montana elopement planner terra cotta elopement

Epic mountain views? Check. Wildflowers? Check. Unique tablescape and focus on a reception table you could have at your elopement? Double check! As your elopement planner, we believe that your wedding day is all about YOU! Don’t try to please other people or worry about what is “expected” of you. We give you permission to make the brave choice and ELOPE!

What does an elopement planner do? We help you chose a location, create a timeline, and get you married. We design an experience that is uniquely YOU. Every element of your wedding is infused with your personality and style. You can lounge on pillows while you eat a delicious meal overlooking the mountains. Or soak in a quiet solitary toast while you hear the ocean waves crash. We are here to make those moments happen.

We specialize in intimate wedding and elopement planning around the country. Whether you look for an elopement that will take you to the mountaintops, seaside, or all around the world, we can make your adventure dreams come to life!

You need an elopement planner to bring your adventure dreams to life!

This terra-cotta mountain elopement is inspired by our love of the outdoors. The natural awe-dropping beauty of the Montana mountains and the passion for adventure inspires us to create an elopement day that nature lovers everywhere appreciate. The low to the ground picnic table allows for guests to sit on comfy pillows while they sip their champagne.

Our favorite part of this design are the hand painted terra cotta plant pots with the names of guests. Agile Goat Flower Farm pulled out all the stops with the wildflower bouquet and succulents literally everywhere. Just imagine your own elopement day. You sit down to this cozy table with your husband and share a meal for the first time. Yeah. It’s pretty magical.

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