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Damn we are going to Denmark! While some people ask how to elope in Norway when considering the Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands are actually a part of Denmark. Both are considered Norden which includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These form a group of countries having affinities with each other and are distinct from the rest of continental Europe. Today, however, we are all about Bond. James Bond. While we haven’t located the infamous lair on Kalsoy Island, we have located numerous other places for you to visit. And we have tracked down puffins! PUFFINS!!!

A little history – the Faroe Islands are a wild, unspoiled collection of eighteen islands that are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It should be noted that seventeen of these islands are uninhabited! Though they’re triangled by Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, the Faroe Islands have managed to stay remote as travelers skip past the islands. But not you, wise friend. You are here to explore with us!

Becoming increasingly popular is an adventure elopement in Iceland, but a hop, skip, and a jump away is the Faroe Islands. Even MORE sheep, less tourists, just as much adventure. #Winning! In fact, did you know that there are more sheep on the Faroe Islands than people?!

So, we have convinced you. Now let’s get started first with legalization!

As always, you can skip past the red tape and get married stateside before having your ceremony when you elope in the Faroe Islands. However, it’s actually the EASIEST country to get married in that we have done a guide on! If you’re looking at how to elope in Faroe Islands, the city of Torshavn is your one stop shop for making it legal. 

According to the government in the Faroe Islands, “Foreigners, who marry at the city hall in Tórshavn, receive an international marriage certificate in Faroese and English. The ceremony is held in Faroese and translated to English. Some bring family and friends to witness the occasion.” Shout out also to the country for being our kind of people – the Faroe Islands offers legally binding marriages for same-sex couples. In fact, the first same-sex marriage ceremony in the Faroe Islands was a couple from the UK. HELL YEAH DENMARK!

how to elope in Faroe Islands. Famous Drangarnir Rock Formation in the North Atlantic Ocean in warm golden sunset light. Aerial Drone Point of view of the iconic Drangarnir Rock Formation between the Islet Tindholmur and Vágar Island, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Nordic Countries, Europe

Let’s break it down how to get married

What day to get married

You should plan your wedding around the days that the Torshavn City Hall conducts wedding ceremonies. This is Monday – Thursday from 10AM to 3PM, Friday from 10AM – 2PM, and the first Saturday of the month from 10AM to 2PM. The court does not conduct weddings on bank Holidays. 


You do not have to provide witnesses yourself if you are getting married in the Faroe Islands City Hall in Tórshavn. If the city hall is informed in advance they can provide witnesses. If you’re planning to get married outside Tórshavn city hall you will need two witnesses (we volunteer as tribute!) to sign the original marriage certificate after your ceremony. The names and addresses need to be sent to the wedding department in advance.

How to elope in Faroe Islands. The village Sandavágur is situated on Vágar island. red roof church in Sandavagur.


Passports and residency permits/visas, if applicable, must be presented to Torshavn Town Hall one working day prior to your wedding date (this is Monday to Friday). Therefore, if you book a wedding date on a Monday you will need to present your documents on the Friday before.

You will also need a certificate proving your current single status from your current country of residence. You can get this back in the states which is your own statement taken under oath, in which you attest that you are who you claim to be and that you may marry freely. Check out the procedure on that here

Lastly, you need a filled in ‘Notice Of Marriage’ application. This is the official application document that is signed and handed in to the wedding office. You can fill that out here and then print it and bring it with you. See, learning how to elope in Faroe Islands isn’t as hard as it sounds!

How to elope in Faroe Islands. Aerial view of lake amidst meadows and mountains against clear sky.

Now let’s get you there!

Our elopement packages take into consideration all the best travel options. There are few ways to get to Faroe islands, all of which include flying into another country. So why not make it a two parter and see two places in one adventure elopement? We’re serious. The flight from a couple of these locations is only an hour, let’s make some wedding planning magic! For inspo, check out our two day elopement photography. This gives a high level of all the different types of shots we can do when you say YES.

We digress. When arriving to elope in the Faroe Islands, you will land at Vágar Airport, the only airport on the Faroe Islands. From Copenhagen (Denmark) – the flight takes around 2 hours. Edinburgh (Scotland) – the flight takes 1 hour. Paris (France) – the flight is around 2h 45mins long. Bergen (Norway) – the flight takes1 hour. Reykjavik (Iceland) – the flight is 1 hour. PSSSTT if you are interested in an Iceland elopement, here’s our how to elope in Iceland guide and here’s our real life couple who we captured in Reynisfjara, Iceland!

Where to stay and how to get around

One of the CUTEST air bnbs is this tiny home next to the ocean. If you prefer to stay right in the capital then Hotel Torshavn is our local pick. Our one of a kind pick goes to the Dome / Igloo which is built to the highest environmental sustainability standards with ground-thermal heating, isolation, and sustainable materials. So many good choices of where to stay when you learn how to elope in the Faroe Islands!

While there is FREE public transportation around the island, a good rental car makes it easier to get around to the hiking trails. The main islands are connected with bridges and undersea tunnels and there are also car ferries to the other islands. Our pro tip is to get tire insurance. Across the way in Iceland we got our first flat tire EVER. Now for us travel bugs, that says a lot!

The can’t miss stuff

Tórshavn – the Capital

The capital in the Faroe Islands lies in the heart of the island group. Tórshavn is named after Tór, the god of weather, strength, and growth in Norse mythology. The capital is home to just over 20,000 people. Despite the tiny population, Tórshavn has plentiful culture, nature, and good food. Tórshavn translates to Thor’s Harbour. The islanders call the town Havn meaning simply Harbor. The city center is protected by the port and by the long island Nólsoy, which is outside of the capital.

Our vote for the best way to explore the town is hands down the BeerWalk. This tour combines outdoor beer tasting in the beautiful capital of the Faroe Islands and a guided walk filled with stories and energy. This is also a great way to meet other travelers!

Witches Finger Trail – 2 mile easy hike

According to Visit Vagar, legend has it that Trøllkonufingur is the finger of a witch that came to throw the Faroe Islands to Iceland. When she came to the sea south of Vágar, the sun came up and she was turned into stone and fell into the ocean. She was so big that when she reached the bottom of the sea, the back of her head and her finger were above the surface. The back of her head is the island of Koltur, and the finger is Trøllkonufingur.

If you want to know how to elope in Faroe Islands and you are interested in old legends, you have come to the right place! Pro tip – when visiting Trøllkonufingur it’s recommended to take the walk from the village center instead of driving on the narrow road that leads to the site. We also are allll about the combo boat and hike tour to Drangarnir Sea Arch. As the iconic Hannah Motnana would say, you get the bessstttt of both worlds!

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs Tour 

There are countless Bird Cliffs Tours making it easy to find the one perfect for you and your love. The boat tours to the wild Vestmanna bird cliffs of northwestern Streymoy are considered the highlight of a visit to the Faroe Islands. When the weather’s good, you sail from Vestmanna along the west coast of Streymoy to towering cliffs and sea stacks with fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and, occasionally, puffins. See, we told you we’d get you those puffins. You can book a tour here.

The village Sandavágur

The village Sandavágur is situated on Vágar island. It is the last village before you enter the sub-sea tunnel leading to the main island Streymoy. Just a short drive from the village Sandavágur lies the impressive rock formation Trøllkonufingur or the Witches Woman’s Finger mentioned earlier! There are signs in Sandavágur that will lead you to Trøllkonufingur.

One of the key features in Sandavágur is the centrally located church. The bright red-roofed church with white corrugated boarding stands out as one of the most beautiful buildings in the Faroe Islands. In addition, you will find an ancient runestone from the Viking Age inside the church. Our fave viking quote, “travel far and wide and you should possess the secrets of man”.  Get inspired to conquer your love story!


Gásadalur (translates directly to “the Goose Valley”) is a remote village on Vágar island in the wild Faroe Islands. Until recently it could only be accessed by hiking on foot over the mountains. Now the village is easily accessible through a driving tunnel. Yes, another type of tunnel! It is also home to the drop dead GORGEOUS waterfall Múlafossur. Gásadalur has a cafe and guesthouse, serving locally sourced lunch, cakes and coffee. The chocolate cake is homemade and the coffee will give you that kick you need to taper any wedding jitters!  

To reach the beautiful Múlafossur waterfall, you walk on an unpaved path for approximately two minutes from the village. The renowned waterfall drops 30 meters into the North Atlantic Ocean. Did we say GORGEOUS!

If you’re ready for puffins, promises with your love, and a new stamp to your passport, choose Honeybee Weddings for How to elope in Faroe Islands! Choose me, pick me, love me

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