We are definitely ALL IN for this sunrise Glacier National Park elopement video. There’s some magic and peacefulness in a sunrise ceremony that you can never get anywhere else. Lake McDonald was so quiet and pristine. This was one of the most happy teared filled elopements we’ve ever had the privilege of filming and it all started with Jaysa’s first look with her dad. I tear up every time I see it because you can just see and hear the love passing between them. Having lost my dad before I was married, it’s those little moments that are so priceless and get me every time.

filming this Glacier National Park elopement video set our hearts on fire

From the very first moment we met Jaysa & Jake, it is so obvious that they are so in love and couldn’t wait to see each other down the aisle. We talked with Jake before the ceremony (he hid out in the woods for over an hour waiting for just the right moment for the ceremony to take place), he wanted to see his girl. Sure, he was nervous, but he knew she must look absolutely stunning (and she did OBVIOUSLY). When he did lay eyes on her for the first time, the happy tears happened.

Jaysa & Jake flew in all the way from Minnesota to elope with us at Glacier National Park. In the morning, we explored all of West Glacier together and were surrounded by the crystal clear glacial lake. Filming couples in love in environments that make you feel small is truly what sets our hearts on FIRE! It’s such a rush and an honor and it’s what we hope to continue doing for years to come!

Basically, these two are two of the funniest humans (and with the best dance moves) that we’re lucky enough to work with. Their elopement holds a special place in our hearts because of how much they love each other. It’s so obvious. Just go and watch the video already!!

(Pro tip: you’ll need to have several tissues on hand)

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