Sunrise Glacier National Park Elopement

Sunrise elopements aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the badass people out there who want an adventure. Lainey & Kyle are just those people. We leave our campground at St Mary at 1:50am in the morning and drive the Going to the Sun Road for their sunrise Glacier National Park elopement. Kelsey (the obnoxious morning person) doesn’t mind it, but Jake (the adorable little night owl) knows it’s not his cup of tea. Our initial plan is to hike the Hidden Lake Overlook trail, but there is fog obstructing the views, so we pivot to sunrise at another place on the road.

Pro tip #1: always expect the unexpected on your elopement adventure

So listen. Fog is pretty common in alpine areas in the mornings, but it usually burns off. Key word “usually.” As not just their photographers and videographers, but also their planners and guides, if we’ve hauled all these beautiful people out of their beds at two o’clock in the morning for clouds, imma be pissed. Thankfully, these two and their families wait out the sunrise and it didn’t disappoint. The sun rises and the alpenglow shines pink across the mountains. It’s pretty majestic and there’s something cool about being the first people in the park for the day. Excuse my French, but there’s no better way of saying it: the view was fuckin awesome.

They (and Kyle’s dad, in a wedding dress) share a first look. There’s laughter, tears, and so much love floating around. From there, the couple share their personal vows in the most meaningful way. They stand on a rock with the mountains behind them. This moment is just for them. It’s not about the production or what they “should” do. It’s an intimate way to share their feelings with each other. We are so beyond the luckiest to capture these moments.

After driving around and exploring more of Glacier National Park, we take a break in the middle of the day for some food and a fat nap. What else could we ever ask for?! We meet back up for sunset on the east side of the park for some special wedding day traditions.

Pro tip #2: you can include sweet wedding traditions into your elopement. It’s totally allowed.

These two decide to have their close family members give toasts, they pop champagne, they have their first dance. This couple basically seem to really like each other, if I’m honest. It’s pretty cute. Lainey & Kyle really know how to take care of each other, they’re constantly laughing together, and they communicate openly. Plus, they’re really genuine, down home, people. They’re not that KFC bunch, they’re the “holy shit, Momma made this chicken” bunch.

At the end of the night, the couple took a polar plunge into St Mary Lake. They’re our spirit animals. It’s fine.

This isn’t the typical wedding day, it’s true. But it’s an adventure. It’s not about being an all day photoshoot. Hell to the no. It’s about an experience of a lifetime and committing yourself to your best friend in the most adventurous way. We wholeheartedly believe this is the best way to get married! This sunrise Glacier National Park elopement is proof, amiright?!

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sunrise glacier national park elopement

What are you waiting for? Contact us if you want a sunrise AND sunset experience in Glacier National Park! We’re here for the all day adventures!

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