Ohhhh ICELAND. You were magical. Vi and Bryan made this adventure top notch with an elopement for the books! Their Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara is one we will hands down never forget. Vi and Bryan originally were interested in Glacier National Park. There are so many wedding ceremony locations in glacier national park that it’s one of our faves to adventure to! Buttttt, Vi and Bryan decided to up their elopement a tad and took us up on our idea to take them to Iceland!

Vi and Bryan decided to up their elopement and took us up on our idea to take them to Iceland!

Vi and Bryan are both pharmacists helping people who are battling cancer. Do you see their super capes? ‘Cause they are soaring! Also, we love a couple with a good doggo. Their fur baby Billie (as in Eilish!) was adopted during the pandemic. This 3 year old blue heeler loves to be pet by her humans. 

Vi and Bryan’s decision to elope was deeply personal. Bryan lost his mom and did not want to have a large wedding without her there. As private people, they wanted this intimate moment amongst themselves and to honor their family. The duo shared with us, “We want to embark to a magical place and share our vows as we have our greatest adventure yet. We are lovers of mountains. We love to hike during the warm months and snowboard during the winter. Our vision is to elope in an intimate setting with a stunning backdrop of mountains and lakes.” In comes Iceland! Now it was time to make their dreams come true!


After the quick 12 hour hour journey to Iceland we were excited to make a magical Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara happen! We started out at their Airbnb the morning of the elopement. It was straight out of a story book. Their AirBnB cabin was intimate, settled on a farm with chickens clucking around. The rain was falling softly that morning. The first thing we noticed greeting Vi and Bryan was Bryan’s suit. It was the ABSOLUTE COOLEST! This maroon suit from Express, fit with a pink bow tie is what we call a statement piece, people. A knockout look for our groom. Pink Iceland slayed with Vi’s hair and makeup. The whimsical half up, half down hair is a true classic!

Icelandic horses witness their first look. they approve.

We captured the first look by the shed outside the Air BnB. Please note – by shed we mean a stunning building with a turf covered roof and horses that were ready to party. From their Air BnB we drive about an hour on route one to Reynisfjara Beach. Vi came prepared with Doc Martens that were OUT OF THIS WORLD, paired with the fluffiest white jacket that she appropriately referred to as “The Sherpa”. If you don’t know what that is you need to learn here. Badass.

We then explored the salt columns, the black sand, and the legendary rocks. Vi and Bryan found the perfect secluded cave to exchange vows. Everyone we passed waited outside the cave and gave Vi and Bryan their privacy. The waves crashed behind them and the wind blew around them.  Vi shared that she felt like everything else around just faded away and they could be together. When they finished their exchange and exited the cave, a group of tourists outside cheered for their moment. Vi’s mom sent a card for her to read on this special day. Writing a letter is something we recommend to our couples who are looking for a way to incorporate family and friends who aren’t physically present. You can read more about our ideas for downsizing to an intimate wedding and how to keep it special.

Vi’s mom sent a card for her to read on this special day.

Vi and Bryan were ready for the next adventure of the day – the coast! Can we say that everyone hypes up a winter Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara, but summer stole the show! We ran along the beach and took some pretty spectacular photos of our couple. The green moss on the rock was an awesome contrast to Bryan’s maroon suit. Also, nerd alert, we were able to fly our drone overhead, capturing the white, foamy ocean and the black sand beach. Pinch us, because we have to be dreaming.

pro tip: avoid the hangry during your full day elopement and be sure to eat something delicious at a local restaurant

Suður-Vík restaurant was our next stop. We like to call it wharf chic. The food was deliciousssss. We had a pizza with a butter sauce base with pesto and candied onions and prosciutto. We also enjoyed cappuccinos and got a cheesecake to go. After that restaurant experience, we may transition to a foody blog. Top notch. The couple gushed about the trip so far and discussed further that they did not want to stress of a big wedding and that the Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara was everything and more. 

during your Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara, be sure to check out Skogafoss

After fueling back up we went to Skogafoss. A must see! The mist from the waterfall could be seen from miles around! No exaggeration. Maybe a little exaggeration. Vi and Bryan got soaked next to the falls. The whole scene was epic. As pro waterfall chases, this was hands down the BIGGEST waterfall we’ve ever seen.

Over at Seljalandsfoss there was another incredible waterfall, but not quite as big. Exploring around the waterfall was really wet and tough to get in and out of in Vi’s dress. Being the thrill seekers we are, we scouted around and found a HIDDEN waterfall! Don’t ask us where because we won’t tell you / don’t remember the name. Stepping over a few rocks, this waterfall is in the ravine in the cavern. The waterfall cascaded down, hitting the rocks that our couple was CLINGING to. Vi and Bryan went in with their coats on, and we captured moody and awesome photos while getting DRENCHED. Bryan shared that this was one of the coolest parts of the day and we are pumped about it! 

Their perfect day came to a close out on the lupin field. With the mountains in the background, Vi and Bryan enjoyed their cheesecake and ended their wedding day with the most romantic moment. 

If you’re interested in how to elope in southern Iceland and our Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara (or heck, just anywhere in Iceland) packages, drop us a line! Lastly, even if there is another adventure just waiting on your bucket list, Message us! From there, we set up a time to chat over coffee! We can’t wait to hear what your elopement dreams are!

Black sand beach wedding photos! During their Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara, a bride and groom explored the lupine fields of Iceland. Iceland is a one of a kind and adventurous elopement location and MUST be explored! If you're wondering how to elope in Iceland, see how these two did it!
  1. Khanh Nguyen says:

    I am VI’s Mom. On the behalf of my family, I greatly appreciate your assistance to make Vi & Bryan elopement filled with unforgettable and precious memories. The pictures are breathtaking. I was reading your story with emotional tears of joy and happiness for my only one and unique beloved daughter. I am thankful for You have done a fantastic job to make Vi & Bryan elopement dreams coming true.

    • Kelsey says:

      Khanh we are so honored to document this special day for Vi and Bryan! We loved how you sent them a card and it was really meaningful to them both when they read it in Iceland! We wish them every happiness! They are truly an inspiring couple!

  2. Thai Doan says:

    I am so proud of my little girl vi Doan wishing you and Bryan have a wonderful and beautiful life together as all the above you took on your wedding. I am so happy for you and you are always my sweet little daughter!!! Your Daddy: Thái Doãn !

  3. Thai Doan says:

    I am so proud of my little girl vi Doan wishing you and Bryan have a wonderful and beautiful life together as all the above you took on your wedding. I am so happy for you and remember you are always my sweet little daughter!!! Your Daddy: Thái Doãn !

  4. Thang Nguyen says:

    Beautiful Wedding place
    Wish both of you live to 100 years and many children to come as our family tradition.

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