moab elopement at sand flats recreation area

We are lucky enough to camp for a week in Utah and LOVED the Sand Flats Recreational Area during this Moab elopement styled shoot. The rocks are out of this world and totally made us think we had stepped off the rocket on Mars. The rocks are huge and you can see the sediment creating layers in the rocks over time. We found lots of living soil at Juniper Trail and we were trying not to step on it so we didn’t disrupt the fragile eco system happening there. We were even lucky to have their two dogs, Juniper & Charlie join us!

Even though it is balls cold at night (thanks so much, spring in Moab), the weather for Stef & Kyle is absolutely gorgeous. We lucked out with a super sunny day and even a little wind. We always prefer if it was a little more windy (photographers’ problems), but thankful that the lovely little Gigi Pip hat didn’t blow away. I even made it unscathed without a sunburn. Jake thinks I didn’t. I totally did.

To say that these two are our kind of people is a total understatement. They are both school counselors and we can’t thank them enough for all they do. They’re the superhero’s getting shit done in capes day in and day out, and it’s how they met. It was instant chemistry with these two. I mean, are they made of copper and tellurium? Because they are CuTe! (omg I can’t believe I just did that)

we connected so well with them

Neither of them like being the center of attention, and I think that’s why we click so well with them. Our style of photography isn’t about putting on a show, it’s about capturing the interaction between two people. They are able to hang out together just… be. That’s when they are the most comfortable and we just guide them through it. A person has to know where to put their hands, amiright?!

The sun sets behind the mountains and we get some glorious light pooling around them. They dance as the sun goes behind the mountain. Their dried flower bouquet from Agile Goat Flower Farm & Design is the color of the sunset with hand painted gold, purple and maroon elements. It is totally made for Moab!

every Moab elopement should have stars

One of my favorite parts of the day is when it was pitch black out. We found a spot that overlooked a campground and the mountains in the background. The photo caught the post sun glow on the mountains, even though it was pitch black out. The night sky is clear and the conditions are perfect for a rad star photo. The stars are on point!

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The best desert elopement location is Moab, Utah. You can get married in the dessert under the stars. Canyons and pink sunsets with bride and groom.
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