of the Columbia River along the paved loop. You’ll see dramatic rock formations, including Archer Mountain, Hamilton Mountain, Beacon Rock, and the famous geologic edifice known as Pillars of Hercules.  

panther creek falls

Featuring a 130-foot waterfall, Panther Creek Falls offers an easy hike and a waterfall so unique, it’s listed as one of the best waterfall hikes in the PNW. While you can access the viewing platform from about 450 feet from the trailhead, you can also get to the base of the falls with a bit of maneuvering – about 75 feet to the left of the viewing platform. Be careful – it is a very steep (read: dangerous) path if you’re not used to climbing or going off-trail. This is the perfect, secluded spot to elope in Oregon.

Panther Creek Falls engagement session, where is the best place to elope in oregon

wahclella falls:

Noted as one of the more interesting hikes in this area, Wahclella Falls can be seen along a dog-friendly (on leash) roughly 2-mile out-and-back hike. Check out why so many people love this hike and why we would be happy to follow you and capture your sweet moments together as you explore this area!  

columbia river gorge airbnb suggestions

Gorge Modern Cabin

Red A Frame

Cozy PNW/Scandinavian Gorge Cabin

Cozy Vintage/Modern Cabin

where to elope in Oregon, Hug Point, Oregon elopement photographer

south coast oregon locations


Located on the southwest coast of Oregon, Bandon boasts “attractions that are always open.” Regardless of when you visit, Bandon has it all: epic beaches, ample hiking trails, and is home to Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

samuel l. boardman state scenic corridor

With over 18 miles of coastline adventure opportunities, Samuel L. Boardman Scenic Corridor is home to breathtaking views of rugged coastline and memorable sunsets. Pick one of the many beaches or viewpoints to share your special vows, then spend the rest of the day exploring the area! We think Arch Rock Hike (hello, 8-mile hike!) and Natural Bridge Trail (where you can see iconic arch rocks and blowholes!) are areas you won’t want to miss. The southern part of the state is truly a completely different world and the perfect place to elope in Oregon.

where to elope in Oregon, best place to get married in Samuel L. Boardman, Samuel L. Boardman engagement session, oregon elopement photographer


An adventurer’s paradise, Bend, Oregon has it all. Bend is located in Central Oregon, so you’ll want to plan for a flight into Redmond or a roughly 3-hour road trip from Portland. Pro-tip: if you enjoy driving through beautiful mountainous scenery, this road trip is worth it. If you rock climb on the weekends, enjoy riding bikes with your partner, or envision your elopement adventure including spelunking/caving, then Bend is for you. We cannot overstate how many fun adventure opportunities there are in this area – check out this list for more ideas!

Smith Rock

Also known as one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders, Smith Rock is located 26 miles outside of Bend and features deep river canyons and sheer cliffs, perfect for rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking. Plan to either stay in Bend, or camp overnight and plan for a multi-day elopement adventure! Either way, you really can’t go wrong. 

where to elope in Oregon, best place to get married in Bend, Bend engagement session, oregon elopement photographer

Dillion Falls

Unique in the amount of water flowing from this area, Dillon Falls is a powerful series of rapids dropping roughly 65 feet over one-third of a mile, with its tallest drop at a modest 8 feet. Enjoy beautiful hiking trails (note: trails are shared with mountain bikers), the scenic waterfall, and a riverside meadow. Great for an adventure elopement – it’s only 20 minutes away from Bend!

Are you looking for a full-day elopement adventure? We’ve got you. Our Full Day Elopement Experience covers up to 12 hours of documentation, ensuring every minute of your elopement experience will be remembered.

fully planned oregon elopement 

When you elope in Oregon, you’re gonna need at least a full day to soak in all the magic. Here’s what your magical, romantic, absolutely epic elopement day could look like in Oregon:

8:00 am: You start getting ready in Columbia River Gorge Airbnb. Enjoy some coffee/tea or even some bubbly as we capture sweet, intimate moments and details of you two. 

11:00 am: You lovebirds have your first look, pop a bottle of champagne, we take photos of you at your AirBnB while you swoon over each other. (Hello, Cozy PNW/Scandinavian Gorge Cabin!)

1:00 pm: We head out to Latourell Falls, pack up your wedding clothes, and hike the easy 2.5 looped trail. We’re right behind you, capturing the beautiful scenery and you two as you prepare to say your vows together!

2:00 pm: You. Get. MARRIED!!!! With a gorgeous waterfall behind you to boot. 

2:30 pm: We take post-ceremony shots of your marital bliss along the Falls, amongst the trees, as we hike back to the car.

4:30 pm: Time to party!! We head out on the town to Portland where you two enjoy your first meal as a married couple, grab a few celebratory drinks, and enjoy your first dance while people cheer for you throughout Portland’s famous food scene

7:30 pm: The sun is setting, and we adventure outside for some more timeless newlywed photos as the sun sets.

9:00 pm: You grab blankets and cozy up next to each other back at the AirBnB, reminiscing of your day together. We get a few more shots of the two of you as you soak in the last remaining hours of your wedding day!




Ribbon & Twine Floral

Small Yard Flowers

Beaumont Florist

Sunblossom Farm

Elopement Planner:

Honeybee Weddings (that’s us!)

Mae & Co Creative 


A Beautiful Ceremony NW

Portland Ministers

Photographer & Videographer

Honeybee Weddings (we gotchu!)


Hair and Makeup: Cassidy Elise 

Flowers: Wild Flowers of Oregon 


How much does it cost to get married in Oregon?

When you elope in Oregon, a marriage license in Oregon costs $60, and you can pay a small $5 fee to waive the 3-day waiting period. We can help you plan exact costs given location, vendors, and everything you’re dreaming of for your Oregon elopement.

Where can I get married in Oregon?

You can get married on a beach, at a vista point, while hiking, near a waterfall – the options are endless! A few of our favorite spots are Cannon Beach, Columbia Gorge River, Oswald West State Park, and alllll the waterfalls (check our guide!).

What do you need to get married in Oregon?

In most locations, a marriage license from Oregon is all that’s needed to elope in Oregon! Read our guide to be sure based on location.

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