Abby & Travis’ Missoula engagement session happened on a blistery, windy, spring day up on the mountain. This location was totally perfect. The light was glorious and the mountains were really showing off. The coolest thing about a mountain engagement session is that you usually get a really cool, colorful sunset at the end. So basically that hike to get up Blue Mountain is totally worth it! They brought beer too, so it’s not just me making them work too hard for it, I promise. They had fun!

These two are the yin to the others’ yang and it is the freakin cutest. Abby is extraverted and Travis in introverted and quiet. You would never know it because they were just giggling and laughing the entire time. They both had a way of making each other completely comfortable no matter what silliness I sent their way.

the hike up for a mountain engagement session is always so worth it!

Especially if you get to have a beer at the end!

We did the famous “Bachelor hug” (insert nerd alert because I’m making them literally do something I saw on TV) and they nailed it. Travis loved cuddling up to his future bride and he got major brownie points.

We popped champagne and toasted to their new life and marriage. I asked them what they were most excited about after they were married. They said they’re most excited to share the same name. Totally adorable and I can’t even handle it.

Can we talk about their Glacier National Park elopement plans for just a second?! Because… well Glacier elopement plans?! These two will be marrying up this summer at a sunrise session with St. Mary Lake in the background. They’ll have Glacier all to themselves and the most magical lighting for their ceremony and photos. We’ll even be taking them on an adventure at Logan Pass because we want their elopement to be a freakin epic experience they’ll never forget. This is why people elope! The all day experience is 100% what we’re here for.

They’ll have their little picnic, soak in the new married life and then take a fat nap because Abby will probably have been awake all night, too excited to fall asleep!

Their elopement day sounds like a dream and we are really looking forward to it!

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