forest engagement photos are the only way to go

These two adorable human beings couldn’t be more in love and we couldn’t be more excited to show off their enchanting forest engagement photos. One of the reasons we love them is because they are so passionate about what they do – they are local artists. Everything that they were wearing was made by someone. Tillie is does intricate bead work and she made Jesse’s shoes!

I loved hanging out with them so much, they’re both so funny and down to earth. We are looking forward to their elopement. They got married in a traditional tribal ceremony where they danced and wore traditional apparel. They are the epitome of local. They’re so talented in what they do.

He messes with her a lot and just knows how to make her smile. They have such a great sense of humor and clearly know how to make each other laugh. It’s really cute.

They clearly have solid values and traditions, but yet they’re free to do it their own way. Our couples value tradition and legacy, but they want to make their mark and do it their own way. They’re not a cookie-cutter couple, and we love that about them.

That is the Honeybee couple.

They know exactly who they are. They are each other’s yin and yang. It’s really cute to see how he is wild and free and she grounds him. There aren’t many couples who would just roll around in the dirt and ask no questions. These two were one of those couples.

They wanted forest engagement photos and we knew exactly the place for them. The Rattlesnake Trailhead in Missoula offered gorgeous lighting and a woodsy feel. We’ve had a mild winter this year, so no snow, but they made it magical without the winter wonderland. If you’re into the moody photos, this is seriously the place.

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