These two adventurous souls met in Athens at the University of Georgia. All of their friends got married in Georgia and they wanted to do something a little different. I mean, they not only went sky diving and lived to tell about it, but they got engaged as soon as they landed with two feet on the ground. Yeah… these two are all sorts of spontaneous and wonderful! Of course, they chose the most beautiful place on earth to elope. They eloped in Glacier National Park!

Our couples don’t want a checklist wedding day. They want something special and unique to only them. Emily and Zach really cashed in on the experience of their elopement with a ceremony on the shores of Lake McDonald, cake and mimosas afterward, brunch at the delicious Hylander and then… wait for it… throwing axes at Hank’s Hatchets. Emily said herself, “I just want to throw something in my wedding dress.” And she did! She’s a great shot too!

They chose Glacier National Park for their elopement. It was a smokey day, but it made for such moody vibes for their fall wedding. The trees were just starting to turn, there was a little bit of crisp in the air, and these two warmed us with their love and sense of humor.

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