There are so many options when planning your elopement, so we have a few (okay 100) ideas to get your wheels turning! The decision to elope is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! Couples are realizing that simplicity, adventure, and intentionality is exactly what they’re looking for.

The MOST important thing about your elopement is that it’s YOUR elopement. So important in fact, we put it in all caps. If you’re still deciding whether to elope or have a wedding, here are a few reasons other couples have decided to elope. Check out our list of 100 things to do on your elopement day below, we can’t wait to hear what you and your honey decide to do on your special day! 

100 things to do on your elopement day pop champagne on a mountaintop
  1. pop that champagne
  2. have a picnic
  3. throw axes post ceremony
  4. kayak/canoe to your elopement location
  5. get up for the sunrise
  6. soak in the sunset
  7. take a boat cruise
  8. book a bucket list trip
  9. book a photographer/videographer team you jam with (hi, hello, nice to meet you!)
  10. enjoy s’mores by the campfire
  11. go on a hike
  12. summit a mountain
  13. spend the night in a sprinter van by the beach
  14. chase waterfalls (TLC style)
  15. hike with your pup(s)
  16. go off road jeeping/atv-ing 
  17. tell your family you’re eloping 
  18. go on a helicopter ride
  19. cuddle up in an igloo
  20. have a romantic dinner in a van by the beach
  21. have a first look
  22. don’t have a first look
  23. create your own vows
  24. dance under the stars for your first dance
  25. have dinner at a local restaurant
  26. bring your favorite beers with you to cheers
  27. make a piece of art together
  28. order room service
  29. jump in a body of water in your wedding attire
  30. rent that dream AirBnB you’ve had your eyes on
  31. hike in the dark with headlamps
  32. elope in Lake Tahoe
  33. go skydiving 
  34. have your best friends join you for all or part of your adventure elopement
  35. start the day in a cute coffee shop 
  36. elope in Moab, Utah
  37. cheers over your favorite cocktail 
  38. go bar hopping together alone, or with friends/family
  39. go snowboarding or skiing 
  40. go mountain biking 
  41. elope in Oregon
  42. take a scenic gondola ride in a mountain town 
  43. rent standup paddle boards 
  44. go visit your favorite animals at a zoo
  45. visit a plant nursery and buy a plant that will remind you of your special day
  46. go on a hot air balloon ride 
  47. elope in Ireland
  48. bake your own wedding cake
  49. smash a piece of said wedding cake in your honey’s face 
  50. create your favorite cocktail together
  51. take a pottery class together
  52. tell each other stories from when you first met
  53. read your text messages to each other from your first few weeks of dating
  54. call your friends and have them tell you what you were like when you first met your now SPOUSE! 
  55. plan a full day elopement or even a 2 day elopement adventure 
  56. sing karaoke at a karaoke bar 
  57. pack your bags and buy the cheapest day-of plane tickets available  
  58. visit a national park
  59. visit a national forest 
  60. elope in Glacier National Park
  61. pretend you’re tourists in your hometown 
  62. have your photographer take photos of you in your pjs in bed with coffee, your pets, or just hanging out
  63. take your favorite donuts with you to enjoy for dessert
  64. have your hair and/or makeup professionally done
  65. pick out each other’s outfits for the day
  66. go zip lining in a jungle 
  67. elope in Mexico
  68. only order from the happy hour menu at multiple bars/restaurants
  69. order that fancy ass meal you’ve always dreamed of together
  70. write your dreams together for your future 
  71. elope in Yellowstone National Park
  72. write down your story together to remember for years to come
  73. visit a farm and pick fruit and vegetables
  74. take a winery/whiskey/brewery tour 
  75. elope in San Diego 
  76. take a walk on a beach
  77. go camping (or glamping!)
  78. have your wedding bouquet and boutonniere made by a local florist 
  79. visit your first date location (or a special location to you two) 
  80. give each other a gift 
  81. elope in Montana
  82. hire a private chef to cook your wedding dinner in your AirBnB (or home!)
  83. wear a special perfume, cologne, essential oil, etc – scents help bring you back to that moment you said ‘I do’
  84. get ready together
  85. relax post ceremony in natural hot springs
  86. facetime/zoom/google hangouts/you get the point – video chat your loved ones
  87. listen to music or stargaze by a campfire on the beach, in the mountains, in your backyard
  88. start your day with your favorite physical activity together – go for a run, a bike ride, a walk, do some yoga, hike, etc.
  89. sing/play a song for your partner
  90. have a few loved ones write letters to you to read on your elopement day 
  91. elope on a ranch
  92. have a post-elopement dinner celebration with your closest friends and family
  93. go on a road trip (actual map required) 
  94. visit a museum
  95. elope in a different country
  96. go scuba diving or snorkeling in a coral reef
  97. skinny dip in a remote body of water
  98. volunteer somewhere close to your heart
  99. rent your dream car for a day
  100. marry. your. best. friend.

While this list of 100 things to do on your elopement day is fucking epic (in our humble opinion), we’re just getting started!! Thinking of doing something not on this list? We’re so here for it. Did your heart flutter at some of these ideas? Reach out and we can help create the elopement of your dreams! 

If you’ve been thinking about whether or not an elopement is right for you– this is your sign. Book your free elopement consultation today! Our Full Day Elopement Experience covers up to 12 hours of documentation, ensuring every minute of your elopement experience will be remembered. 

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