How to Elope in Italy

Ciao Bella! Are you ready to take your love overseas? They say Paris is the City of Love, but have “they” been to Italy before?? Our guess is no. When we think about how to elope in Italy, there is a lot of ground to cover. With so many options, we are going to start with our top 3 for you: Amalfi-Sorrento, Naples, and Rome. Honorable mention goes to Italian Dolomites because we love a Top of The Mountain moment!

How to elope in Italy. Loving wedding couple near Spanish steps (Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti) in Rome, Italy.

For Starters, Let’s Choose Your Location

Diving into our top three picks, each one is very different. For reference between Amalfi and Sorrento, Amalfi is the coastline and Sorrento is the historic resort town many visitors choose as their base. From Sorrento you can hop a boat to Amalfi and drive up the coast to Naples. Or you can take public transportation to Rome. While it is possible to visit all locations during a week-long trip, we don’t recommend it. Narrowing it down to one (maybeeee two) in a couple days will get you a more in depth experience.

Highlights about Amalfi include their seafood cuisine and water activities (rowboats, sailboats). Amalfi is great for our couples that want some adventure, but appreciate relaxation as well.  Naples is suited for our more adventurous couples! You can see the Catacombs, visit the Pompeii ruins, or hike Mount Vesuvius! Our classic couples will love Rome. Famous for its ancient architecture, we’re seeing the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. Make a wish!

How to Elope in Italy and Make it Legal

With international travel, you can either get legally married in Italy, or get married locally and have a symbolic ceremony. We are here to support you and guide you in your ultimate “I Do” moment!

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Documents you’ll need to elope in Italy

For how to elope in Italy, you’ll need a valid U.S. Passport, Birth Certificate (original or certified copy), and evidence of the termination of any previous marriage/s if applicable. 

Also required is Affidavit or “Dichiarazione Giurata” sworn to before a U.S. consular officer accredited in Italy. This states that there is no legal impediment to your marriage according to the laws of the U.S. state in which you are a resident. 

In addition, you will need an Atto Notorio. This is a declaration, in addition to the “Dichiarazione Giurata”, stating that according to the laws to which you are subject in the United States, there is no obstacle to your marriage. This declaration is to be sworn to by two witnesses.

After those, comes the Declaration of Intention to Marry. Present all the above-listed documents to the Marriage Office (Ufficio Matrimoni) of the town hall (municipio) in the city where the marriage will be performed. Make a “Declaration of Intention to Marry” (Dichiarazione di Matrimonio) before a civil registrar (ufficiale di stato civile).  If you do not speak Italian, an interpreter should accompany you.  When all this is completed, you can finally set the date of the wedding.

Now that the paperwork has been completed, you can schedule your civil or religious ceremony!

How to elope in Italy. Photo of a married couple standing on the terrace and enjoying in their love and amazing view of Positano, Italy

For the full outline, see the Embassy’s webpage the Legal Requirements To Get Married From The U.S. Embassy! A great resource for forms and marriage offices contact information is Lux Elope.

All measures at the Italy border due to COVID-19 have been outlined on the Embassy webpage.

When to Elope in Italy

The best travel months are May and June as well as September and October. July and August tend to be hotter (and more crowded!) so planning around the outskirts of summer. If you are looking on how to elope in Italy on a budget, the coldest months will be the cheapest. Be prepared to bundle up! We support all the eskimo kisses.

How to elope in Italy.

Now that we have the How to Elope in Italy, let’s make your day magical!

It’s The Little Things

When considering how to add the special touches to your Italy elopement, we suggest pairing your Italian Elopement with Hand-Made Paper. Paper has a rich history in Italy and Montana based paper studio, Lichen & Pines Letterpress has the passion to create something one of a kind to mark your occasion. Elisheba, owner of Lichen & Pines Letterpress, shares with us:

Ever since I can remember when I tell people that I work with paper, there was “Oh you have to go to Italy and see the paper there!” My love for France got in the way of that until my parents happened to move there for work. My sweet mother looked into all the best places and Amalfi not only has a paper mill but a museum dedicated to the original way of making paper. They even provided paper for the Pope! Seeing the history, the beauty brought my admiration for paper and all of its textures, colors and ways, so much more. I am so lucky to get to experience this and in turn share it with everyone one of you.

How to elope in Italy

Where to Stay in Amalfi

For a one of a kind stay at the Amalfi Coast, Ca’P’a Casa Privata Hotel is an intimate option. With only seven rooms Casa Privata offers an exclusive opportunity to savor the good things in life. Some offer complete privacy and seclusion. They say in Italy “tutto è possibile” (everything is possible). So it is at Ca’ P’a! They offer private boat trips, fishing under the stars, an in-house massage, or a special candlelit dinner. Also check out the private cultural programmes and excursions to Ravello, Pompei, Herculaneum, Naples and Capri. Hiking tours in the mountains, private parties and cooking classes should also be on your list. We’ll keep dreaming about this one!

Our Air BnB pick for the Amalfi Coast is Suite Principessina. The infinity pool and DIRECT ACCESS to the sea are unforgettable. If you want to elope in Amalfi, Italy, dipping your toes in the water is the top of the priority list.

Where to Stay in Rome

For a one of a kind experience in Rome, Castello della Castelluccia is the place to stay. The Castello della Castelluccia offers a dreamy location for those wishing to treat themselves to a quiet, romantic stay into among nature, for those who want to celebrate a wedding in a suggestive older times setting or those looking for refined spaces for business meetings: the Castle offers a high-level restaurant service, with an appreciated restaurant, a bar and pool bar, a large outdoor swimming pool in the greenery, halls for weddings with private sacred chapel and a cloister for ritual celebrations, fully-fitted meeting rooms, terraces and spaces for cocktails and private parties.

If you are more interested in being the heart of the action – Air Bnbs in Rome are the way to go. Convenient locations facilitate easy access to public transportation and local markets. Take a look at this seafront apartment of Fiumicino.

Where to Stay in Naples

A great option to stay in Naples is this top terrace apartment found on Air Bnb. It is located in the heart of the historic center, next to the main monuments, markets, restaurants and pizzerias, the port, as well as the station. Come evening, it shows off views of the amazing and vibrant city.

A hotel alternative to that is the Hotel Piazza Bellini which is located in the middle of the city’s bustle with plenty of room to relax. Used to travelers, the concierge can organize guided visits or do-it-yourself trips to Pompei, Sorrento, Capri, and the Flegrei Feilds.

What to do on your elopement

A Taste of Italy

Italians love their food and there is no better way to dive into the culture than by with your taste buds. On the Amalfi Coast, schedule a cooking journey with Chef Vincenzino whose motto is “eat it with the heart and not just the mouth!” Along with a cooking experience, add in one of our favorite 100 things to do on your elopement day!

How to elope in Italy

a Scoot in Italy

Throwing it wayyyy back here, but that scene in the Lizzie McGuire Movie where she’s on the back of a scooter with Pablo, that’s what dreams are made of! Rent a scooter to navigate the Italian towns and get those frame worthy photos. In Amalfi, check out these scooter options.

Be sure to get an International Driver’s Permit when you are making your elopement checklist. As long as you have a license in your home state or country, you can get this permit, which is recognized as valid in over 175 countries. Learn more tips about scooter rentals from Miss Tourist

a hike in Italy

If you know us, you know three things- we love elopements, hikes, and barbacoa tacos. While we probably won’t be able to help you find barbacoa tacos in Italy, we can help you with how to hike Mount Vesuvius during your elopement. The hike is about 2 and a half miles up the active volcano. Views include both the Bay of Naples and the volcanic crater. With the heat rising during the day, it’s better to complete the hike earlier in the morning or in the evening. At approximately two hours, the hike allows you to add in more activities to your day, capturing a true adventure elopement. Along Dusty Roads has a great guide to hiking Mount Vesuvius. Although you won’t need a ton of gear for this hike, be sure to check out our hiking guide for tips on hiking wedding attire and answering your adventure FAQs. 

montana adventure elopement

a swish of Italy

It may not be Tuscany, but Bosco De’ Medici offers a Tasting Pompeii Tour. Complete with wine tasting, a vineyard tour, and access to an 18th century farmhouse and archaeological site. Here you can get the full Italian experience before checking out the Pompeii volcano in Naples. Salute!

Italy elopement timeline

The beauty of a full day elopement is there is no ‘standard elopement’ that we’ll recommend for you, and this is YOUR day to choose what you’ll do and experience together. Check out more of our tips for planning your full day elopement.

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Italy elopement packages

We would be absolutely thrilled and honored to help plan and capture your magical Italy Elopement. Right now, TODAY, we offer a HUGE discount on photography and videography for the right couple in the right location. If you’re asking that daunting question, “How to elope in Italy?” we gottchu! Sooo…salute anyone?! Message us and let’s set up a time to chat over Italian espresso – we can’t wait to hear what your elopement dreams are!

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