So you decided to elope in Montana… HECK YA! You could not have picked a better location. With its vast landscape of mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys, Montana’s natural beauty is unmatched. Here’s a list of our favorite Montana elopement locations:

Glacier National Park

It’s no surprise that Glacier National Park is first on our list. Known for it’s crystal clear waters, breath taking snow-capped mountains, wildlife, and over 700 miles of trails, Glacier is the perfect spot for a serene, romantic and nature filled elopement.

Elopement Locations in Glacier

Logan Pass– One of the most popular spots in the park and for good reason- it’s the highest point on the the historic Going-to-the-Sun road and no matter what direction you look in, you’ll be taken away by the views.

Hidden Lake Overlook– A 3 mile trail relatively easy for most hikers, featuring mountains, trees, lakes and open meadows. Mountain goats are not uncommon to see along the way! Best for summer and early fall elopements.

Highline Trail– Or better known as a backpacker’s paradise; Highline leads on for over 30 miles and eventually ends in Canada. Stop anywhere along the way and you’ll find countless points of interest that will make a perfect spot to say your vows.

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Lake Mcdonald

Over 10 miles long – Lake Mcdonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Featuring piercing blue water and surrounded by mountain views, Lake Mcdonald is a great option for couples looking for a waterfront Montana elopement location.

Elopement Locations in Lake Mcdonald

Avalanche Lake– A 6.7 mile trail good for all levels, featuring incredible diversity along the way in both scenery & weather and of course, the stunningly blue Lake at the end. Definitely worth the hike!

Apgar Amphitheater– A lake view amphitheater with benches and an alter perfectly set-up for an easy and stunning elopement. This is a great option for our couples who are looking for incredible views, but want to include a few guests who might not be capable of a strenuous hike.

Lake McDonald Lodge– Lake Mcdonald Lodge is a wonderful option for our winter elopement couples or are including guests. Featuring breathtaking views of Lake Mcdonald, the Lodge is full of charm, cozy ambiance & great service.

St. Mary

St. Mary is another stunning waterfront elopement option. Featuring St. Mary Lake and home to St. Mary village; a quaint little town located on the eastern border of Glacier National Park. St. Mary includes all the essentials for a modern, yet nature inspired elopement.

Elopement Locations in St. Mary

Sun Point– A 1.7 mile, easy hike with world class views of St. Mary Lake and surrounding mountains. This is a wonderful option for our spring couples as the weather is begins to warm up beginning in April.

Wild Goose Pullout– For our early riser’s, Wild Goose Pullout is the way to go. It’s located along the Going-to-the-Sun road, and has been named one of the most scenic places on earth.

Two Medicine

Located partially on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and a historically sacred area, Two Medicine is the heart and central point for many hiking trails, and boat tours. Featuring 3 lakes, and camping grounds, Two Medicine is the adventurous lovers haven.

Elopement Locations in Two Medicine

Running Eagle Falls– A 0.6 mile trail great for all levels featuring a gorgeous waterfall. This easy hike makes for a perfect elopement spot.

Two Medicine Lake– A 6.6 mile trail best suited for our couples accustomed to hiking. The lake view at the end is well worth the effort and features trees, mountain views, and flowers in the summertime.

Many Glacier

On the east side of Glacier National Park- Many Glacier is known for it’s numerous lakes, waterfalls, lush forest landscapes and home to the historic Many Glacier Hotel- the largest hotel in the park. Rich in history & with no shortage of scenery, Many Glacier is one of our favorite elopement locations in Montana.

Elopement Locations in Many Glacier

Lake Josephine– Located in the Northeast section of the Glacier National Park, Lake Josephine is a 3.4 mile out-and-back trail easily accessible to all levels. To make the route even shorter, you can take a charter boat across the lake from Many Glacier Hotel.

Grinnell Glacier– A 10.6 mile hike (or 7.2 if you take the charter boat) best suited for our avid hikers, featuring abundant wildlife, lake views and greenery from the top.

Bowman Lake– A 26.2 mile backcountry trail that features increasingly beautiful scenery the further you go up. For most- 2-3 miles seems to be the sweet spot. All levels are encouraged.

Bitterroot National Forest

Bitterroot National Forest reaches over 1.5 million acres from western Montana to eastern Idaho. With it’s uniquely preserved wilderness area, trails must be accessed by foot or horseback which makes for a true adventure and extremely intimate elopement amongst the trees.

Elopement Locations in Bitterroot

Blodgett Canyon Overlook– A 2.8 mile easy trail featuring mountain views and wildflowers with a variety of species of animals and trees. Dogs are welcomed on this trail- so bring your pup along for the ride!

Baker Lake– A 2.6 mile trail best suited for moderate level hikers. For views of the lake, summer elopements are recommended. Baker Lake offers seclusion and privacy along with stunning scenery.

Lolo National Forest

Home to over 100 lakes, 5 rivers & hundreds of species of wildlife- Lolo National Forest is spread over 2 million acres of land ready to sweep you off your feet. With its headquarters in Missoula, it’s central positioning makes it a no-brainer elopement location.

Elopement Locations in Lolo

Hub Lake and Hazel Lake– A 7.2 mile out-and-back trail best suited for our experienced hikers. The diversity in landscape on this trail will keep you on your toes the entire time, and is well worth the journey.

Blue Mountain Recreation Area– Located just south of Missoula, Blue Mountain is accessible to everyone and offers activities like horseback riding, winter sports and of course mountain views on nearly 5,000 acres of preserved land.

Kootenai National Forest

Located on the border of Canada and reaching into Idaho, Kootenai National Forest features valleys, plains, rivers and mountains. The unique climate resembles the pacific coast with ranging humidity & cool breeze, with powdery white snow in the winter.

Elopement Locations in Kootenai

Leigh Lake– A 2.7 mile trail great for avid hikers leading into gorgeous lake views in a little under 2 hours. The colors in the fall are stunning & would make a lovely elopement location.

Rock Lake Trail– An 8 mile out-and-back trail and is a fairly casual hike for most, besides a few points of steeper incline. Featuring a waterfall, lake, bridge, mountains and more, Rock Lake does not disappoint.

Flathead National Forest

Just south of Glacier- Flathead National Forest encompasses a vast area of designated wilderness and named after the Flathead Native Americans who reside in the area. Home to 2 ski resorts and 31 campgrounds- Flathead is a great elopement location year-round.

Elopement Locations in Flathead

Mt. Aeneas– A 6.2 mile hike best suited for our couples of a higher fitness level. The views of Flathead Lake are amazing, and mountain goats are often spotted along the way. Perfect for summer and early fall elopements.

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Bozeman, Montana

For our city accustomed couples looking for a bit of wild adventure, Bozeman offers the best of both worlds. Escape into the Rocky Mountains for a romantic “I do” and then head back to the city filled with fine art, museums, and restaurants.

Elopement Locations in Bozeman

Hyalite Canyon Reservoir– A 3.3 mile trail located just south of Bozeman, leading to the serene Hyalite reservoir. The water is calm and is a common spot for camping & fishing.

Hyalite Peak– A 16.2 mile out-and-back trail rated at a difficult level with breath-taking mountain views, densely wooded forest, waterfalls & streams. The variety of scenery along the way makes for a stunning elopement location.

Ousel Falls– A 1.6 mile easy trail leading to an incredible waterfall. Accessible all year long, Ousel Falls is one of our favorite spots for an intimate elopement.

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Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest

Rich in history and appropriately named- The Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest features varying scenery throughout. Ranging from plains to forest, to lakes and rivers, this National Forest won’t disappoint. For our winter lovers- there are 2 ski areas located within the park.

Elopement Locations in Helena-Lewis & Clark

Dearborn 206– A 6.1 mile hike great for all levels featuring a rushing river, and canyon views. The water is crystal clear and piercingly blue. It’s a must-see!

Big Baldy Mountain with Rhoda Lake– A 3.9 mile loop best suited for experienced hikers, featuring lake views, snow-capped mountains & a quiet spot to say “I do.”

Choose Montana for your Elopement

Above all, you truly cannot go wrong with any location in Montana for your adventure elopement. With just about every type of scenery you could imagine, backed by the millions of acres of wilderness, privacy and seclusion await. Montana elopements are amongst the most scenic in the world and we want to be apart of yours!

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