Sayulita engagement, mexico wedding photographer, playa de los muertos

What is an adventure session?

An adventure session is a time for you and your honey to create memories while on vacation. You chose this gorgeous place to explore. You crave adventure. That’s where we come in. We help you chose an amazing location and we document you two having the time of your lives! These two lovelies (you’ll get the full story about how we met below), decided on a Sayulita Mexico adventure session and daaayuumm is it a fun time! Darlings, if you’re anything like us, you don’t get pictures of each other often. Experiences mean more to you than any object ever could, and these memories are worth a million bucks. Who you gonna call? (Ghost Busters? No! Honeybee!)

the cutest adventure session ever

Sarah & Chuck’s adventure session on the beaches of Sayulita, Mexico was an absolute dream. We met them just a few hours earlier in the day, when we were both eating brunch at a seaside restaurant. Yup. You heard that right. Jake and I see how adorable they are together and ask if they want to meet up at a secret beach for some photos. They said YES and we had this absolutely amazing Sayulita Mexico adventure session with them.

We start the evening off with a short hike to the beach through the jungles of Sayulita. We giggle and swap stories the entire way. Jake and Sarah talk about their mutual love of Spanish, and we share our favorite places in Sayulita. Of all the winter elopement locations we love, Sayulita is definitely on the top of the list. Jake and I discovered Playa de Carricitos back in 2019 when we honeymooned there. It is our all time favorite place, and we know it will be so fun to photograph a couple there one day. Sayulita made the Top Elopement Trends of 2022 list and you’ll def see why!

Fast forward to 2021 and the dream comes true! We see that gorgeous, empty beach and go nuts! As the sun set, we frolic in the ocean water and soak in the views. The sheer scale of the ocean and the clouds rolling in the distance really put into perspective how magnificent Sayulita is. Sarah & Chuck have this contageous energy and we couldn’t stop laughing. They run in the surf, holding each other.

pro tip: take pictures even after the sun goes down

The sun goes down behind the horizon and it’s the moment this little photography nerd has been waiting for. Two words: blue hour. Most photographers stop their sessions here, because there isn’t enough light to capture photos. Nope. We weren’t finished yet. We pull out two lanterns that we packed all the way from the states, and we finish our Sayulita Mexico adventure session with all the moody vibes. It is so worth the wait.

We are making all the commotion for these hotties and really love hanging out with them!

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Sayulita engagement, mexico wedding photographer, playa de los muertos
Sayulita engagement, mexico wedding photographer, playa de los muertos
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