Coastal Oregon Elopement at Hug Point Arch Cape

Picture this: looming coastal cliffs, perfectly sunny lighting, and an unforgettable couple seeing each other in their wedding clothes for the first time. Oswald West State Park is one of the best places to elope in Oregon. The sea smells salty. The light is perfect as it peaks out of the clouds. The diffused lighting sets sky on fire. It’s dark and moody and sunny. Their Oregon coast elopement with teary-eyed first look is absolutely fucking perfect. In all the ways.

Jessica & Ty see each other for the first time in their wedding clothes with the saltwater, sand, and sunshine. As Jessica walks up to Ty, her dress is absolutely stunning. Her dress is so gorgeous with its sweetheart neckline and train for days. She has such great style! Ty turns around and smiles. He loves her dress so much and he can’t keep his hands off her. It’s basically the cutest thing. Her dress billows in the wind as he holds onto her on the beach. Their Oregon coast elopement is fuckin magical.

Jessica loves the cliffs, and let’s be honest, we do too! We have to cross a small river between the beach and the cliffs. So, yes, we forged the river like the Oregon Trail. We made it across, no dysentery, no snake bites. We crush it. These two didn’t forget to have fun!

The looming cliffs on the beach make Oswald West State Park a gorgeous location. It’s dramatic and has a fern gully type vibe going on. There’s dense, lush, forest on the path towards the beach and then your feet hit that white sand.

Our feet are wet, our pants are soaked, but we’re happy and so honored and stoked to be a part of this love story. Even if it’s just for a short sliver of time, it means the world to us.

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Coastal Oregon Elopement Hug point Arch Cape
Oregon elopement photographer coastal elopement at Hug Point
Coastal Oregon Elopement at Hug Point. LGBTQ couple gets married in Oregon on the coast by Canon Beach.

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