Panther Creek Falls Oregon Couple Session

Ok. So. Firstly, these two people are a couple of our dearest friends in the whole world and it was a fuckin HONOR to photograph them! I’ve known Diandra ever since we graduated the Art Institute of Seattle. Jake and I met Josh a little later, and I’m still trying so hard not to talk ALL THE DAMN TIME when Diandra and I are in a room together! When I asked them if they would want a couple session at Panther Creek Falls, I honestly wasn’t sure if they would say yes. I mean, a girl can dream, but Josh isn’t a huge fan of photos and I want to deliver something that they’ll both LOVE.

The day comes. We laugh and giggle the entire way to the falls and I just know it’s going to be so much fun! I’m not wrong. It’s a long drive in with these windy roads, but we get to the hike and it’s totally worth it. There’s dappled lighting as we hike down to the waterfall and we can hear it as we get closer. We scamper along the rocks, laugh, giggle, and I’m happy to say that no Joshes were harmed in the making of this Panther Creek Falls couple session.

One of the things we LOVE about Oregon waterfalls is just how lush and green they make things! It’s extra green! The lower falls are so beautiful and there’s so much to look at! Cascading falls, little trickles, and especially ferns everywhere. We joke that it would be so lovely to have ferns like that in our houses. The joke is that Jake and I can keep plants alive. HA! Y’all are HILARIOUS. If we did kidnap a fern, we would name her “Neytiri” from Avatar. So go nerd alert on that for a minute.

Diandra and Josh are really the cutest people. They laugh constantly and could keep each other company the whole time. Our photography style is really candid, so we push our couples to connect with each other in a way that is real to who they are. One of the prompts is “whisper in her ear your favorite breakfast food, as sexy as possible.” Yup, we go there. Josh responds with not just his favorite food, but with the entire recipe on how to make it. The word “pulsate” is mentioned. Slowly. Sexily. Needless to say everybody laughed! Just as a ps. the food he was making was a strawberry smoothie.

We CRAVE adventure and meaningful experience and these two delivered! Couple sessions are basically the most fun because there’s no pressure, you get to adventure to a fun place you’ve never been, and experience new things with your lover. What could be better??? A pulsating strawberry smoothie?? 🙂

Panther Creek Falls couple session, Oregon Waterfall locations
Panther Creek Falls couple session, Oregon Waterfall locations
Panther Creek Falls couple session, Oregon Waterfall locations

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