Do you and your honey have big plans for 2022 that include the two of you, an epic adventure elopement? We’re. Here. For. It. Check out our top elopement location trends of 2022 (in alphabetical order, we didn’t want to play favorites!) – is your dream elopement destination on the list??

top elopement location trends of 2022

banff national park, canada 

Just 1.5 hours west of Calgary, Alberta, you’ll find the pristine blue waters of Canada’s first national park – Banff National Park. We’re talking Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, a picture-perfect mountain town and village, abundant wildlife, and scenic drives. No wonder it’s a top elopement location trends of 2022! Fun fact: Banff is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 994 miles of trails! Banff National Park offers adventurers some of the best hiking on the planet, whether you’re looking for an easy hike to incredible vistas or a more strenuous trek deep in the backcountry. 

Make sure to check out wedding ceremony permit requirements here for your Banff elopement!

Lake Agnes trail: This 4.6 mile out-and-back hike spotlights the infamous Lake Louise! This hike is on our list as it has year-round access with a number of activity options and dogs are allowed on the trail! 

Plain of Six Glaciers trail: Oh please pick this hike. This 9-mile hike is known to be one of the most beautiful and difficult hikes in Banff! You’ll start by climbing an easy incline towards Lake Agnes, followed by a trail that pushes your limits with elevation gain and leading to a very high lookout. You can enjoy stopping at one of two teahouses, famous for offering a place to recharge with some of the best views in Banff at your fingertips! 

Johnston Canyon to Upper Falls: this 3-mile hike is pretty popular (one of the busiest trails in the Canadian Rockies!) due to its waterfall and ease of completing. It’s also accessible year round! Make sure to get there early for both a gorgoeus hike and a parking spot. 

pro tip:

Always Check the Avalanche Bulletin for the latest Trail conditions. Dogs are allowed on some trails – provided you keep dogs on leash. Oh – and if a winter elopement is your thing, make sure to check out Banff’s Mountaineering and Backcountry Skiing options in the Canadian Rockies!

Top 2022 Elopement Location Trends. Landscape sunset view of Morain lake and mountain range, Alberta, Canada


Rocky Mountain National Park is FULL of fun winter activities! Whether you want to go snowshoeing, cross-country ski, or watch wildlife, winter in this colorado national park is beautiful. Depending on the month, many of the lower elevation trails stay open providing the perfect opportunity for you to snowshoe to your winter elopement location! We love the beautiful peaks and jagged rock formations, the opportunity to access your own space at one of the most popular national parks, and the adventures you can have!

If you’re looking for more of a ski resort, we cannot recommend Breckenridge and Aspen enough. While Vail offers a great resort town and ski options, Breckenridge and Aspen offer a quieter, less party vibe. Enjoy hitting the slopes before or after your elopement – heck, you can even elope ON the slopes!

derryveagh mountains, ireland

Excuse us while we nerd out on the Derryveagh mountains as they were formed 430-400 million years ago, formed when two continents collided and the rocks were subjected to intense pressure and heat. These summits include Errigal Mountain, the highest mountain of the Derryveagh Mountains, and is home to the famous and abandoned Dunlewey Church!

Check out our Ireland Elopement Guide for marriage laws, wedding permits, and whether you’ll choose to have your ceremony recognized in the states, or if you want to have a symbolic ceremony. 

Crockfadda E Top and Crockballaghgeeha is a 5-mile looped trail located near Falcarragh, County Donegal, Ireland perfect for an elopement surrounded by beautiful wild flowers! Heads up: there are a lot of hidden undercover waterways making for a boggy trail – definitely pack your waterproof boots! 

Mount Errigal is a 2.5-mile out-and-back trail located near Dún Lúiche, County Donegal, Ireland. This challenging (but totally manageable) hike is accessible year round, featuring a river throughout the hike. This route takes you through many different styles of Irish terrain and allows amazing views of both the vast valley’s and blue ocean.

Errigal Loop is a 4.2-mile looped trail located near Falcarragh, County Donegal. Enjoy bird watching as you hike this moderately-difficult picturesque trail on your way to your Mountain elopement location! 

As huge fans of National Geographic, we love these other Derryveagh Mountain hikes too!

Check out more Ireland elopement options including a sample Ireland elopement timeline!

glacier national park, montana

Glacier National Park is so breathtaking, it’s been deemed ‘Crown of the Continent’! Whether you want a short hike and an iconic background, an overnight camping adventure, or to just drive Going-To-The-Sun-Road (honestly do all of the above), Glacier has it all. Even better news – it’s in our backyard so we know all the ins and outs of the park! It’d be our honor to show you our favorite hidden gems while you and your honey tie the knot. 

The best time to elope in Glacier National Park is July and August if you’re looking for a warm-weather elopement. That being said, the mountains are gorgeous throughout the year – just make sure to check the road conditions. We’ve loved Glacier in all seasons – check out this elopement in Spring, and here’s a winter adventure session! Lake McDonald, you have our hearts. Plan to fly into Glacier Park International Airport (FCA), and then it’s a quick 35-minute drive to the entrance of Glacier National Park. Make sure to read all about Glacier National Park’s Ticketed Entry System before you start planning!

Did you know you can see the Northern Lights from Glacier National Park? From September to April, when it is winter/spring in the northern hemisphere, you have a chance to see them! There are so many great hiking and camping spots in Glacier. Start here for epic hikes, and reserve a camp spot here. Heads up: you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for a Grizzly Bear should you see one. We’re talking bear spray, a loud noisemaker (we’re fond of cowbells), and reading up on what to do if you encounter a Grizzly

hatcher pass, alaska

Just a 90-minute drive out of Anchorage, you’ll find Hatcher Pass, a breathtaking mountain pass through the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska. Located in Palmer, Alaska, Hatcher Pass boasts some of the prettiest (and easiest to access) mountain views and hikes you can imagine. Explore heights of almost 4000 ft above sea level, visit the world famous red a-frame cabins (OMG you can STAY in the cabins!!) and surround yourself with just absoluge beauty. No wonder this is a top elopement location trends of 2022!

Plan to drive to the top of the pass via Hatcher Pass Road and use the fascinating and endless walking tracks to find a good spot for your elopement. There is so much wildlife and plants to see! Plan your Alaska Elopement around late summer for the best weather conditions, and to be able to see incredible wildflowers and even wild blueberries! If you’re looking for some great Alaska adventure inspo, check out this IG featuring Hatcher Pass

2022 Elopement Location Trends
Hatcher Pass, Alaska


Vestrahorn Mountain in Stokksnes

Hiiiiii, please tell us you want to go here – you and your partner can WALK ON WATER. Yes, the caps were necessary. Check this out!! You’ll want to have a car for this location, and note that Vestrahorn, Vesturhorn, and Stokksnes are all names for the same place. Framed by the Vestrahorn black sand beach, the Vestrahorn Mountain and Stokksness are beautiful at all times of the day. The area is approximately a ten-minute drive away from Höfn. Pro Tip: the beach is a private residence and costs about $7 to visit. It’s a popular destination so be prepared for other tourists and photographers. 

reynisfjara black sand beach

If you dream of saying your vows on Iceland’s infamous Black Sand Beach, look no further than Reynisfjara Beach. Fun fact: In 1991, National Geographic voted Reynisfjara as one of the Top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit on the planet. Driving to the beach is easy, taking about two and a half hours from the capital. Heads up: Reynisfjara has what’s called “sneaker waves,” which are very dangerous and can appear when least expected, even on incredibly still days. Visitors are advised never to turn their back on the waves, and keep a safe distance of at least 100 feet from the surf.

Jokulsarlon and Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoons

Glacier lagoons are some of the coolest natural phenomena, and Iceland offers two opportunities to visit them (and get married near them!): Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon offers fewer tourists and incredible sights, while Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is the largest glacier lagoon. If you choose Jokulsarlon, check out nearby Diamond Beach, where you can walk up to iceberg chunks that have washed ashore. Truly an out-of-this-world experience! 

Looking for more Iceland Elopement options and details on how to elope in this top elopement location trends of 2022? Check out our Iceland Elopement Guide here!

inca trail to machu picchu, peru

Helloooooo 500 year old archaeological treasures, gorgeous mountains, an epic adventure, and marrying your best friend before or after you hike the Inca Trail! Known as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ and officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, plan to fly either into Lima, Peru’s capital city, then taking a short connecting flight or longer bus ride to Cusco. You can also fly into the main airport in Cusco – Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)

While you cannot get married in Machu Picchu National Park, there are plenty of mountain elopement options we’ll help create with you in South America (or you can officially get hitched in the US and say your vows as you reach the top!). 

In order to hike Machu Picchu, you are required by the government of Peru to hire a licensed guide service or tour company with the required permits to take trekkers on the journey. Don’t worry – this is where we step in! We’ll help you find the right guide service, perfect for the adventure you’re looking for. The National Park limits hikers to 500 per day, so plan as far in advance as possible for your adventure elopement. The best times to plan your trip is late March through May, and September through early November. The dry season months of June through August are great weather-wise but are usually packed with tourists. Heads up: if you’re planning your mountain elopement adventure in October, through December, bring bug repellent as the mosquitoes love these wet season months. 

The Classic Inca Trail takes 4 days to complete, covering 26 miles total to reach Machu Picchu. The classic trail is the only one that allows hikers to walk right into the complex through hiking! You’ll hike through the Andes can enjoy seeing close and upfront the change in topography from highland terrain to the humid jungle area nearing Machu Picchu.You can take a shorter route that takes only one day to hike to Machu Picchu, but we’re gonna recommend that since you’re already there…just plan to do the whole damn thing. You won’t regret it!

The Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is a bit more challenging than the traditional Inca trail, providing that extra level of adventure. Overall, you’ll be at a higher altitude than the Inca trail – about 15,000 feet above sea level for your roughly 4 to 6 day hike covering 46 miles. You’ll definitely see fewer ruins along the route, however you’ll see much more wildlife in its natural setting than the Inca Trail. Also – this trail is not nearly as popular as the Classic Inca Trail, so you’ll enjoy more alone time with your sweetheart on this hike! Named one of the most beautiful hikes in the world by National Geographic magazine, you can either hike this trail solo or with a guide!

italian dolomites, italy 

Situated in the northern Italian Alps, the Italian Dolomites include 18 glorious peaks rising above 3,000 meters. We’re talking sheer cliffs, narrow, deep and long valleys and breathtaking mountain landscapes. 

Plan your Dolomites adventure elopement for late spring and early summer (May through June) for comfortable cool weather. Snow doesn’t melt until mid-to-late May so that’s when you’ll enjoy open hiking trails for those 360-degree views you’ve been dreaming of. Fun fact: this natural wonder is also the symbol of the UNESCO world natural heritage!

Here are the Legal Requirements To Get Married From The U.S. Embassy, or you can opt to have a symbolic ceremony for your Dolomites engagement! 

Peitlerkofel circular hiking trail is a beautiful hike in Puez-Odle Natural Park which leads you through five hours of moderately difficult terrain and climbing. This hike is incredibly popular so plan to leave first thing in the morning and know that you can complete the hike both counterclockwise or clockwise depending on the type of hike you’re looking for! If done counterclockwise, (heading west), you’ll complete the relatively steep ascent to Forcella Putia with fresh legs but if done clockwise, you’ll enjoy being alone for as long as possible. Oh and let’s not forget the early morning light you’ll enjoy unfolding onto the opposite side of the mountain!


In English, this hike is called the Dolomite Panoramic trail and it’s for good reason. This 7.5-mile hike takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete as you enjoy breathtaking panoramic views throughout! The trail leads east from Valcroce station to Rossalm and onto the Gampenwiesen meadows (with rest stop). 

Check out more elopement opportunities in the Italian Dolomites – including the best camping spots you won’t want to miss!

joshua tree, california

Joshua Tree National Park spans across an impressive 594,502 acres of California. On the eastern side of this enormous national park you can enjoy creosote bushes, ocotillo, and “jumping” cholla cactus. The Western half of the park contains the Mojave Desert, where you can be surrounded by Joshua trees, one of the most iconic desert plants! One of the perks of eloping – less red tape and more options! Provided you have less than 25 people at your celebration, you can get hitched at any of these Joshua Tree locations: Hidden Valley Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May), Quail Springs Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May), Cap Rock, Live Oak Picnic Area, Split Rock, and Rattlesnake Picnic Area.

Joshua Tree provides some epic hiking opportunities, and don’t get us started on the stargazing! Actually – get us started, we love it and can’t wait to take night shots of you and your honey. Check out Ryan Mountain Trail, a 3-mile moderate out-and-back trail offering incredible views of the desert, or Baker Dam Nature Trail if you’re planning to have a few family members or friends join you – it’s an easy 1.3 looped trail featuring beautiful desert flowers. For those looking for an epic hike adventure, check out Fortynine Palms Trail, a 3-mile difficult hike that’s easy to access and shows off the true beauty of the desert landscape.

Note: It does get, like, really really hot, so plan for a sunrise or a sunset elopement. Good news: champagne goes super well for both! 

lake tahoe, california or nevada

Lake Tahoe is a truly unique winter elopement location and wedding destination where the fresh mountainous air meets a sandy beach (or rocky if that’s your vibe!), and the sunrises and sunsets are unparalleled. We love this area, especially for the hikes and adventure opportunities – almost everything is easy to access! 

Sand Harbor Beach

Located on the Nevada side of North Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor Beach is stunning. Rocks peek out from under the water to create amazing photos for your special day. Elopements are allowed at the Ramada, which cannot be reserved but instead operates on a first-come, first-served basis. You cannot elope on the beach any time of the year, but you can absolutely elope at the Ramada and then take epic photos on the beach!

From kayaking/stand-up paddleboarding at Sand Harbor Rentals to hiking up a short half-mile trail on Memorial Point Trail to swimming and snorkeling underwater (did someone say underwater photoshoot?!), this is the perfect adventure elopement location in the summer. If you’re thinking of a winter elopement, check out the horse-drawn sleigh rides with Sand Harbor Sleigh Rides!

Emerald Bay State Park

Really, there’s nothing like Emerald Bay and Emerald Bay Overlook. With absolutely the best view of Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay is located on the California side of South Lake Tahoe and features the iconic Inspiration Point. You can even stay at Meeks Bay Resort for easy access to be married at Emerald Bay! 

While we will 100% take care of any permits required, there is a lottery to get married at Emerald Bay lookout – check availability here – we recommend calling 530-542-6000 and 530-523-3505 to ensure you have the proper paperwork for this elopement site based on how many people you’d like to join you on your special day.

Did you know? Emerald Bay was designated a National Natural Landmark for its exquisite panorama of mountain-building processes and glacier-carved granite. Cascade Falls Trail, a 1.4-mile busy trail, is a must if you’re in the area. Get there early to secure a parking spot. Cascade Falls Trailhead is here, and the hike takes about 2 hours.

Click here to view more Lake Tahoe elopement locations, what to do after you GET MARRIED IN LAKE TAHOE (!!), and the permits needed to elope by location.


From the sandy white beaches to the crystal-clear blue waters, the Maldives are not only an elopement destination, they’re a whole experience. Thinking about staying in a hut above the water? Maldives is the place to go. Note – you won’t do a lot of island hopping when you arrive, you’ll want to plan for staying at the resort you choose. Each resort offers something unique so we’ll work together to find the right one for you! Maldives have been on our list for FOREVER, but it especially makes the top elopement location trends of 2022 list because it’s the best honeymoon imaginable!

You’ll fly in and out of Malé – the Maldive’s capital. Fun fact: Male is the world’s smallest capital! From Velana International Airport, we’ll organize your transfter to your elopment island of choice through the resort via either a boat or a seaplane! Try to plan your elopement between November and April for this epic getaway.

A great reason to elope in the Madlives is so you can HONEYMOON in the Maldives!! ​​Imagine lounging poolside in the privacy of your villa, exploring the ocean floor as you scuba dive or snorkel, relax at your resort’s island spa, and toast the sunset from the beach (or boat) together as a MARRIED couple!!

new zealand


Nothing beats a sunset on the West Coast of Auckland. Think: black volcanic sand, rugged coast lines – places like Bethells, Karekare, Muriwai, and Piha. It’s easy to see why they made it on on this top elopement location trends of 2022 list. Only a 45 drive from central Auckland, these areas are remote enough to feel like you are a million miles from the busy city. Perfect for eloping – the nearby towns have a relaxed vibe, and the extensive Waitakere Ranges with its famous Hillary Trail (a 4-day, 3-night hike!) and Karekare Falls. Will have you adventuring and wanting to stay a few days to explore the area after your elopement!

Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty is located in the Northern Island of New Zealand and is honestly perfectly named. There is SO much to do at this elopement location! The Bay of Plenty is surrounded by sandy beaches and sparkling harbours. Whether you’re interested in learning to surf (their beaches are perfect for learners!), spending some quiet time on the stand-up paddleboard with your honey, or you’re excited to see some amazing wildlife, look no further than Bay of Plenty.

The beach offers a high amount of sunshine hours for your ceremony whilst the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park provides the perfect picture spot with many hiking trails and Kauri trees.Two of the best walks are the Waitewheta Track, an 11 mile hike which follows a kauri log tramline past rocky bluffs, deep gorges and waterfalls. The walk from Te Aroha Domain to the summit of Mt Te Aroha – they highest point of the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park!

Young couple celebrating success at Roy's Peak Lake Wanaka New Zealand. Top 2022 elopement and travel trends.

sayulita, mexico

The sunshine, beaches, margaritas, and tacos al pastor are complete paradise in this top elopement location trends of 2022. If you love these dreamy images, sunny Sayulita is the place for your elopement. The whole Mexican Pacific Coast, known as Nayarit, is a beach lover’s paradise. The quaint village of Sayulita is a genuine jewel. It’s more laid back and accessible than it’s upscale neighbor Punta Mita.

The cheapest way to get to Sayulita is to fly into Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

We love this cute little bungalow in Sayulita, Mi Casita. It’s on the same block as amazing restaurants, bars, and cute little shops. 

Enjoy a short walk from Sayulita to La Playa de Carricitos – a mostly deserted beach with a stunning rocky shore – one of the most beautiful beaches in Sayulita. Imagine eloping on the beach then returning throughout the week with books, a picnic lunch, and a beach blanket to soak in the sun. 

Oh and you have to check out Ivan’s Tacos – they had the BEST taco al pastor! Eating tacos in the states will never be the same.

For more Mexico elopement locations, check out our Mexico Elopement Guide here!

sedona, arizona

If you’re a sucker for red soil and rocks like us but want a mainland option, Sedona, Arizona is the right spot for you! Of course, we’re going to start with the breathtaking top elopement location trends of 2022, Cathedral Rock, famous for backdrops in just about every set of photos in the area. It is suuuper popular and can get quite crowded. We totally understand why! If this is your rock, we’ll help you plan a sunrise, weekday, or even sunset elopement with you. Plus – we’ll enjoy a 1-mile out-and-back hike getting there and back! 

Did you know there are SECRET CAVES in Sedona? Whether you and your partner are super adventurers and want to really work for your special (and secret!) elopement location or you’re looking simply for an epic, secluded spot to say your vows, the secret caves of Sedona are perfect for the top elopement location trends of 2022. Check out Devil’s Bridge for a 4-mile moderately difficult hike. You can see a view of the largest natural sandstone arch in Sedona. Or enjoy a 2.5-mile easy hike for the perfect views of Sedona on the Fay Canyon Trail. Best news of all? These locations do not require elopement permits! Just please ensure you pack out everything you pack in. We’d absolutely be honored to help plan your desert elopement in Sedona if you’re stuck on where you’d want to elope.

fun tip:

After a long day of hiking, check out this Glamping Yurt, where you and your SPOUSE can rest up and sleep under the stars!

Check out 6 sweet wedding traditions you can include in your elopement!

waimea canyon, kauai 

Did you know there’s an incredible desert IN HAWAII?? True story. Waimea Canyon on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai can be thought of as Hawaii’s ‘grand canyon’. “Waimea” in Hawaiian means ‘reddish water’ (from the erosion of the red soil) and boy, does this red soil shine. Honestly just stopping at an overlook on the drive to trailheads takes your breath away! True adventurers go past the lookouts and get to really experience the canyon. Take the Kukui Trail for a 5-mile difficult hike that takes you 2,000 feet INTO the canyon. You’ll enjoy waterfalls in the distance, a river at the bottom, and a gorgeous hike through the Kukui Forest. If you and your partner are looking for a real challenge, look no further than the Waimea Canyon Trail, a 13-mile hike leaving no view unseen of this incredible canyon. You can even camp in ​​Kōkeʻe State Park – the uplands above Waimea Canyon before or after you elope! The red sand canyon alone makes Waimea Canyon a great fit for our top elopement location trends of 2022 list.

fun tip:

Plan a day to sail along the Napali Coast so you can see the other side of this stunning island! Also, make sure to check out the Waimea Canyon State Park website for road and viewing site updates.

So… did your elopement destination make our top elopement location trends of 2022 list? If not, what’s on YOUR list??

all elopement packages include photography & videography and our travel is covered

Whether you’re looking for a two-day elopement experience (think: two 8 hour days of documentation, or mix it up and do a 12 hour day and a 4 hour day), a full day elopement experience (up to 12 hours of coverage), an 8 hour elopement experience, or a partial day elopement experience (up to 4 hours of coverage), we can’t wait to plan your dream elopement experience. 

Reach out today and let’s dream about your mountain elopement together! We’re here to make those top elopement location trends of 2022 a reality!

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