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Leh sigh… one of our favorite blogs of the year: Honeybee Weddings year in review. Cue the yearly playlist that Jake and I always have going in our house for all the nostalgia kicking in big time! (psssst. you can see the 2022 HomeList here!) In our Best of 2022 elopement & wedding photography blog, we spill all the hot tea about our favorite adventures, looking back through our work, and marvel once again at how KICKASS our couples are! You can’t see this, but we’ll be here *agonizing* over picking our favorite images from each day! We “tried” to choose just two, but you’ll see we failed in the best way possible. I mean, how could we EVEN choose just two?!

Even though we weren’t able to narrow it down to just two images, we really love wrapping up the year this way. The point of what we do is this – we capture the adventurousness of our couples. It’s not rocket science. It’s pretty simple really. And yet, every time we look at these images, we get a profound sense of purpose. We have so much damn admiration and love for every single one of these amazing human beings. Every single couple you see is going after what matters to them. It’s always weird to say goodbye at the end of the day! They’re doing the adventurous thing… the brave thing… the thing that sets their souls on fire.

Fellow adventure nerds, there’s seriously nothing cooler than that.

2022 was a helluva year! We traveled to 4 countries and got to experience new cultures. We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the weirdness too… the divided political climate, an end of an era in feminism, and expanding our views into space. We wouldn’t be authentic selves if we didn’t talk about those things. But we’re also really proud of the work we did this year. We’re proud of the blossoming coaching (ahem, more to come in 2023) and The Hive, our super talented photographer team! We put good things out into the world and that feels good! We’re grateful beyond measure for this job of ours! We couldn’t even BEGIN without our friends and family, supporting us along the way!

We’re looking forward to 2023 with excitement, with a rush, with our travel list in hand! We want to continue to balance this job with our health, we want to run daily to keep our sanity, and the business coaching creativity will be POPPIN with a vengeance! Dammit we just want to make a difference and we want to do it yesterday!

Looking back, here’s a (warning: long) collection of some of our favorite images we captured this year!

A HUGE thank you for our amazing couples! We are so beyond grateful for you awesome people! Without you, non of this would exist! Our love to you all!

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If you made it this far, WOW! Congrats! As a special treat for making it all the way through the Best of 2022 elopement & wedding photography blog we want to offer you 10% off when you book within our travel schedule! We’re going to northern Italy in 2023 and we want to see you there! Mention this blog post and we’ll hook you up with the discount!

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