If you’re looking for a mountain elopement in Montana, this 6 mile hike in Bigfork is the perfect place!

To summit a mountain is kind of a big deal for any bride. To summit for the first time for an adventure session with your new husband is once in a lifetime! We got to take Cassidie and Austin to the top of Mount Aeneas in beautiful Bigfork, Montana. Needless to say, it was an adventure we’ll never forget.

We were literally on top of the world! We hiked to the summit with friendly mountain goats and looked down to see the alpine lakes and mountain peaks.

This mountain elopement in Montana is a dream for us, as we’ve had Mt. Aeneas on our minds basically ALL summer. We were so excited leading up to it and we had so much fun exploring together. It basically felt like a day long double date with me, Jake and (newlyweds!!) Cassidie & Austin. We met at the bottom of the mountain as friends and left as really great friends!

From way back when we first met Cassidie & Austin, we knew that they were our kind of people. They were kind, had a great sense of humor and were adventurous just like we are! After we heard their story, we just knew we wanted to document it!

This epic mountain location made our Top US Mountain Locations! Check it out now!

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