Why people elope in Montana.
Yellowstone National Park

Why do people elope? Traditionally, when you think of an “elopement” you think of two lovers secretly running to the courthouse to tie the knot. While this may have been true 30 years ago- this is 2021 and the definition has rightfully evolved. In today’s society, to elope means so much more than a secret union. It means escaping to the mountains, the coast or anywhere in between to authentically commit to your significant other. Much more romantic, right?

There are so many reasons why couples are choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding. To demonstrate, we’ve gathered the 6 most common reasons why people elope.

1. They want something more intentional.

Yellowstone National Park elopement.
Yellowstone National Park

We have found that the intention behind an elopement is love in its purest form. It’s about promising forever to the love of your life in a natural and authentic way. Elopements allow you to be completely and unapologetically yourselves while providing a factor of intimacy that just isn’t as prevalent at traditional weddings. Not to say you can’t include classic wedding traditions! Here’s a list of 6 sweet traditions to include at your elopement.

2. They seek adventure & live to experience new things.

Glacier National Park elopement.
Glacier National Park

Elopements are made for adventurous souls! The ones who make their own rules and don’t live to follow trends. Anyone can say “I do” at a local event center, however, it takes bravery to choose an unconventional path- and isn’t that what marriage is all about? Check out our guide on how to plan an adventure elopement.

3. They want a day all about THEM.

LGBTQ elopement.

For the people pleasers and the introverts of the world- elopements are a dream come true. You and your significant other have the freedom to plan your day your way. With no one to answer to and no one to please but each other, it makes the planning process exciting and enjoyable.

4. They want to travel to an epic location.

Why people elope in Moab.
Moab, Utah

Travel is big reason why people elope! Without the confinement of location, you leave space for new opportunities. Elopements allow you to get married anywhere in the world, whether it be your favorite vacation destination or incorporating your honeymoon location. The options are truly endless.

We supply a location list based on a questionnaire we send to each of our couples. It helps us narrow down the perfect place for you and your partner. Whether on top of a mountain, right near the ocean, or a crashing waterfall, we’re here to help you find the perfect spot. Contact us here!

5. They want to keep it simple.

LGBTQ elopement.

Traditional weddings seem to have a never-ending list of to-do’s. From sending out invitations, to planning out seating charts, it can get overwhelming pretty fast. Whether you’re a busy professional or a minimalist looking to simplify your life, elopements allow you the freedom of simplicity. 

6. They want less stress & anxiety.

Glacier National Park elopement by the water.
Glacier National Park

All too often, wedding planning is associated with feelings of stress and anxiety. People spend months, or even years planning the perfect day. Sadly, it goes by in a blink of an eye. Elopements give you the opportunity to spend the entire day- adventuring and soaking in the excitement of it all without the stress of a timeline or guests.

This is a glimpse at what your day could look like:

You wake up and get ready then meet your partner for a meaningful first look. We then drive to the trailhead and start on our hike- making sure to leave time for spontaneity along the way. Once we reach the perfect “wow” spot to say your vows. We soak in that moment, take some more photos, then head back down the trail with our headlamps. Once down, we travel back to your Airbnb to celebrate with your first drink and first dance as husband and wife.

Choose an Elopement

Why people elope in Montana.
Yellowstone National Park

The decision to elope is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! Couples are realizing that simplicity, adventure and intentionality is exactly what they’re looking for. If you’ve been thinking about whether or not an elopement is right for you– this is your sign. Book your free elopement consult today!

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