It’s that time of year again. We are so grateful that our friends and family remained safe and healthy amidst the continuing COVID crisis. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work and play in such beautiful parts of the country. We couldn’t get through one darn day without our amazing family and friends helping us through. We can’t even tell you how much we are missing the face to face gatherings. Although we are opening up a little more, our safety and our family’s safety still are on the forefront of our minds.

Every year, we compile our favorite songs and at the end of it, we narrow it down to our top 20 HomeList songs. This is the list of songs that is playing throughout our home, on our car rides from place to place, and we love sharing it! You can click the link below or check out the songs while we tell you all the cool stuff we’ve been up to this year.


Jake will take every opportunity to spread some Weezer in the world. You guys, you really do need some of that. Just imagine, little Jake in middle school. That’s where it all started.

california vanlife trip

Wow. 10 whole days on the California coast, living out of a rented camper van. Our lives are forever changed. We’ve known for a while that we want to buy a van for ourselves one day, but this trip definitely solidified it for us. Kelsey loves that there’s a bathroom on wheels and Jake loves the ability to nap any time!

The ocean views in Carlsbad were some of our favorites. We pulled up on the side of the beach, parked the van, and had dinner and a beer with the door of the van open. There’s no bad place to have a beer, but seriously though. This was the BEST PLACE to have a beer!

We discovered this song while we were driving in our rented camper van in California. As we were driving along, it was the best slow jam ever!

We watched Jake’s first ever major league baseball game – Go Dodgers! The best part were the Dodger Dogs, let’s be honest. They won, by the way. We also got to see our cousins while sipping our margaritas (we knew we loved LA for a reason!), and caught some brunch with our photography friend! We photographed a few couples too! GAH! Is this our life?!

It was a bit bizarre to hop on an airplane for the first time in over a year, but the freedom of exploring in our van was exhilarating!

Kelsey asked Jake why we should include this song, and he says, “I mean, it’s Ed Sheeran. We love Ed Sheeran.” Well said, Jake. Well said.

spring break in moab

This was definitely a “Kels-cation,” defined as the adventurous, usually non-luxurious trips. Moab in the springtime was BALLS COLD. To top it off, there was snow aaaand Kelsey thought it was a good idea to rent a tear-drop trailer for five nights. Woof. Although, if it’s any consolation, it was even too cold for snakes so Jake was spared the terror! Despite having a heater in the trailer and a little firepit we brought with us, we were mostly frozen by the time we headed home.

We’ve been listening to City and Colour ever since we first met. This song always makes us feel connected and this one is no different.

Before that though, we really did explore and adventure around the best parts of Moab. We explored Canyonlands National Park and hiked Fisher Tower’s Trail. The entire trail is speckled with sculpted red rock stand stone. Once we got to the end of the hike and looked over the canyon, we ate our lunch and soaked in the views. We even went to a Gigi Pip hat store in Salt Lake City on the way down! This is a Kels-cation in style!

Kelsey couldn’t get out of Moab without photographing some wildly in love humans while we were there. We met up with two couples and did some more exploring around Sand Flats Recreation Area and Kane Creek.

Honeybee took us to Glacier National Park for quite a few elopements this summer. We were up for sunrise ceremonies, waking up for those 2am call times. Jake was clearly thrilled (insert sarcasm here). We camped in our little trailer and I served Jake his breakfast from the side window. That’s curbside service right there!

We attended one outdoor concert this year at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater and it was St. Paul & the Broken Bones. As soon as the played this song, we KNEW it would end up on the HomeList. The only problem is, the song wasn’t out yet. We didn’t even know the name of the song. All it was to us was “Bang, Bang!” (after listening to it, you’ll see why). Jake finally found it when it came out and it’s been blaring in our house ever since.
This. Is. Jake’s. JAM. This one comes on, and Jake’s epic car dance does too! Please do yourselves a favor, and ask him to model it for youuuu!

As much as we spent a lot of time this year traveling, we also spent some really great quality time resting at home. We’re settling into the house, and lovin’ on the pups. Doc and Yzma are some seriously spoiled animals. Just so we’re all clear, Jake is the dogs’ favorite. It’s basically the cutest, but it’s only because he feeds them more treats than Kelsey does!

I mean. Aimee Interrupter. Come on.

We’re looking forward to the new adventures that 2022 will bring! We will be traveling to Mexico next Christmas for a wedding, so we are looking forward to going back to Sayulita! We’re hoping to hit up Ivans’ tacos again for the BEST tacos in the whole world, and our favorite hidden beach!

We’ll be in Colorado for spring break to see our family there. Aaaand Jake is getting spoiled with tickets for a couple Colorado Avalanche hockey games. Go Avs!!!!!

Ted Lasso is a staple in our house. Jake reminds Kelsey so much of Ted because he’s upbeat , funny and inspiring. Kelsey reminds Jake of Rebecca. That “get ‘er done” boss, running her business and taking names!

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