Montana elopement lolo national forest

This mountaintop elopement is the best way to elope in Montana. The Lolo National Forest is the perfect combination of tall mountain peeks, beautiful valley views and the wildflowers that sprout all over the hillside. The views on our hike look so much like a Glacier National Park elopement, but there was no need for permits and there wasn’t a single hiker on the trail.

As we climbed up the trail, we saw wildflowers spotting the hillside. MacKenzie and Tyson carried their wedding clothes in their bags. Their friends and family went ahead of them with a changing room, champagne for a toast, and even delicious desserts.

Lolo National Forest is a beautiful place to elope in Montana

Like so many 2020 brides, MacKenzie & Tyson were battling with COVID-19 and how that would impact their wedding day plans. After deciding to postpone their larger party to 2021, we wanted to make their original day special. We offered them one of our inclusive elopement packages in Montana. Little did we know that when we recommended Blodgett Canyon for their adventure session, they would decide to get married there instead. The hike was gorgeous and totally worth it!

We were over the moon that they would be among their closest family and friends. Although Tyson’s parents couldn’t be there in person, they were zoomed in to watch their boy get married on the top of the mountain. MacKenzie’s dad was their officiant and married them in the most meaningful way. He spoke to them not only as their officiant, but as their father. It brought tears to our eyes to see how special he made their ceremony.

We stole our couple away for their adventure session photos just when the weather started to get a little … blistery. Yeah. We’ll call it blistery. This was the perfect location to elope in Montana. Standing there together with the wind holding them close made for the most romantic moments. Literally like the whole world was standing still and they were the only ones in it. GAH!

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